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  1. Next season is done. Finished 8th, back to where we belong.
  2. Next season's intake. Comfortably the worst intake we've had. No one really to get excited about, but I may be able to get something out of this guy:
  3. Update on Maor Krispin: he let his contract run out almost 2 years ago, but he decided to stay on a month to month contract which I've never seen from unhappy players before on FM. It's been almost 2 years of trying to convince him, but nobody came in for him and he FINALLY decided to renew
  4. 4th season done. Disappointing year after our hot start. Just went on far too many losing streaks and got big injuries to key players. In some bad news though... And now the season information.
  5. Intake. Disappointing in comparison to the last 2 we got. This was the best guy we got.
  6. This was very slightly a problem on FM 20 but it's terrible on this. Not sure if it's to do with Morale, but every save I've done with different tactics, different personalities and different players, the teams tend to be way too streaky. If we lose one game, we go on a 5-8 game winless run. If we win a game it's the opposite. And there seems to be nothing you can do to change it. An example.
  7. Nice little Europa Conference campaign there @XaW, and regarding your best intake, look similar to what I'm getting so I see what you mean by poorer intakes!
  8. Just finished the season. Victor Mare retired so we lost 30 goals with that. As a result we were weak in attack and struggled to be as effective with less shots as we were in the past. We finished 12th. Zion Tsemach tried to fill in Mare's shoes and did an OK job I think.
  9. Intake time. They just keep getting better. I got 2 absolute studs for this level. The whole intake is full of quality but these 2 guys are insane.
  10. Update, he's at 4.5 stars now. He was at 1.5 only 3 months ago. Crazy.
  11. Maor Krispin (was in my first intake for those who remember) is developing faster than any player I've ever had on FM. Madness. Shame he doesn't want to stay and his contract is over at the end of the year.
  12. Here goes, another intake. A step up from last year, which was pretty good as well. And the 2 best talents
  13. U16's cannot play in Israel, so I have to wait one year before I can play my intake players
  14. First season done. Finished 8th, and in the top half. Very good season, beat everyone except for the top team. My striker got the 2nd top scorer with 30, and become a bit of a cult hero for me (he's my profile picture now) Here is some of the information for the year.
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