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  1. For negative personality types like unambitious, low determination and the like is it better to start off with a balanced tutor to slowly build them up to a better personality? I ask because in my HSV side I had a lot of low end personality types in my first youth intake. I paired them with my best personality types and they are failing, explained by the gulf of difference in their personality type.
  2. I guess I'm part of the minority that exclusively use 2D Classic. For me a bad 2D version is a deal breaker as I find the 3D mode kills the immersive aspect of CM/FM that I've enjoyed since 1996.
  3. Ok, I'm uploading it to the game-save folder. The file name is 1860. Thanks for the quick response.
  4. Seven seasons in with no problems. I got the automatic update through Steam and now the game crashes after loading and when I hit continue to progress my game. Mac OS Sierra Mac Pro (Mid 2010) 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 16GB 1066 Mhz DDR3 ATI Radeon HD 5770 1034 MB Edit: My seven season save crashed immediately after continue. My save thats only a couple of months long (game-wise) works normally.
  5. Alternatively, could you assign your deeper striker to man mark the opponents deepest midfielder (#11 in the OP's example)? That's probably who you want him harassing anyway. Though it might not be great for transitions when he is sitting right next to the defensive midfielder.
  6. Between the 25 player registration rule, fixture congestion and the climate I'm finding squad management to be really challenging. Add in injuries piling up and 3 of my 4 HGCs being completely worthless and it is downright brutal.
  7. I forgot to play Pomini in his own testimonial. Feel like a complete dick.
  8. I drew the fashionable 3-4-2-1. A couple of things immediately jump out. Defensive Wingers will be mandatory. The tactic is naturally narrow I've never used defensive wingers so this will be a learning experience. Will they track back on "support" or will I need one or both on a "defend" duty to stay sound at the back? I need to mitigate how narrow the tactic will be by default with both team instructions and player duties; picking duties that will push the player wider to support the DWs and free up space in the middle. So here's version one of my tactic: Counter : Structured - I'm using counter not because I expect to counterattack with three men forward but because I want to slow things down and make my attack more methodical and possession oriented. I think the use of defensive wingers suits this style as they'll often start off deep during transitions. Slow it down and build up from the back. Likewise, structured should give myself passing lanes and a bit more space in a congested formation. Team Instructions: Play out of Defense: This reduces passing length across the board and should help counteract defenders passing long with a counter mentality. I believe I have the passers along the backline to play this way, but it will be something I'll be keeping an eye on during friendlies. Play Wider: The tactic is naturally narrow so I'm going slightly wider to reduce congestion in the middle. Dribble Less: Standard TI for me in FM17 as losing the ball on a dribble seems to equal an instant dangerous counter for the opposition. I only take it off if the opposition starts racking up cards. When possible I'll increase my d-line to make my possession more suffocating, but with a slow backline I need to be careful on who I do this against. If shots on target becomes a problem I'll add in work ball into box. I have two playmakers which might be a problem, but structured and their spacing away from each other should help. I wanted a DLP because it suits the player very well and he'll be an immediate passing option for my CBs. I used an AP because I've found they often drift wide which should help support the DW on the left side. Also he should be in position to send through balls. I'm not sure if the CM-A is too aggressive, but he should overlap the AP and make a nice through ball option (though he is a poor finisher). I may be flexible with the duty based on the opponent and in-match circumstances. I picked an AM-A to pair with the AP as I think he might end up drifting wide too, giving the right-side DW a passing option as well as a through ball option for the AP and CF. A shadow striker role is another possiblity. A CF seems ideal, but not sure I have the player for the job. That's version one of my tactic. Would love some feedback. I jumped into this as a learning experience.
  9. I'd like to sign up if there are still free formations.
  10. I don't know if I'm being dense or not, but I can't figure out how to change my managers birthdate when I create a new manager. It seems to lock in the birth date of my prior manager with no ability to change it. Any help?
  11. In regards to building team cohesion does the game factor in who has played with who? For instance, if I play a friendly with only my second team will those players be more cohesive the next time they play with the first team?
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