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  1. I signed Mbappe in my second season for Arsenal for £130m the catch is a 50% sell on fee to both Mbappe and PSG meaning id get £0 if sold him but i never would 🙂
  2. Great win! Could you share a screenshot of your tactic please im struggling to score many goals with my 4-2-3-1 despite having Pepe RW, Mbappe LW and L Martinez CF(A).
  3. Thanks for your ideas im open to trying something new as 4231 doesnt seem to get the best out of them. What role what you play mbappe and Pepe in?
  4. I countinued playing Pepe as a winger for the first 6 months of the 2nd season but he was terrible game after game thought it was just a dip inform but he never improved thats why I changed his role. Winning isnt everything as many managers have round out by being sacked even after winning silverware, as a top team it needs to be entertaining and more convincing. I like Guendouzi but also like McTominays workrate of 20 What role combination do you think would suit my front 3 the best? want to play a high pressing counter attack style.
  5. Hi all Im in my second season with Arsenal we finished 2nd first season which was pleasing but im still trying to get my favourite 4231 formation playing how I would like, we are winning but the problem is we are winning most games 1-0 very unconvincingly most players rated under 7.0, also Pepe is playing very poorly for some reason after he had a solid 1st season played as a winger attack getting 20 goals in the prem. Please help me get the best out of my star players! even Mbappe is struggling, the poor 1v1s in this ME dont help but we should be playing much better than we are. thank in advance!
  6. Just wanted to share how our U18 Left back Joel Lopez has developed in less than 2 seasons, doesnt look much at the start but give him a few cup games plus get Sokratis to mentor him and he really improves fast!
  7. I agree with this thread as since installing the beta its become impossible for my team score more than 1 goal, Mbappe constantly rolls the ball to the keeper in 1v1s and L Martinez smashes it against the keepers chest everytime, think the beta is worse if anything. Luckily the Ai cant score either so im winning 1 nil everytime 😴🤬😩
  8. Signed Mbappe for Arsenal might aswell of signed Benteke, Mbappe with 19 composure and 17 finishing cant score a straight on 1v1 ever 😡🤬 and dont get me started on Lautaro Martinez!
  9. Kimpembe is a must, Arsenal U18 left back Lopez developes fast if you give him game time, Rowe, Saka and Willock are my stand out youth players. I wanted to have a 2nd XI made up entirely of Arsenal youth players, see below 🙂. Rowe is fantastic as an AMC his stats really develope fast if you play him in the cups and some easier league games.
  10. I think they are looking into it as a lot of us are frustrated at the 1v1 issues as well as the poor defending, refusal of wide players to cross, players shooting when level with the goal line, terrible headed clearances, and a long list of other issues, in 3 years its gone from an enjoyable fun M.E to being broken in almost every aspect. Ive played non stop for 15 years and never thought it could get so bad that I would quit playing but im finally done until a major ME fix comes out.
  11. Thanks I will do this now! I will call it Nelson running down contract, ive uploaded it thanks for your quick reply
  12. Hi im in my second second season managing Arsenal and ive got Nelson refusing to sign a new contract and staff warning me that he intends to run down his contract despite him been very happy and at his favoured club and im one of his favoured personal, he is also getting a lot more playing time than agreed, any ideas as no club has shown any interest in him how to I get him to sign a contact?
  13. The terrible headed clearances are one of the most frustrating aspects of the ME at moment theres no power or direction to the headers just cushioned down to the nearest attacker.
  14. VAR is pointless on my Arsenal save as 100% of VAR penalty reviews have resulted in a penalty been given and 100% of VAR goal reviews have resulted in the goal being disallowed, so whats the point in it being there? Why doesnt it vary at all? its so unrealistic I already know the outcome.
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