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    Football manager addict since the Championship Manager days, been playing for 15 years get most enjoyment from developing youth players into world class players and taking Arsenal to glory.

    Enjoying passing on my knowledge and experience on this forum.

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  1. Yes i signed Haaland for £100m and 240K p/w wages at the end of season one.
  2. Id say thats a reasonable price! anyone got any future screenshots of him? Its Sept 2022 and he is joining me in Jan 2023, My 3 Forwards at Arsenal will be Haaland, Moukolo and Esposito 😁😎⚽🥅🏆🏆🏆
  3. Arsenal end of second season review: After a first season of clearing out the deadwood (Partey £50m, Xhaka £25m Torriera £26m, Cedric £25m amongst others) I went all out with the big signings, signed Robertson (transfer listed at Liverpool) £54m, Bellingham £95m, Camavinga £60m, Felix £90m and Haaland £100m. We managed to win all 3 cups 😎 but unfortunately only finished 3rd in the league but im going for a youth based save trying to develop as many of the Arsenal youth as possible and aiming more long term plus we kept drawing away from home: Signed this amazin
  4. Yes thats exactly what I do, Martinelli and Saka down the wings in the league, Nelson and Rowe in the cup plus Hilson, Guendouzi, Willock, Saliba, Rekik and Nketiah get regular game time.
  5. Tactic looks nicely balanced, I find that the "work the ball into the box" TI is essential for preventing too many long shot attempts. Ive sold Chambers and Elneny to once Guendouzi and Saliba returned. Theres a player in the U21s/U18 called Omar Rekik thats developed into a really decent DLP, he may have a variable PA thou.
  6. I used Chambers as my backup RCB until the second season when Saliba comes back from loan and Mari as backup CBL, for a backup DL look at Nuno Mendes. Eleney was my backup RCM until Guendouzi came back from loan, he has great technical attributes both defensively and attacking.
  7. Me to, Id love to know how @the SLC got him to score 106 goals in one season, he averages a goal a game for me with the following Arsenal side:
  8. @Telegram Sam Keep going this game has a way of knocking you down but then suddenly surprising you and picking you back up with a suprise result.
  9. The match engine is much improved this year but close range heading is one thing I would like to see improved because it looks so bad seeing 2 yard headers in front of open goals regularly headed way over, when its almost impossible to miss.
  10. Theres seems to be a lack of movement and width in your midfield, you are using a very narrow formation then added play narrow TI on top.
  11. Maybe you could remove the red card using the editor.
  12. I have noticed forwards that are strong in the air miss a lot of close range headers or header them straight up.
  13. The match engine is better this year, but this annoys me more than anything, see it regularly, looks so stupid what elite player is going to shoot from there?
  14. This thread has got me wanting to dig out my CM 03/04 CD it was the game that got me hooked!
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