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  1. I always struggled with the striker role because I paid too much attention to the description of each role, but what you should actually look at is the preset instructions that come with each role. Ultimately you need to decide what way you want your striker to play and whether it suits your formation. Then from there check each of the different instructions under each different role and assign accordingly. Remember to also check the player's traits, as they could clash with the instructions. If you want your striker staying central and running on to through balls etc i'd go with Poacher. If you want him getting into the channels look at AF, or the PF(A). If you want him dropping deep then think about DLF, Treq, or F9. Check each role, see what instructions they involve, and go from there.
  2. Think adaptability relates to ability to adapt to new experiences. Pretty sure moving abroad increases it, not sure about any other ways.
  3. These animations are exactly why I can only stand to play on 2D
  4. I used to only be able to play as West Ham, anything else would bore me to death. But the last 3/4 years I haven't been able to get into a save with them as I hate starting in the Premiership. I'm too caught up in trying to get up the ladder from a Sunday league manager these days.
  5. Feel sorry for the Bournemouth right back. Looks like he's taken the brunt of the blame for the 7 goals conceded according to the ratings!
  6. I’m pretty sure that the stadium is just a plan at the moment so there’s no set date for its completion or the move. SI don’t usually add a future move until they know the exact details.
  7. Probably worth uploading the save to the bugs forum then. They’ll have a look at it for you and explain why it might’ve happened. But I’d be pretty confident that it’s something to do with how the save has been edited.
  8. I don’t know the exact reason why you can’t get the Burnley job, but from what you’ve shown it looks like you’ve used the editor in some way which has enabled you to win 3 leagues and a champions league in 3 years with two clubs nowhere near good enough to achieve that, whilst probably having a starting manager reputation that doesn’t fit a manager competing at these levels. I apologise profusely if I am wrong, but as is commonly said on these forums - unrealistic input usually equals unrealistic output.
  9. Probably something to do with the game’s reputation system being unable to keep up with your editing of the game
  10. Whilst this might work for some I don't think it's wise to actively look to make a player unhappy. Too much risk of it having a knock-on effect and other players becoming unhappy/supporting their team mate so it may end up being counter-productive. I'd just suggest the same as @vara and offer them out for free if they aren't worth much anyway. Although you won't get an immediate payment you might benefit in the long term by just getting them off the wage bill.
  11. I can't say i've tried it myself, so not sure how much it helps. I can't imagine that it helps morale in any way though, if that's what you're going for. Perhaps instead of giving them a complete rest schedule a team outing in? This is supposed to improve morale and the players still benefit fitness wise as they aren't training. I've tried it a few times but haven't really monitored it enough to say whether or not it had any short term effects. I think it was a nice addition to the game this year regardless.
  12. Haha really?? By who exactly? Plenty of people enjoying it from what I see. Every single year someone says it's 'the worst one yet' because they're either rubbish at it or they think it's too easy. In almost every single case where someone says it there's something dodgy going on in their save that happens to nobody else. But nevermind, if it's that bad you can always go back to previous versions, or wait for the next one. I would, however, also be very interested in seeing your save to see whether or not it's as genuine as you make it out to be....
  13. Why would Complete forward be the best role? If i'm right that will have the player roaming all over the place, and even dropping deep on occasions. What are the exactly player roles that come with CF(A)? Personally i'd go with a Pressing Forward on attack if you want him putting pressure on defenders without the ball and moving into space with the ball. Or, if you want him to be the man in the middle sitting on the defender's shoulder you could you with Poacher. I'm not too sure this'll work worth your tactic though as I don't think there's going to be enough space for him to work in, but it will at least keep him pretty central.
  14. I think that your main issues is that you're trying to play the way Chelsea do now, but look at their record with centre forwards over the last few years! To start, you've got both wingers cutting inside, essentially giving you 3 players attacking the box. You've then got an attacking mezzala + B2B Midfielder who will both be looking to get forward. So, the way I see it you'll generally end up with 5 players all attacking the same area. I don't see what role the striker actually plays in this formation, other than maybe being an extra body to distract defenders. I assume your idea is that your attacking players crowd the box, and the wing backs give you the width. This in itself is fine, but for me there's too many players crowding the same space who probably all have traits that don't fit together. I assume Hazard is more likely to dribble with the ball than he is to pass to Higuain, and i'm pretty sure Hudson-Odoi does similar. Who is there to play the ball through the lines, and what space does Higuain have to move into? These are the questions to ask. Sometimes, it's best to drop the wingers back slightly and keep them wide. Sure, this might cause the striker to get isolated now and then, but there's much more space for him to move into as the full backs are most likely to stay wide with the wingers. At the moment he's completely crowded out, how much better would he do when just against the centre backs? It's taken me 7 years in game to find a way to get my strikers scoring so I know how frustrating it can be. But, you need to look at your tactic and decide what exactly you want your striker doing. Do you want him furthest forward and moving into channels? Try AF or PF(A). Do you want him central but on the shoulder? Try Poacher. Or do you want him static and creative? Try any of the support options. But don't forget, it isn't JUST the striker's role that's important. Think about who is around him. What spaces are they running into? Who is going to play the ball through to the striker? What traits do the wingers/midfielders have and how does this fit in with the style you want? I know you probably want a quick win and for one simple role change to get him scoring, but unfortunately there's so many other factors you need to play around with.
  15. So a semi-pro manager managing a Conference team was offered the France job? Course you did Sounds like there's a few odd things happening in your save that aren't cropping up in others. You sure there isn't editing of some kind going on?
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