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    Addict since the Championship Manager days been playing for 15 years love developing youth players into world class players and taking Arsenal to glory.

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  1. I play a similar formation to yours, In my team the AM (S) and Poacher were too static I solved this by adding the "roam from position" player instruction to the AM (S) and changing the Poacher to a Complete Forward Attack. They now move about a lot more and get much more involved in play and are harder to defend against. Let me know if these changes help 🙂
  2. Same frustration here! How can SI make what should the simplest of tasks so glitchy, difficult and unintuitive.
  3. Nketiah develops into a very quick good striker, Icardi is amazing for me.
  4. Just finished my second season we scraped the treble thanks to Liverpool who somehow lost to Brentford on the last day handing us the league, then we went on to beat Liverpool in the FA Cup and Champions League finals , interestingly my team played much better after the ME update. Biggest transfers in were Mbappe for £120m (unbelievable player) Icardi for £100m, Kempembe for £80m (overpaid but immense centre back) and Harry Wilson (£70m) who got 19 assists and 7 goals in 35 games . First Team and Second Team: Smith-Rowe, Nelson and Nketiah are developing very well looking forward to seeing just how good they get , had Fekir as well but he was constantly injured so ive just sold him aswell as Ozil and bought in Bernado Siva for next season. Transfers: Really excited to bring Nketiah into the team after a very successful season long loan at Ajax:
  5. How did you get so much for Xhaka? couldn't get any bids for him at all ended up sending him out on loan.
  6. He hasn't developed much for me either thought he could be a great squad player but might end up selling him.
  7. I do it with defenders and goalkeepers putting a large clean sheet bonus into their contracts seems to help a little.
  8. Im on holiday at the moment so cant check but Jonny wanst that expensive and is very reliable.
  9. Kimpembe is very good would highly recommend, Jonny from Athletico Madrid (currently on loan at Wolves is a great back up for Bellerin.
  10. It can be a very balanced and defensively strong formation, the key is the 2 central mids who should both be good defensively (tackling, marking and postioning) I have Amadou Diawara (BWM Def) and Torreira (CM Sup). The 2 central mids shouldnt have the offensive PPMs, Gets Fwd whenever possible or gets into opposition area as you want them to hold their postion in the centre of mid and let the front 4 do the attacking.
  11. 4-2-3-1 is my favourite formation, only thing ive noticed about yours is a lack of width, try changing Mane to a winger attack or putting Shaqiri down the left as a winger, crossing is very important in FM.
  12. I would like sum tips as well, even with a model citizen mentoring a small group of youngsters there seems little change.
  13. Yes overall its better, no dwelling on the ball instead of crossing, the 4 players pressing 1 player seems better and my AMC in my 4-2-3-1 is much more involved (Ozil) much better then the unwatchable mess it was. Id like to know why it wasnt like this from day 1, was it tested before release?
  14. Post a screenshot of your tactic as im finding my WB attack (Grimaldo) playing as Arsenal crosses plenty since the update.
  15. Thought id put my opinion in...im finding the ME to be much better since the update, no more full backs stopping and waiting to be tackled and the AMC in my 4-2-3-1 is a lot more involved in the game, Ozil plays well now...winner 👍 Could maybe tone down the long cross field passes from the back but overall much better then the mess of an ME on release.
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