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  1. had a transfer already arranged Helder Costa to Leeds £15m, says i received it (record fee received) yet no money went onto my balance, also have transfer arranged for Cutrone to Fiorentina I'm assuming I'll get diddly-squat for that as well??
  2. Thought as much, don't get me wrong mine is perfectly playable but I want 5 star performance with every league loaded
  3. Exploit their pressing with fast direct balls over the top, good passers and fast advanced forward/inside forwards, that or try and play them at their own game but then whoever has the better technical players will probably win
  4. So adding another/replacing the processor/s is the way to go? Can you generally add another processor if you only have one currently, or does it depend on the current hardware and it's compatability?
  5. Fair point every goal I seem to score is a long pass over their defence, my striker either brings it down and skins them/slots past or runs into it from the long ball from the edge of my box
  6. Would adding an SSD drive make a difference?
  7. What he said mainly ^ mine has conceded about 15 goals in about 24 matches but only has average rating 6.86 ish because he's hardly doing fook all because the other 10 players are making sure he doesn't have to
  8. I've offered (unsuccessfully) players in part exchange and nothing happened they didn't get upset or anything so I'm assuming unless it's accepted then no
  9. Part of the game that is really grinding my axe at the moment, complacency/inconsistency, you criticize a player form their form declining and because they got a hat-trick four games ago they get upset, it,s nonsense, you should have an option to criticize their consistency, especially when theyre asking for a contract etc, tell them to improve their consistency, many players will score multiple goals then nothing for 4 matches then two goals and get 6.4 for the next 3 games but you cant criticize them because their average rating is above 6.8, I'd like to see player interactions in prematch team talks, post match team talks and private interactions to be able to question their consistency and quote the lack thereof when responding to contract upgrade requests or in general, eg "if you want a contract so much you need to improve your consistency" or in a post match team talk talk about this
  10. as long as youve got the players for the tactic should be good to go, minor adjustments of the roles wont hurt but if youre toulouse id recommend mainly using balanced against lyon, monaco, psg and away matches against stronger teams, i also had a back up tiki taka/short possession based tactic when this one wasnt working mid-match I'll upload it as well, sometimes id move the dmc to amc on that as well lyon possession.fmf
  11. must be the "tries tricks" that hes learned, id have fined him if it hadnt come off
  12. first time ive seen one on this Football Manager 2020 2020-07-05 17-53-04.mp4
  13. Started a new save with wolves and it's working with them as well, only thing I change is when I play traore I set him to winger attack for AMR instead and drop it from attacking to balanced for strong teams/tough away matches played 10 won 8 drew 1 lost 1 in the league, one point clear with a game in hand, GD +17, it's almost like an exploit tactic it's that effective
  14. Can this be explained perhaps by one of the developers? why would a 19/20 year old players stats just suddenly fall? he is playing better than any striker ive ever had, plays at least 1 sometimes 2 games a week, never at <95% fitness or i wont play him, i have the best coaches in the league by a long way, all with 15 determination or over, all minimum 4, mainly 4.5 star ratings, maximum permissible upgraded training facilities. I've read other threads where some people have said (anecdotally? or have devs confirmed this?) if the stats go up too much some have to fall? if this is correct it is a totally and utterly flawed system, if i decide to learn to speak chinese i dont have to forget how to brush my teeth to accommodate it, also why does it let them develop that quickly if its not permitted? i read also there has to be some form of limitation to development progress otherwise like they said on the thread you could develop any player into a messi or a neymar, but the thing is if you are developing players under the perfect conditions the PA should in my eyes be a dynamic value, like if you got fabio silva and took him to *insert team with average training and coaching set up* and played him for the B team until he was 22 then gave him 10 games a season from then on hes never going to develop into the player he would at barcelona playing 30 games a season with 5* training and experience, its taken me seasons to get a couple of attributes to go up by just one point then in the space of a couple of weeks they all fall by 1, thus eliminating any progress made, its completely unrealistic that a 20 year old playing regularly at a top team, with first class training would just suddenly decline in ability, the only time this would ever happen to a player that age in real life is if he snapped his leg and was out for 18 months....
  15. uploaded the tactic to the thread (not sure if itll let you download it though?)
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