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  1. Quite happy with this. WP Portugal, especially Pepe and Rui Patricio
  2. Who's this doing commentary on BBC? I'm terrible at recognising voices.
  3. BBC? did the same to me. Lawro is extra moody today, just audibly tutted ffs
  4. The only thing in world football funnier than Ronaldo's repeated failings on the big stage is the Stevie G slip against Chelsea.
  5. Almost every team so far have celebrated their winning goals like that. What's the problem?
  6. What exactly is Sturridge doing?
  7. Dier is superb when he sticks to the simple short pass.
  8. Impressed by how fair Savage's commentary has been, expected him to be unbearably biased
  9. Think Ramsey just slipped and hurt his hair-do
  10. Turned the TV on and the first thing I see is that pass from Bonucci.
  11. Wessi Crazy how some Norwich fans don't rate him
  12. Sounds almost like something Klopp would do all the time.
  13. 75% of Group A have ugly faces. B wins for me.