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  1. Utterly flabbergasted that there are actually people on this thread denying set pieces are a problem. They most definitely are. Fine, it might be down to a lack of set piece instructions. But Jesus Christ have you seen the state of the set piece screens?! Absolutely no way I’m buying the game next year at release. It’ll be a demo and watch the forums job for me.
  2. I think the problem this year is that the game just simply isn’t enjoyable. All my years of playing and this is the first game since the inception of the game I’ve been unable to play.
  3. Trust me it won't make any difference if you start getting shots on target. The AI will just start blocking everything before scoring on the counter attack or with a crossed free-kick to the bark post. The problem is if you become slightly successful, the only way the AI can combat it is by sticking 11 players on the edge of their six yard box. Least enjoyable FM ever made.
  4. Some great posts on this thread. Just started a save with Bolton - was really interested in the challenge of overcoming the 12 point deduction and financial issues. Was really surprised to find the amount of good young players in the side. 10-ish games in now, and whilst I managed to immediately abolish the 12 point deduction I’ve started struggling to score goals and finding it difficult. Anyone else started a Bolton save since the Jan update?
  5. So, if you were a boss (you clearly aren't already) and your employee did things a different way to how you wanted but it ended up earning you millions you'd sack him? Exactly the same scenario here.
  6. I've struggled since getting the game at keeping goals out, but i'm having some luck at the moment playing a 4-4-1-1 with a slightly deeper defensive line. My two centre backs have been my most consistent players all season, and the team often gets back well as a unit. I don't have any other off the ball instructions set other than slightly deeper line. If I'm under pressure i'll sometimes defend narrower, which forces the opposition into crossing the ball which my 6"5 defender usually deals with. When on the ball i'm playing with shorter passing and pass into space, whilst countering on the transition. Whilst I don't ever dominate possession we've stopped losing the ball in poor areas, which was causing me to concede a lot of goals. I've basically tried to compete with the flaws within the ME by filling my squad with tall players (who can defend set pieces).
  7. I meant to raise this in my post yesterday, but I think SI really need to remove the news items about a player playing against his old team. Might not be a big issue in top leagues, but when you play lower leagues and release 6/7 players every year it's so annoying getting a news item about playing against them. I've got ex players playing for almost every team in the league, and the news item appears every. single. time. Half of the players probably played once or twice before being released, so i'm sick of seeing some fake irrelevant rivalry being drummed up. Cheers.
  8. After posting a week or so ago saying I’d uninstalled the game, I thought I’d give it another go. And after two full evenings of playing I give up again. Finding absolutely no consistency whatsoever, and just feel that no matter what instructions are used the game will play out in a random way relying on set pieces, crosses and 30 yard shots (which seem to always go in when the AI has a go). Im going 5/6 games winning, then 5/6 losing, then 5/6 winning over and over, and I cannot see anyway in which to change it because the game is so random.
  9. The title of this thread made me laugh. I'd suggest you either sell him, or offer to go with him to the nightclub and embarrass him.
  10. Players transferred in January in real life will be at their new clubs from the beginning of the 19/20 season.
  11. Had this happen once whilst playing in Wales - new board took over and immediately signed two players. One of the players was from one of my former clubs (unsure if this was just coincidence or linked to my knowledge of the player) whilst the other one was an 18 yr old Nigerian GK playing in Italy who failed his work permit application and appeal but was signed anyway! I think as a feature it isn't awful, as I can imagine a few owners buying players over a manager's head in real life(as a West Ham fan I know our owners love doing this), but I think it clearly needs work. The idea of a chairman giving the manager a budget to spend and then spending the whole thing himself is just plain strange.
  12. Might just be me, but I personally think the game has become even worse since the update, to the point where I've simply uninstalled and gone back to FM19. Even games where I'm winning 2 or 3 nil I'm absolutely hating, because everything is a result of a set piece, simply awful defending or a 25 yard screamer. Never have I played an FM where there is such a lack of variety, and enough is enough for me. I'm really not great at the game, and so would always accept that on occasion it's my tactics, but unfortunately I feel that no matter what tactical decisions you make this year the match will play out in whatever random way it wants to. Here's to hoping next year will be a better game, although for the first time I definitely will not be buying the game until at least March.
  13. Would be interesting to know exactly how much the three issues you raise are intended to impact the game. My problem is that in real life teams shouldn't need to be practising set pieces every single week, and for LLM like myself who manage a semi-pro team I should be able to dedicate training to more important matters and still expect a player to know not to leave someone free at the back post every single time. I'm also a little frustrated with the morale and team dynamics system. There's so many things in the game that should impact morale and the team's support for the manager, but ultimately the only real way of impacting it is by winning games it seems. And whilst this sounds quite obvious, my annoyance is that all these other interactions within the game ultimately just seem gimmicky and useless - almost as if interacting with a particular player is a side-quest of sorts where the outcome isn't that important.
  14. I think it's another classic case of FM giving us options that aren't clear in what they do. I've played about with the option to criticise conduct and have no idea what it's there for. I once spoke to someone who had two red cards in five games, and he kicked off massively. So I then spoke with a player that had done nothing wrong at all, and he accepted it without question. I'm at a stage where interaction/press conferences/tunnel interviews and especially job interviews are all starting to ruin my enjoyment of the game. Luckily this year there's a completely fantastic match engine to distract me from all those issues ......not.
  15. Haven't you played enough FM20 to realise players don't score easy chances They probably would've scored had the keeper been in goal.
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