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  1. Giancarlo

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks Makul, Added the player history of Malpartida Sánchez played for Red Bull the season 2016/17, actually he just signed for Cantolao in Peru. Di Laura has been requested this season by the HR of the Dominican Republic
  2. Giancarlo

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    HI Fran, Done.
  3. Giancarlo

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi Daniel, Thanks for report that, Is it the only game in which you had that problem in the definition by the title? In the multiple simulations that I have done testing the game the error that you told me never happened to me, I would be interested if you could send me that saved game to analyze it with the coders. With respect to relegation, it is true that the accumulated table should include the Torneo de Verano points, I will analyze that error to see the possibility of correcting it. Thanks, normally all teams comply with this rule but for example in the 2017 Alianza Atlético lost 3 points for this and in 2016 Defensor la Bocana lost 6 points. I think is a spoiled save because in my testing games I have never seen so many teams lose so many points, at most, it happened that 1 or 2 teams lost 6 points maximum. All were incorrect, now I changed his preferred foot, in the case of Gianfranco Chávez, yes, you are right he can play in the right side. The last Peruvian player who played for the left side with right-footed was Percy Olivares. All contracts were reviewed and corrected. in the case of the loans, they were all updated until the game deadline date, so some of them that were confirmed after that date are not included in the 2018 version but will be in the 2019 version. I agree with you, those players that you say and some others may have values that are no longer consistent with their age, in the same way, their mental attributes may be influencing performance more than their technical and physical attributes. I am doing a thorough review of all players over 30 years of their technical and mental attributes so that there are no unreal performances in the game and are as consistent as possible to real life. Thanks a lot Daniel for your advices
  4. Giancarlo

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi Fran93, I will analyze this Thanks
  5. Giancarlo

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks @Fran93 , all info added.
  6. Giancarlo

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks Makul, all added. Added all history. Thanks
  7. Giancarlo

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi @tv_capper, Thanks for the info, yes, Armando Wila only played 4 games in Unión Comercio since 01/01/17 to 15/03/17 and after that he returned to Fuerza Amarilla. Cheers
  8. Giancarlo

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi Vincent, Thanks for your advice, I know Kuncho this season is becoming an important player of Cienciano, the last two seasons he only play 5 games so I can´t give a more objective CA-PA due to their low participation in first team. For the next update I will review his skills to improve his CA-PA. If you have other advices please tell me. Cheers
  9. Giancarlo

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    Added for the next update. Thanks Makul
  10. Giancarlo

    Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!