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  1. For negative personality types like unambitious, low determination and the like is it better to start off with a balanced tutor to slowly build them up to a better personality? I ask because in my HSV side I had a lot of low end personality types in my first youth intake. I paired them with my best personality types and they are failing, explained by the gulf of difference in their personality type.
  2. I guess I'm part of the minority that exclusively use 2D Classic. For me a bad 2D version is a deal breaker as I find the 3D mode kills the immersive aspect of CM/FM that I've enjoyed since 1996.
  3. In regards to building team cohesion does the game factor in who has played with who? For instance, if I play a friendly with only my second team will those players be more cohesive the next time they play with the first team?
  4. I want to thank llama3 for this pdf. The single most helpful thing I've ever read on CM/FM.
  5. Playing Luton in L2, I play a fairly conservative (usually rigid/standard) 4-5-1 & 4-3-3 short passing/retain possession style. I don't have the bravest midfield and after a very good run of 10 matches I'm finding the opposition ls targeting my midfield with pressing and hard tackling, which has taken us off our form. Any way to counter these shouts/opp instructions without buying new players?
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