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  1. FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    2nd season in the books. Less successful than the 1st, won the league with ease but lost on pens in the cup semi-final vs PSV. Most disappointingly though, lost 1st Knockout Rd of Champions League 2-1 on agg to Benfica. I was in less of a rush to sell my best players due to the money from Dolberg and van de Beek, so I tried out the tip from someone earlier in this thread of getting Veltman to talk players into staying. It worked exceptionally well with Sierhuis, Onana, De Ligt and Neres (twice). If I got £80m+ offers I would still sell but the bids weren't at that level. Having said that, there were still a lot of sales. The major outs were guys like Wober, Orejuela, Frenkie de Jong and Tagliafico, who all left for £15m-20m. Some of the buys included Van Ginkel, Tete, Hojbjerg and Krovinovic, all from the transfer list. Currently in early July of 19/20 season and have sold Victor Jensen to Newcastle for £29.5m as it's good money and it helps facilitate the promotion of Kuhn to the senior squad. I can't see myself spending big money this season unless I sell a CM to bring back Klaassen or Bazoer. Will keep an eye out on bringing in bargains from the transfer list but they have to be somewhat 'realistic' buys. Cerny, Sierhuis, Eiting, de Ligt, Kuhn, Ekkelenkamp, Schuurs all part of 1st team squad at the moment. I love Ekkelenkamp a lot, sold a RWB and a CM just so he can get some additional game time this season. Pasquali, Kemper and Dest still have a shot of making it, maybe one season away. Got great money for Jensen and ok money for Bakker, Cassierra and Lang. Still have a bunch of guys in Jong/on loan that if I was to be honest, should be sold because they will be good players but not quite 1st team level: Nunnely, Johnsen, Schon, Sidoel, Bakboord, Flemming included. I have been unlucky with PA, but I am still disappointed that guys like Bakboord, Bakker and Zeefuik didn't make the grade like they did in my FM17 save. Then again, guys like Cerny, Kluivert and Ekkelenkamp have made it this time around.
  2. FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    Always start an Ajax save when I get bored of FM. Downloaded a post-Jan window data update and am currently in pre-season of 18/19. Unlike FM17 where it was anything goes, I am trying to keep it somewhat 'realistic' this time around. For me that means buying young, developing academy players, buying players from certain nationalities/regions more than others (for example, I would sign a slightly inferior Scandinavian player over the superior English or Italian option) and letting my better players leave to the bigger overseas teams. I still occasionally break my own rules though. Won all the domestic honours 1st season and reached QFs of Champions League but got dumped out by the eventual winners Man Utd. Transfer wise, I like to hoard youth no matter who I manage so naturally I signed a lot of promising youngsters, mainly from Denmark/Norway (T. Svendsen, Hvidt, Heintz, Tue, Solbakken). The major out was a January transfer for Ziyech (to Arsenal for £23.5m upfront). No huge names were brought in, biggest fee paid was £7m for Douglas from Fluminense. In late July of the 18/19 pre-season but already a huge upheaval in the playing squad. Dolberg went off to Man City for £95m, van de Beek went to Chelsea for £83m while Kluivert went to RB Leipzig for £23m rising to £36m. The Dolberg/van de Beek deals were too good to turn down for players that wanted to go. Kluivert's contract was up at season's end and he wasn't going to renew with all the big teams interested but ideally I wished he stuck around. Neres, Veltman and de Ligt all want out but I have resisted so far (the money hasn't been right). In addition to some bargain hunting to fill in some gaps in the 1st team (Donsah, Luka Zahovic, Jakob Johansson, Grillo), I brought back Viktor Fischer! I always liked him when he was playing for Ajax and at 24y there is enough time to revive his career. Have a ridiculous amount of money just sitting there and I am in the midst of doing something uncharacteristic: spending £22.5m on a PSV player (Jorrit Hendrix). Ticks a lot of boxes for me: Dutch, good age (23yo), versatile. PSG are interested but haven't bid so hopefully it goes through. Academy wise: de Ligt and Sierhuis are going to be 1st choice this season. Eiting, Cerny and F. de Jong will be rotation options. I gave Bakboord and Flemming a few starts once the league was won 1st season and they will get some game time again this season. Have not loaned out or sold guys like Ekkelenkamp, Jensen, Kuhn, Pasquali, Kemper, Dest...I think they can make the grade as squad players at least.
  3. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Wanted a team in a league I've never managed before so I made Rangers my first save in FM18. Only in mid July but made 3 signings for the first team. Swedish keeper Andreas Linde, transfer listed CB Tobias Figueiredo and Juan Fuentes on a free. Also made a bunch of free transfer signings for the U20 (guys like Bunjaki,Ferati, Brammen) for more depth. De Pena looks like a good suggestion, I might bring him in next.
  4. Your top 5 FM17 players

