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  1. I can say from experience I always seem to need to shake things up a bit in about January, always seem to start sliding after Christmas regardless of team/league (whether there's a Christmas break or not) even if I play many friendlies to get them sharp again, that's why I always have 2-3 tactics trained and change to one of the others for a bit if I start getting poor results
  2. another perfect example, this muppet here, wants a new contract and is getting 6.6 average rating, ive promised him a new contract at the end of the season, but i want to be able to 1. rescind that promise if his form stays like this, 2. when i criticise his recent form, i need to be able to quote him asking for a contract yet playing absolute shog dit
  3. Really starting to annoy me now that several of the aspects of player interactions are broken, for example, if you're playing well and a player is playing bad, every single time you select the "despite our bla-di-bla-bla I'd expected more from you" they always but always argue and don't agree, it's a broken option, which leads me to my second point, if you then threaten to transfer list them and they don't back down, they immediately request a meeting to discuss why you've listed them, when you told them 5 seconds ago you would be listing them, which leads to my third point when you engage pla
  4. Probably yeah but I always thought it'd still have the red padlock symbol above that context and not be able to uncheck it
  5. I'm Lille, it's not like there was the red padlock symbol over the can be recalled it just wasnt an option to remove I was trying to loan saliba from arsenal
  6. How many do you have? They only let you have so many then the option is gone forever from what I've seen, I think once you get 14 (or maybe 11) you can't have any more
  7. Maybe I'm just being thick but I'm sure I turned them off on the last one but I can't find it on the responsibilities page this year? I can't be bothered to talk to them before the match
  8. I'm not sure if they'll just say it didn't have time for the replay but it's happened before half time before as well, this I can deal with to a degree, the main thing this year is the f'd up player ratings imo, was fullbacks then after the update they're ok but any player I play in MC with the role of DLP (support) gets garbage ratings, even world class players
  9. Yeah, like I say it was either 36m and no wages paid or 40m and they paid 4m worth of wages so it was the same either way
  10. I play on commentary only (old championship manager veteran so...) I always notice as the game is wrapping up, like just before you press to go to the dressing room, it will suddenly add a goal onto the score, more often than not for the opposition, although sometimes for me
  11. When I did a wolves save I bought asensio after about two seasons in and get real Madrid to pay 80k of his wages, but all they did was raise the asking price by a few million essentially rendering the whole endeavour pointless, I thought I was laughing all the way to the bank at 40m for a player with so many green attributes to dazzle the eyes, then he arrived and got about 6.4 rating every game...
  12. Ddm? Determination, discipline, man management? Can't say for sure how much they affect it, I am always just satisfied if I have all 4*+ coaches and every category on "light" workload I usually hire one main coach for each category, then a couple of utility ones that coach multiple categories to bring down the workload, I find the things that seem to affect the arrows going down is if you leave the intensity too high or too low or the biggest one is if you play a player too many times in a row, it's a big bug-bear of mine with FM, if I play a player maybe 5 matches over 2 weeks his stats will
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