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    Football manager addict since the Championship Manager days, been playing for 15 years get most enjoyment from developing youth players into world class players and taking Arsenal to glory.

    Enjoying passing on my knowledge and experience on this forum.

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  1. Sadly i dont think it will be re written even thou it needs a brand new ME as it has had too many changes and layers of code added over the years and is now a boring, infuriating mess, I couldn't play this years game due to the ME being so repetive, inconsistent and frustrating, for the first time in 15 years i couldn't play my favourite game.
  2. Nope its still not playable, its a inconsistent, illogical and frustrating mess. After playing non stop for 15 years i just cant get any fun out of it anymore, just makes no sense and have no sense of control.
  3. This is exactly how I feel, ive been a passionate player for the last 15 years but theres just no fun anymore just frustration and confusion, its so repetitive and soulless compared to fm17 which was fun to play, when watching a 3D match I can tell whats about to happen before it happens.
  4. Post a screenshot of your tactic and we can look for any obvious weakness in your setup.
  5. You need to run FM06 in XP compatibility: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/15078/windows-10-make-older-apps-or-programs-compatible
  6. Thanks for your answer, just wondering if anyone has used any of the 4 players in the shadow striker role and had success.
  7. Hi all im just starting my 5th season as Arsenal and due to being unable to resist a transfer listed bargain 🤑 ive ended up stockpiling 4 AMC / Shadow Strikers but only need 2 one first choice and a backup. I like all 4 and just cant choose which 2 to sell and which 2 to keep. Who out of the players below would you keep as a shadow striker? And why? Personal experience? Odegaard (only £6.5m couldn't resist) Mount (only £8.5m) Cherki Smith-Rowe Thanks in advance!
  8. Ive always made my own find it more frustrating but satisfying when it works.
  9. Wow im goin to have to give him more game time! Were his appearances in the league or cup games?
  10. He looks really good, great passing for a CB in going to check him out for my Arsenal save.
  11. I just got 3 straight reds in one friendly, a two footed tackle, a stopping a goal scoring opportunity and a stumble over the players foot where both players stayed on their feet which somehow resulted in a straight red. The other side got a straight red to, so 4 in one "friendly" game.
  12. Seems a lot worse so far, my free flowing and scoring team has now turned in to a bunch donkeys 😡🤬
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