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  1. This is nothing to do with your training management. They're complaining about the lack of quality/depth in the goalkeeper department - Essentially saying they feel you should be looking to buy more or better goalkeepers. How many goalkeepers do you have in your squad and how good are they compared to the rest of the squad?
  2. How exactly is that an issue? Surely that's just a case of the other team starting well or you starting poorly rather than the game deciding you're going to lose that game. The theme of this thread appears to be that the outcome of the game is decided before a ball is kicked when it simply isn't the case. Sometimes you might not play well, it's up to the manager to make changes to rectify it.
  3. So, are you trying to say that if you're losing or playing poorly within the first 10-15 minutes you always go on to lose? There's one of two things going on here - you're either not reading what's happening in the game and so aren't reacting to the opposition quickly enough, or you're being selective in the games you remember. I'm sure you've at least once started a game poorly and gone on to win, or have you never managed that?
  4. A couple of times, but I also saw a lot of advice given that you refused to accept and gave reasons for doing so. The bottom line is you've now created two different threads saying possession football isn't possible and both times your thread has been flooded by people telling you that it is. The way I see it, you've decided to be Barca thinking you'll immediately be able to play exactly how you want, but it hasn't worked and now it's the game's fault. Possession football is entirely possible at any level on FM, if you can't replicate it then i'm afraid you need to accept that maybe that's down to your own choices.
  5. Just read your replies in your earlier thread and it's quite clear you just aren't capable of creating a tactic to do what you want it to do and you're unwilling to take any advice on the issue. So keep blaming SI and making excuses if you like, but it won't get you anywhere.
  6. It isn't impossible and never was. Been successful with a possession based tactic since since purchasing the game. Look at your tactics.
  7. What you're essentially saying here is 'I know SI want Football Manager to be realistic but I just want them to allow me to play the game in a way as far from realistic as possible'. At the end of the day SI make the game and want it to be as close to realistic as possible - scouting 2000 players picked randomly from a list (I assume based on their made up value) is absolutely nowhere near realistic, and so they've chosen to try to limit it.
  8. You could have just increased it when you created your manager if you felt it was the right thing to do? Otherwise my understanding is that adaptability changes when you move around different leagues/nations.
  9. I believe that valuations are also based on the league the player plays in - so premier league players are valued much higher. You also need to consider how long is left on their contract etc. It's only an indicative measure, it doesn't always mean player a is better than player b because his value is higher. Is the player you mention in the last year of his contract?
  10. No I don't believe it's anything to do with his performances. It's your scouts way of saying this player doesn't match the type of player you've asked me to look for. If you're still happy with everything else in the report then i'd say go ahead. But again i'm not 100% so might be worth waiting for someone else to also comment.
  11. Have you got your chief scout or DoF handling your scouting and set them a general focus? If so this might be why. For example If your general focus is to look for a 'leader' and the player you've scouted isn't one this would go against the general focus. I think.
  12. As per the post above this isn't always the case. You aren't always given budgets, and so relying on a description of 'Insecure' 'okay' 'secure' or 'rich' just doesn't seem enough for me (although you can keep pointing out that this is the only way if you wish). I just think that we need more immersion when entering into discussions over new jobs. The interview process is rubbish in itself but I can live with that, i'd just like more from the board in regards to the clubs current financial status and plans for the future - especially where they've approached ME for the job.
  13. I'm pretty sure they only recommend that you fill spaces that are open or recommend certain staff members to improve the quality of the coaching/scouting team if you have staff in all roles. I can only assume they're happy currently and see no improvements to be made.
  14. Yes you're right and I agree with much of what you have said - but I still think more should be given to you when applying for a job. Just showing 'okay' 'secure' 'rich' isn't the best think to work off of in my opinion. It would be nice for clubs to maybe explain their situation - for example 'we're currently in debt but we're still prepared to give you x amount to spend', or 'we expect to be in a healthy position financially come the end of the season' - currently it's just 'here's your budget' and then it's potluck whether the club has that money in the bank or is 10 million in the red.
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