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  1. I'm going to vlog my efforts. I'll start today at some point!
  2. Welcome to Tristan Da Cunha, the most isolated town on earth. A full 2800 km's from Cape Town, the nearest city on a continent. No airport and takes 5-6 days on a boat. Of course, these are all real life situations but we'll have to pretend the game has built an airstrip. A new club has been founded known as Tristan Da Cunha FC in the 10th tier of English football. Your job is to get them to the Premier League and win it. The town only has a population of 293, so you'll have to do this without gate receipts and insane travel costs. Not only that, but while semi-pro, you'll have to rely on youths due to a lack of interest for semi-pro players to relocate. Make sure you set "add players to playable teams" to get your original crop that will help you get promoted. Good luck! Let me know if you want the logos sizes. - Lolothesamurai Tristan Da Cunha.fmf
  3. So I'm doing a save in Rwanda, and started a second save with a custom club in Mexico, but for some reason, I get the same club ID. So I can't change the logo of the new club without changing it for the other save. And the Rwandan team
  4. The Kiribati challenge Kiribati is a pacific island nation near Hawaii, who unfortunately is predicted to no longer exist after 2050 due to rising sea levels. This challenge will include getting to the World Cup with Kiribati before 2050. So it's a time limit challenge. Now, keep in mind they are not a part of FIFA. Some editor work will have to be done. In my preferred format, you could also make it 3 or 5 years to gain nationality. You could also do a youth only challenge. Optimize it as you wish, but keep in mind Kiribati's youth rating is 1, the lowest in the entire game. Let us know how you do, whether you want to wait for FM 20 or do it now. Good luck!
  5. Just a note: I did a youth academy only challenge but a tad different to the ones here. I'm in 2128 and I've been to 10 CL finals, lost them all (get your jokes in). I did this challenge in Lesotho with Liphakoe. Basically the rules I modified are that I managed an international team at one point and rebought players. I changed it a bit to make it so I can only buy players who generated at my club. So if I win eventually, I don't qualify for the hall of fame BUT I still feel like I accomplished something with this save.
  6. Youth Intake 2021 We got three 5 star potential players, but the only one really worth raving about is Ernst-Magne Niskanen. Very good defender for this level who will go straight into the first team for the outgoing Mats Frede Hansen. We also lost Magnus Nikolaisen on a free unfortunately. Our top scorer the last 3 seasons decided it was time to move on. Didn't want to sign the contract extension, meaning Pedersen might get a go this season.
  7. Season 2020 I'll drop it into an excel sheet below (I don't know how to make the picture bigger) So so close. We actually bottled it. We were 6 points ahead with 5 games left but started to drop points near the end and in the end we got killed by our average goal difference. Magnus Nikolaisen was our top scorer again, but in truth he had an average season compared to previous year. I'd say our player of the year was Peter Aas who really made a difference and had a good average rating. So how did we do in the playoffs? Another year in this tier unfortunately. We were 2-0 up against Strommen first leg but conceded 2 quickly after and we couldn't get the job done away from home. Frustrating, but we'll get there one day. Key players Peter Aas - Magnus Nikolaisen - Hans Gaup Unfortunately, we did lose Vaksdal. We lost him on a free to Frederikstad. Good to see him do well though, made and nurtured in Alta Excel sheet
  8. So the first season there's not much to discuss. Intake was average and we really just consolidated in mid table. Second season we finished 2nd, won in the first playoff against the 2nd placed team in the other group but lost in the 2nd playoff. I will whip up an excel sheet very soon to update my progress. For now let's get my youth intake this year out of the way. Hans Gaup - Very tidy keeper for this level who can develop I reckon into a second tier Norway leading goalkeeper. I don't know if we'll get that far with how poor our facilities are at the moment though. Christian Vaksdal - Can definitely make him work as a deep lying playmaker with his vision and decent passing ability.
  9. Manager Brian Bertie has taken over the helm of Alta IF to try and complete his second youth only challenge in FM 19, after getting so close previously. This time his destination is the arctic. Alta are located in Finnmark county, the most northern part of Norway. Resume Brian Bertie (Peruvian manager, applied from Toronto) Skills - Team building (irrelevant in this challenge though) - Motivating Previous jobs and successes - Aston Villa - Premier League win in 2027 (FM 14) - Deportes Temuco - Several Chilean titles and Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana wins (FM 15) Sportivo Trinidense - Several Paraguayan league titles and Copa Libertadores quarter finals (FM 16) Liphakoe - African Champions League finalists twice and several Lesotho league titles with only academy products (FM 19) Lesotho 2090 World Cup qualification (FM19) I am actually already 2 seasons in and will update how I've been doing accordingly in the next post.
  10. Hi I'm trying to start a team from Fiji in the A-League and want to add them in the A-League in place of Wellington Phoenix. However, I don't want them to be able to play in a CL due to being a club from the OFC. Similar to WP. Is Phoenix hardcoded to not be able to play in the CL or is it possible to edit it via the editor?
  11. Apologies, heres a little information My training facilities are "impressive", they develop from 15 to 20 and then take a huge slump in progress. My coaches have 20 working with youngsters or near it, my individual training is set and they always moan that it won't produce more result, I changed my training every week, and they're always getting playing time. Sometimes I even give them reserve + first teaqm football too. Thats a bit of information. Its frustrating because I feel I'm on a short time limit. Its happened to me with Rijeka and Lillestrom before that.
  12. An issue I've had on this as well as past FM's, but whenever a player reaches 20 they barely develop from there. I can't be doing something wrong?
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