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  1. I play on FM Touch and most months my scouts will find several players that a club “doesn’t want to sell”. Is it possible to sign these players? I’ve offered money which is way more than they are valued yet I’m always knocked back by the club.
  2. Regarding the two CM's and my WB's. Am I right in thinking that the BBM on the support duty is right to be playing on the same side as my WB on attack? So that he can cover the WB when he gets further forward? Or should I put the BBM on the side where the winger is on attack? Perhaps it doesn't matter and I'm overthinking things. One other thing I'm unsure of is whether the mezzala will get in the way of the winger because he will move into the channel, I'm wondering if I should switch the mezzala to the side with the inside forward. Perhaps this is why Tello and Mandi aren't workin
  3. I’m fed up of having 20-30 shots per game, 15 on target and drawing 1-1 thanks to an opposition goal from an indirect free kick. Seems to happen every other game.
  4. Can a mezzala and BBM play alongside each other in a the middle of the pitch? I’ve got a DLP on defend sat behind.
  5. That was the idea but it’s not just the central midfielders. The wingers have been garbage too.
  6. With Sunderland, I took the advice of limiting the amount of TI's and putting together what I think is a balanced team. None of my midfielders or forwards are playing well. The tactic: Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Honestly thanks for all your help, I’ll leave you alone now. There is so much to try and get your head around in this game, but it’s so addicting. I’ll read a few more guides then have a crack with a different team.
  8. I agree. This game is needlessly over complicated in my opinion.
  9. When it comes to team instructions, is it often the case that “less is more”?
  10. In your opinion what is wrong with the tactic? I’ve played a few games and although we’re defensively sound we seem to be struggling to score.
  11. Okay I've took your advice on board and also had a read of the roles and combinations sticky on the forum. I decided to start a game with Borussia Dortmund because I think it'll be easier for me to try out a tactic using a world class team. I've put this tactic together: What do you think? I know you said to maybe avoid using CWB whilst playing with wingers, but I thought I'd give it a try for now and see how it works. For some reason you have to right click the image and open it in a new tab to see it properly.
  12. In a 4-1-2-3 with say a winger on one side and an inside forward on the other? Sorry I should have been clearer. Also would a CWB be a good idea to play behind an inside forward in said formation? So long as I have a player capable of playing in that role?
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