    Jakob Novak - Cheap, develops well, great AM/Fwd. Signed him in multiple saves. Jovan Nisic - Similar to Novak, except for CM/DM. Kaj Sierhuis - Great AM/Fwd in my Ajax save, goals and assists galore. Orbelin Pineda - Classic box to box mid, one of the main players in my RBL save. Charlie Taylor - Always reliable, picking him up for free 2nd season is a steal.
  5. FM17 - RB Leipzig

    After using my own tactic for the first 2 seasons, I wanted to test some user created tactics. I saw a 4-2-3-1 tactic called 4-2-3-1 Pav Gengenpress that was similar to what I was trying to do but did it better so I gave it a shot from 3rd season onwards. Those results were with an older version of that tactic. You can google it for the link (it's on another forum).
  6. FM17 - RB Leipzig

    Finished 3rd season. Won the league for the first time by 9 points and won my first cup. It wasn't the UCL or Pokal...it was the Europa League. Upset Man City 3-1 in the final. Was surprised by how much I dominated. Made the Pokal final too but lost to Ingolstadt 0-1 (despite 24 shots to 2...vintage FM). UCL was poor, 3rd in groups on 10pts behind Anderlecht (12pts) and Barca (11pts). 4th season so far: Got revenge on Ingolstadt in the German Super Cup 4-0 and beat Real Madrid in a crazy European Super Cup game that went to extra time, 5-3. First team additions: Malcom (£8.25m), Kovalenko (free) and Pablo Fornals (£13.5m). Malcom for depth on the wings, Kovalenko because the value was too much and Fornals because I lost Akkaynak and M'Vila in pre-season to 7-9 month injuries. Screens of City and Madrid games: vs Man City Europa League Final vs Real Madrid European Super Cup
  7. FM17 - RB Leipzig

    Long post incoming. Been playing as RBL since Beta. At the winter break 3rd season. First season was fun, didn't have many expectations and nabbed 2nd in the league (8pts behind Bayern). Second season was frustrating. Led the league by 6pts at the winter break but ended up losing the title to Bayern by 2pts. Reached 1st Knockout of UCL, losing 5-3 on agg to Juventus. Third season is going great, up by 11pts at the winter break (P17, W14, D3, L0). Will take a mammoth collapse to lose it but knowing FM, I won't rule it out. Made a ridiculous amount of transfers, mostly on youth players. I have basically turned RBL into what Chelsea is in real life but to an even more insane degree (78 out on loan with more in RBL II and the U19s that I'm trying to move). Some of the more notable transfer dealings: 1st Season: Wahlqvist in for £1.8m (probably one of the best signings you can make at the start of the game), Sabitzer out for a bargain £7.75m (wanted to move to a bigger club and I was fine using Kaiser/Forsberg/Burke/Poulsen). 2nd Season: Pione Sisto in for £1m (My best deal,now worth £21m and my most productive winger), Andrea Belotti in for £16.75m (first time I really splashed out and paid a large-ish amount), made Papadopoulos' loan permanent, brought in M'Vila on a free. Major outs: Keita to PSG (£29.5m), Klostermann to Inter (£27.5m), Forsberg to Zenit (£17m). Didn't want to lose Klostermann (as he is one of the few HG) but they matched his release clause. 3rd Season: Riccardo Saponara and Bruma in on frees. Papadopoulos sold to Man Utd for £26.5m and Belotti went to Ath Madrid on the last day on the transfer window after they matched his min fee (£29.5m). Panic set in after Belotti left but Selke has stayed injury-free and is averaging a goal a game. Rotation: GK Dragowski / Muller DR Wahlqvist / Dalot DC Orban (c) / Gustavo Henrique DC Goldaniga / Upamecano DL Tierney / Jannes Horn MC Malyshev / M'Vila MC Akkaynak / Janelt / Lucas Silva AMR Sisto / Bruma AMC Saponara / Pineda / Schaub AML Werner / Burke ST Selke / Dadachov Tried to keep it somewhat realistic by going for youth (only 4 players are 26yo or over) + signing some German/Austrian players where possible (Akkaynak, Horn, Schaub) + some Salzburg/Liefering players where possible (Upamecano and heaps loaned out like including Caleta-Car, Konrad Laimer). Some of the more promising RBL youth players like Majetschak and Abouchabaka are developing well on loan. Should be handy HG squad players in a season or two.
  8. [FM12] Kenco's World League

