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  1. Also watch as much football on tv as you can and get a feel for the game and how different teams play, listening to the half time discussions helps to you will gradually pick things up.
  2. Thanks for the info Lickenfoot
  3. Quick update season 4: Won our second league title with a game to spare and reached the final of the champions league League Table: Really pleased with our defence, only letting in 18 goals in 38 games, we did go 31 games unbeaten in the league was disappointed not to go the whole season unbeaten. Line-Up and Tactic: We play a patient, high pressing, possession style of football.
  4. Yes as the 4-2-3-1 is a very attacking formation by default the 2 centre mids set to defend just brings balance to the tactic. Playing as Everton i have got by far the best defence (GA) in the league and joint best attack (GF). Download my tactic here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmUz7M4OgefckHcuzBSsvOtl1QWE
  5. Im a fan of the 4-2-3-1 the setup below is very defensively solid, went 31 league games unbeaten with everton. Control/Fluid Download Tactic: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmUz7M4OgefckHcuzBSsvOtl1QWE
  6. Hi all I have been playing CM/FM for many years mainly as my favourite team Arsenal, but decided to try a different team one that suited my favourite formation the 4-2-3-1. This save has been one of the most enjoyable and challenging saves I have ever had, after a frustrating first couple of seasons finishing 4th and 5th everything clicked in season 3 and we snatched the title on goal difference below is a quick summary of my first 3 seasons: Barbosa was a must buy for £10m and I needed someone to rotate with Lukaku as well, Poli came in as a much younger slightly better replacement for Barry. Signed some quality players for free in this window, Saul being my favourite! could not believe he was available for free! Rulli and Sarabia were also quality freebies Stojanovic was a great find he has been so consistent. Another busy transfer window decided to strengthen our defense, replaced Coleman with Chambers and brought in Vallejo and Juan Jesus, also need a decent rotation option to give Barkley a rest Bruno Fernandes ended up taking Barkleys place for a while because of his vein of form. Snatched the league on goal difference with a draw in our last game probably my most exciting a nail biting season in FM ever! Download Tactic Here (via Onedrive): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmUz7M4OgefckHcuzBSsvOtl1QWE I use the same formation home and away changing nothing except if we are strong faavourites then i'll switch the AP to attack. In feb of my 4th season just dominated Real Madrid beating them 3-0 will update at the end of the season...
  7. I always play on Control/Fluid and ive found a BWM (D) and a DLP (D) to be a very solid combination.
  8. He turns out good! Thanks for sharing the screenshot dircks
  9. Thats odd, the only thing I can think of is try sending one of your scouts to portugal, what size database did you select?
  10. Its sad when that happens to a player full of potential
  11. I have the portuguese league load up and set a playable.
  12. I do find finishing in 1 on 1 situations is poor even from 5 yards out, it might be a game balancing mechanism to keep the scores realistic.
  13. Think your right there! They have so many, Benfica/Benfica B have about 6 top wingers just in their squads.
  14. Hi all Im currently playing as Everton 3rd season doing well top of the league and I've found what looks to be a potentially world class winger but after googling him and searching these forums I've found very few posts with him mentioned, so im wondering if anyone has signed him and if so how he played and developed for you. I've had and offer of £5m possibly rising to £6m with add ons accepted what do you guys think?
  15. 4-2-3-1 is my favourite formation im currently having lots of success with Everton using a possession based 4-2-3-1. 3 things that immediately stick out are: 1. Costa is wasted as a DF S he will just sit in front of the oppositions back 4 laying off balls when he should be using his skill to run at them creating openings for hiself as well as others, Id suggest trying an AF. 2. Your have selected Retain Possession which is something thats more useful for the last 10mins of a game when you just want to keep hold of the ball and keep a lead, work ball into the box with short passing works well in a possession based 4-2-3-1. 3. You have selected Retain Possession and Be More Expressive which contradict each other and sort of cancel each other out, try removing both and see how your team plays.