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  1. Yeah i've made use of affiliate clubs many times. But, my main gripe is the quality of loan players already at the club when I arrive vs the quality of loan players I can bring in myself once they leave. Feels like a massive gulf in quality.
  2. This must be a bug - there can't be a centre back in the world who wouldn't love to have a stint up front
  3. Hi, I'm having some issues with loans in game and wanted to see if anyone has experienced the same or if anyone has any tips for me. I'm currently a few years into a career and have floated between numerous National league and North/South league sides as i'm struggling to find success at the moment. One thing i've noticed (particularly with National league sides) is that whenever I take over a club they have 2/3 really good loan players. I generally find that the players on loan are key players, and often rated very highly by my staff. I also find that many of the other clubs in the league tend to have some brilliant youngsters in on loan, and most seasons the players tipped to be top scorers or the league's best players are always loanees from bigger clubs. My issue is, once i've finished my first season at a club and those loanees go back to their parent clubs, it seems completely impossible to replace them with loanees of the same quality! I've tried sending my scouts to specifically find loanees, i've tried scouting specific under 23 sides, and i've gone through the loan listed players with a fine-toothed comb, but I just can't seem to attract the same level of quality as other clubs. I'm afraid I don't have any specific examples to share at the moment, but has anyone noticed this? Am I doing something wrong with my scouting instructions? Or shall I just get a director of football in to do it for me? Thanks!
  4. I'm 6 seasons in and still yet to get above the Conference National. For some reason I just cannot succeed this year, but i'll keep going until I find the right club. Been in the conference north playoffs twice with Chester, but left as I thought I would be able to get a League 2 job. It never worked out, and short stints with Stevenage and Valencia B gave my rep a knock. Most recently I took over Dulwich in the bottom half of the national league. Took them to the playoffs that same season, but then got sacked in December the next year (far too early in my opinion as I could've turned it around). Now back down in the North division with Macclesfield hoping to earn my first promotion and salvage something from the save. I had always planned for the save to be a bit of a journeyman save, but didn't expect it to be a journey of non-league clubs Feel free to take the p*ss!
  5. 'I'm not one of these people that reloads their save after a loss but here's something I found out when I reloaded a save and replayed a game I lost......'
  6. I’ve noticed some lag on my Mac. The game also seems to be causing it to go mad! Sounds like the thing is trying to take off. No issues like this before.
  7. I had a bit of a spat in a thread prior to one of the updates where someone had complained that it was near on impossible to break down defences and score from central positions. I said they were wrong as my team was doing so regularly and therefore saw no problem with the game. Since the last update however, it seems like 75% of goals i'm seeing are from outside of the box. I'm currently playing in the Vanarama South and some of the goals are incredible. Not to say there's no quality goals at that level, but players seem able to strike a ball as well as any elite level player several times an in-game month. I don't know the details of the last update and what changed, but I certainly think that SI made changes to accommodate the people moaning about breaking down defences and it's lead to the current state of play. I don't think it's game breaking at the moment, but it's certainly starting to wear a bit thin.
  8. Sorry? Why do I need to prove myself haha I'm telling you it's very very possible to play good football on FM19. If you can't replicate it that's your problem, there's plenty of other people on these forums also having success.
  9. Funny that, I've got a Vanarama North side playing amazing football, leading passing stats, creating loads of chances and an advanced playmaker consistently performing well. Just because you can't achieve it it doesn't mean the game doesn't allow it.
  10. As above. Depends on the player. Some might accept that they're being outperformed and understand, others might get annoyed that you've reduced their status.
  11. Can't say that I'm currently experiencing any problems. My first team players start most games, with my backup/rotation players coming in to replace them or off the bench when needed. I've of course had one or two moans from players signed as first team players that haven't performed well enough, but I tend to point this out to them and then offload them if they're not happy or give me attitude. I can guarantee most people having issues with squad management are offering first team/key player contracts to players to get them signed up, but not giving them that role. Nothing at all suggests the system is bugged from my experience so far.
  12. Sometimes in the lower leagues heavy wind can cause postponements because the groundsman can't get the corner flags to stay up.
  13. And my favourite posts are the ones where someone hasn't even bothered to read what the OP said before jumping in with their stupid response. It's just meant to be a bit of fun amongst endless threads of moaning.
  14. Played FM since it was created and CM before that but this is the first game to ruin my life like this one has. Last night my girlfriend came up to me and said 'you're too f**n old to be shouting at a computer screen it's pathetic'. She also said I need to give her more attention because I've spent the last week staring at my laptop. Can someone please explain how this game got through testing without this propping up?!?! Waste of money!!
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