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  1. As long as you do well you won’t be sacked for not meeting all promises. Job interviews are without doubt the worst part of FM for me and have been for years. Rubbish questions, rubbish answers, and constant reference to media handling and the poor dressing room atmosphere you had once 8 years ago just kill it completely.
  2. Not sure if this was a patch change or if I’m making it up, but has anyone else noticed a change in the way players strike the ball since the update? Seems to look so much better! Unless it’s just my team have finally worked out how to shoot properly!
  3. It’s a disgrace how little is being said about this issue. I’d say 90% of my games involve a goal from a crossed set piece or a disallowed goal because a player’s starting position was 2 yards offside.
  4. The more I play this game the more I genuinely feel like the beta ME was swapped out for the original FM20 ME at full release. Really really not enjoying it at all anymore which is such a shame as I was loving this game for the first couple weeks!
  5. I'm unsure this is a bug or if it's intended, however it seems quite silly if it's the latter. I'm currently managing in the Bulgarian 2nd Division and have absolutely no knowledge of players. My scouting is limited to Eastern Europe, and my scouts are terrible. During the winter break, I sent one scout to France as it was the only country in my scouting range where games were being played. My scout has now watched 7/8 different clubs play, but when I go onto their team I cannot see a single stat for any of their players. Now I'm not expecting 100% knowledge after one game, but sur
  6. I got Palermo promoted first season. It shouldn’t be that hard because they’re a big fish in that league and players at the start already better than most. I ended up giving up once I got to Serie B though!!
  7. Is it just me or is this broken? Literally having a goal and sometimes two disallowed every game. Would say 60/70% are being chalked off!!
  8. Yep experienced this a few times lately. Also noticed when going into tactics while waiting to make a sub it sets the highlights to full game
  9. I’m close to abandoning the whole game as can’t get any tactic whatsoever working since the update
  10. For years I’ve always followed the theory that in order to be realistic you have to start with Sunday league experience. But I’m now moving away from that theory because, let’s face it, a Sunday league footballer will likely never reach the top of the game in football after starting out managing a tier 6 team (or lower). So while it’s probably the nearest you can get, it doesn’t sit as well with me any more and so I just select based on the team I’m choosing to manage now. My main attempts at keeping things realistic definitely happen in the transfer market. Like you I try to only sign pl
  11. Don’t think anybody questioned your post did they? Just gave examples of the different things we’ve seen during matches which is exactly what the question in your OP asks for.
  12. Which I don’t mind, as I was definitely overachieving. But it’s completely destroyed my team. The feedback from SI seems to be that only minor changes were made though, so really unsure where it’s all gone wrong!
  13. On the beta I got promoted in the first season and then was sitting top of the league at Xmas in the second. Definitely somewhat overachieving but we looked brilliant at times and my simple 4-3-3/4-5-1 control possession tactic was working wonders. I was always expecting a rough patch at some point, but since the update I’ve won one game in about 20 across the second half of the season, playoffs and now the start of the second. My formation which was working brilliantly has completely failed. My defenders who were comfortably playing from the back have suddenly lost any ability to pa
  14. Thanks guys. I had been previously playing with a Half back infront of the 2 CB’s but it wasn’t quite keeping enough out so wanted to give this a go. Having trialled in all my pre-season games I don’t think it’s going to work as I found the 3 CB’s pretty much stay level at all times even with different roles. I think I’ll go back to using a half back for the moment and play around with the instructions of the two centre backs to try and almost create a 3.
  15. Hi guys After a terrible second half of my last season, I’ve decided to try and set up for the new season with 5 defenders (3 CB’s and 2 WB’s). Ideally what I want to do is use my 6’3 CM as a third centre back (probably on the right of the three) but I want him to sit higher up when we have the ball to effectively be an extra midfielder where possible. Has anyone ever managed to do this and if so what instructions would you recommend? Thanks!!
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