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  1. I noticed yesterday after updating that my laptop was significantly hotter while playing and saving/processing seemed to be a fair bit slower.
  2. Few people here saying they got promoted and started off well before dropping off which is the exact same for me - wonder if there’s some sort of boost involved for a newly promoted side? I got promoted against the odds first season and then was top of the league going into the Christmas break - between then and the end of the season I won two games and ended up 7th. Very difficult to work out why but I’d have taken it at the start!
  3. Might have to try a cover role. Completely perplexed because we were playing the ball out with ease and suddenly now just aimlessly hoofing the ball FM20 style!!
  4. What the hell has been changed with the match engine? Suddenly my centre backs are absolute hoofing the ball to the opposition and then parting like the Red Sea to allow the striker a free chance!
  5. Yep always 2D for me. One because it feel easier to see my team’s shape and two because 3D makes my MacBook’s fans go mental even on low graphics. I watch the goal replays in 3D though so still see some of the good new things they’ve put into the match engine.
  6. Is the idea of tiki taka to play fast paced short passes constantly - if so it’s not really a possession controlling tactic. And like others have said you have three playmakers all of which will be looking to make risky passes and are likely giving the ball away. if it was as easy as taking over Barca and dominating we’d all be real life managers 👍🏻
  7. I’ve started FM21 in Serie C with Palermo. Always enjoyed Italian leagues more than any of the other top European leagues outside of England and again enjoying it so far! Ended up finishing 6th in the league but our fantastic end of season form meant we won the six(!!) playoff rounds only conceding two goals! Now currently sitting in the top six of Serie B after 13 games. Looking forward to seeing what others get up to in Italy.
  8. Same has just happened to me - board already expected attacking football, and have now added counter attacking and direct following promotion. Save game uploaded - forgot to change the name though so it's 'Joe Watts - Palermo (v02)'. The save is a few days before the playoff final - unfortunately I don't have a save from between then and the board meeting. Thanks
  9. In my opinion having a DoF dealing with contracts is the most realistic thing to do - however they constantly overpay and so you’re better of dealing with them yourself.
  10. But how do you know he couldn’t score that many irl? Who’s have expected Vardy to do what he did a few years ago? Or Harry Kane to do what he did when he burst onto the scene? I agree Wilson is average irl, but you’re making it sound like it’s physically impossible for him to have a great season.
  11. Was just seeing if anyone else had reported this. Been thinking my CB's were too high rated since the beginning but wasn't too sure. Just conceded 4 with my CB's at fault for every goal yet both ended up with 7.0+. Either they're playing well and the match engine is doing a horrible job of showing it, or the ratings are off.
  12. You can still click the same place (where the tick used to be) and select multiple players.
  13. Is that not what happens in real life lol? Maybe give a bit more detail as to where you think the issues lie with what you’ve said.
  14. Can’t say I’ve seen this almost half way through the season. You need to raise this in the bugs forum though.
  15. Anyone else just feel that things are just overly ‘gimmicky’ now? Why the hell have all the players been splashed around the screen for team talks, what was wrong with the lists? And why so many things on the screen during games? Gameplay wise I’m sure the game will be enjoyable as ever, but feel like some things have been changed interface wise just the for sake of it.
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