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  1. Also your assumption about physios and doctors isn't quite right - they don't reduce the frequency of injuries at all. They might reduce the time out injured and give more accurate reports but I think that's pretty much all.
  2. If you do it through the scouting page I think it's possible that it doesn't bring up every player due to scouting restrictions. Would it not be best to search through the editor?
  3. Whether you choose to believe me or not is completely up to you - I am merely telling you that I've had plenty of success on FM19 so to suggest that it's impossible as has been implied earlier in this thread is wrong. How about you provide evidence to the contrary? Show us that it's impossible for good football to be played on FM19 and that it isn't a result of poor management!
  4. I'm not entirely sure how it works but it could be that it's now excluded any player knowledge you as the manager have as you're not assisting with the scouting. I might be completely wrong but just a guess at why it's gone down slightly.
  5. Imagine making an argument about competition and using FIFA manager as an example. There's been numerous manager simulations over the years - Champ Man, Total Football Manager, LMA Manager, FIFA manager - and all of them have disappeared. Why is that? Is it because FM recycles the same game over and over for 10 years? Of course it isn't, it's because every game that tried to compete couldn't do so and won't do for the foreseeable future.
  6. Perhaps it's a little low but let's not forget Ally Mccoist has had one managerial job in his career and that ended 5 years ago. That job lasted I think about 3.5 years most of which was with a Rangers team easily smashing through the Scottish lower leagues and ultimately ended in his sacking. I'd say in the wider scheme of things he is somewhat unproven.
  7. Funny that because i'm over 10 years into a save which has spread across both non-league and the football league yet despite every now and then having a player mention lack of depth I haven't once had a player ask to leave because of it. You haven't given much detail but there's most likely a different issue here. Do the squad actually support your management? Or have you just joined the club with a reputation below the club's? And, as above, what was the quality/squad status/reputation of the departing player compared to the two brought in? Did those two actually solve the problem or was the player already happy about squad depth because there were no wingers? Selling one great player and replacing him with two average ones doesn't add depth. It adds an extra player but if neither are better than the player that's left how does that improve anything? You claim the game is broken but it isn't. Sure the dynamics etc could be improved, but don't assume because it's happening to you that it must also be happening to everybody else.
  8. What do you mean by 'too confident'? It's good to tell the team to keep focused and then, but why not just praise them for a job well done? Not sure how much of an impact it'll have overall though to be honest - as long as nobody is complaining about team talks just do what you need to do.
  9. So, in light of the above comments, the answer to the question in the thread title is 'not very'.
  10. I always struggled with the striker role because I paid too much attention to the description of each role, but what you should actually look at is the preset instructions that come with each role. Ultimately you need to decide what way you want your striker to play and whether it suits your formation. Then from there check each of the different instructions under each different role and assign accordingly. Remember to also check the player's traits, as they could clash with the instructions. If you want your striker staying central and running on to through balls etc i'd go with Poacher. If you want him getting into the channels look at AF, or the PF(A). If you want him dropping deep then think about DLF, Treq, or F9. Check each role, see what instructions they involve, and go from there.
  11. Think adaptability relates to ability to adapt to new experiences. Pretty sure moving abroad increases it, not sure about any other ways.
  12. These animations are exactly why I can only stand to play on 2D
  13. I used to only be able to play as West Ham, anything else would bore me to death. But the last 3/4 years I haven't been able to get into a save with them as I hate starting in the Premiership. I'm too caught up in trying to get up the ladder from a Sunday league manager these days.
  14. Feel sorry for the Bournemouth right back. Looks like he's taken the brunt of the blame for the 7 goals conceded according to the ratings!
  15. I’m pretty sure that the stadium is just a plan at the moment so there’s no set date for its completion or the move. SI don’t usually add a future move until they know the exact details.
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