    99% sure I played your FM10 World League. Was it the one with the U23 Cup competition? Very much enjoyed it.
  9. Or, not everyone considers it a fantastic suggestion like you do?
  10. FM12: Málaga Club de Fútbol - Barça & Real? Who?

    Hope it goes through for you. In January, I tried upgrading training facilities but after the planning stage (which went 6 months) it fell through due to lack of funds.
  11. FM12: Málaga Club de Fútbol - Barça & Real? Who?

    Sometimes I wonder where my income is going...certainly not on the books Did a search on the forums... check http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/280260-List-of-all-Sugar-Daddy-Clubs?highlight=sugar+daddy Acidburn's post has a list of all the sugardaddy teams...Malaga is background.
  12. FM12: Málaga Club de Fútbol - Barça & Real? Who?

    Not sure how everyone else is doing but you leak money every month so by the time 2nd season starts, you don't get given much of a transfer budget as your balance is low. I just completed my first season (finished 3rd) and tried to be as fiscally conservative as possible (especially with player wages and contracts) but it's so difficult to stem the leaking. Even if you can get rid of few guys and trim the squad, it has a miniscule overall effect on your balance. I have a transfer budget for 2nd season that exceeds my balance (£15.22m for transfers, balance of £10.9m). Only spent a net of £3.4m on transfers but lost £38.8m for the year. Income generated is nowhere near enough to cover costs. For example, non-football costs and end of season ground maintenance cost you £14.3m but you only make £4.5m on gate receipts for the whole season. Can honestly say the only area I can cut back on is staff wages but even if I eliminate my whole staff, I'd have lost £26m for the year. Doing all my transfers since Jan 1st season onwards over 48mths just to lessen the strain on my balance. After finishing 3rd, I have entry into the Champions League groups so I'm hoping that can assist financially.
  13. Hyundai a-league!

    Yes, all A-League teams are professional. For what it's worth, some European leagues do not have many top flight teams either (Denmark springs to mind). In the game, better than League Two for sure, no question about it. I had a Crewe save in FM11 and the League Two standard was lower. If I was to compare it to England, League One would be fair. You can field a pretty good first team (some good high-end players that would walk through League Two) but squad depth is poor. Yeah, true. Some of that might be down to the lack of players in the demo, overseas clubs have less choice in terms of players to sign due to the low amount of players loaded and look at more A-League players as viable options. And of course, some of it is down to getting a bargain in an average league.
  14. Hyundai a-league!

    I had a quick go as Newcastle in the quickstart demo, mainly to see what the standard of the A-League is like on FM12. Played until the end of October and won 3 out of 4 A-League games. Ryan Griffiths as a lone striker (target man, support) put in 6 of the 8 goals scored. Could dominate the league. Newcastle starts with no Intl Marquee and Jason Culina as Aust Marquee (I assume his sacking will be in the reflected in the next database). Went local and purchased Sasa Ognenovski for the Intl Marquee, and brought in some handy squad players on frees in Chris Grossman and Milan Susak. Lot of interest from overseas for Kasey Wehrman, didn't sell as it's a demo but I'd consider it if I played as the Jets in the full version (great player but 34yo with an expiring contract). Ben Kantarovski looks a gem and my assistant rates James Virgili and Abe Wheelhouse to have good futures. Not a bad team to manage actually.
  15. The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    Never used FMRTE before but I've had a little play around and have been able to mass lower the PA of regens with 100PA+ by 10 (using a created preset and the search filter), which was my intention. Is there a high risk of this corrupting my save file or should it be alright?