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  1. Køln are quite a fun team tbh, you start with a decent squad. Due to a file corrupt, I've played the pre-season twice and both times Bayern offer £20+ million for Hector who wants to go. He's argueably your best player, but for a LB/CDM £22.5 million is amazing. Bundesliga 2 was a breeze, but since promotion I've found a couple of the players to be easily good enough for Bundesliga (Schaub and Ozcan are stars) where I finished 2nd, going into the final game with a chance of coming first: Usually when I managed outside Germany, Bayern win everything but to see Hoffenheim win was kinda special!
  2. I think when I first became England boss the incumbent assistant always wanted to call up Daniel Sturridge, despite him having lost all his pace and was rotting in a reserve team. I agree with above though, there should be a some serious time investment. The process of new players not entering the pool automatically really enhances these issues. If you don't want that player constantly being suggested/called up, just remove them from the national pool, it sorted my Sturridge issue.
  3. New Summer, new formation. Decided to go 4-1-2-2-1 to get the most out of so I've had to have a re-jig this summer. Was desperately short on numbers and wingers, wanted a new GK as backup Dawson declared that he wanted a new oppotunity (at the grand old age of 25!). He left on loan so I splurged the cash It seems to be a trend, but as my finances are rubbish, the transfer list and the unhappy list are my best friends. Ocampos, Vietto and Castagne were all unwanted at their respected clubs and all were excited (at least in my head they were) to join the Owls. Rulli has true pedigree and my scout thought I could get him for his asking price. His contract is expensive (77k) so only Grealish on more, but he is world class. WIlson and Dias join on loan as 2nd choice wingers to Ocampos and Vietto. My only regen signing is Antosik, who is going to be around the first team straight away. Liam Palmer left after >200 appearances for the club, but he was unhappy and 4th choice so I didn't mind him leaving for half his value. My other major outgoing was Bonatini, who wanted a new contract on 90k a week, which was promptly rejected as it was ludicrous for a player of his ability. Bordeaux offered his value so he went, just outside the window. I had agreed terms with Piatek to join from Genoa but as the funds for Bonatini didn't arrive in time, he will join in January. Foriesteiri is unhappy so he will probably leave in January, but he's just not performing for me at all either on the wing or upfront. Very few of my players received any bids in the summer, Adam Reach (who I'd let go I think) had 8 teams interested yet not a single bid. Odd summer but looking good, In the first four games won 2 lost 2.
  4. 2019/20 - Brutal After my last update, I spoke about doing fairly well in patches, well the second half the season was dire. In 2020, I won 3, drew 4 and lost 11, including a terrible 6 game losing streak. In January, i was quite clear that I wasn't going down, but the way my team just gave up at times was embarassing. The 5-nil lost to Everton was a real low point, as at the time they were 2 places below me. In the end I finished 15th, 6 points clear of relegation and thoroughly unhappy after an excellent first half the season. My board and my fans 'disliked' my 4-3-1-2 narrow formation, so in the final few games I tried some alternatives, but with few wingers I didn't have a huge selection of wide formations and players to pick from. My POTY was probably Jordan Thorniley who didn't play after christmas due to a broken leg, but I think if I had to pick a player who played the majority of the season I'd go with Bonatini or Vavro. Massive improvements required.
  5. @DefinitelyTaylor don't go all Rodgers on me now! So I'm 24 games in and I'm on 29 points, my form has been indifferent. Managed to pull together a 5 match winning streak (QPR, Leeds, Cardiff, WestHam and Brighton) to then draw vs Watford (I was very happy with this!) to then lose 5 out of my next 6 games. I think with the frankly terrible performance by Leeds (what a shame...) and Cardiff in the league theres only 1 relegation spot left. In January I lost both my LB's Thorniley (5 months - Broken leg) and Penny (2 months - Ankle) so I pleaded to the board for money and thankfully they gave around 5 million to play with. Upto this point I had been playing Thorniley and Penny (LCB and LB) so I was aiming for both a LB and CB, when Rob Holding was transfer listed I paid 2 million upfront and the rest in installments. I haven't receieved any Brexit news but I think that was a steal for an English CB. No-one else on the transfer list took my fancy, but I found Vagnoman unhappy at Hamburger after relegation, so I offered for him and eventually would settle for 4.5 mil upfront and 9 mil over 2 years. I was 4 million short, but when Pohjanpalo received an offer from Hoffenheim which I negotiated upto 8.75 mil this was the answer. I had every faith in Pohjanpalo, he was my star last year and my first choice, but with one goal in 12 starts it was time for him to move on. Vagno will be used as a RB next year when Walker-Peters returns to Spurs, but until then he's a good LB. Other leavers were Fletcher out on loan, Pelupessy who was in his final 6 months of contract and Gaudino who spent the first half of the season injured. This freed up enough salary to bring in Lato, who joined us on a cheap deal as another body in defence. In terms of who's impressing, my star man is Bonatini. At the start of the season I didn't expect him to be my first choice he was bang out of form and even asked to discuss his future due to a lack of game time, but now he's my top scorer on 11 goals in 18 starts. Lee Jae-Sung has outshone my other midfielders and won Asian player of the year, I've never heard of him IRL but he's a real star in my team.
  6. I'll post a full update in Jan, but my first year in the premier league is sad at times. I've done pretty well against a number of teams, top 6 has all been comprehensive losses but after going 2-nil up vs city this happened...
  7. Unreal doesn't quite cover it... He basically looks like Ronaldo at 16! I've always wanted to play a Ramdeuter as well.
  8. Unlucky @smplfc123, attracting decent quality players to swfc is always difficult. And following on from a SWFC post into another. So first season I won the league, Leeds joined me in 2nd and QPR who were second all year til the final 2 weeks won the playoffs. My player of the season was probably Jordan Thorniley, who was very impressive at both CB and LB. Tbh, my team isn't the best, but with 4-3-1-2 we found real balance in the second half of the season, Pelupessy played really well in the Carrilero position which really gave balance between midfield and attack. So the summer arrived and I went after a number of players as last season my injury prone squad was very low on numbers (I didn't pick 7 subs for most of the games in Feb/March). Lincoln and Dalbert were highlighted in my scouts/analysts as 85+ rated, but neither passed the work permit requirements (this reminded me why I enjoy managing in Italy so much...) Verder Bremen had been relegated and Veljkovic available for 8 million, he was happy to agree a contract but decided against coming to Hillsborough to join Bayer04. Otherwise heres my transfers: My midfield last year wasn't the strongest and with Onomah returning to Spurs after his successful loan, I decided to spend the majority of my budget on Grealish, Jae-Sung and Tonali. The latter two can play both CM and CAM so adds a bit of depth for when Foden is inevitably injured. With Thorniley playing LB in a back 4, I really needed a CB as Hector returned to Chelsea after his loan, so in came Vavro. He rejected me twice before eventually joining. Bonatini joined to provide an option upfront, he's not gonna score 20 goals a year but should be a good foil for Pohjanpolo who I'm hoping will be my main man this year. Jordan Thorniley attracted 4 bids, 2 from each of Bournemouth and QPR when the window opened, but with only 10% of the transfer money coming into the budget, I've decided against many outgoings. The only major outgoing that's not documented is Jordan Rhodes leaving on a free transfer. With a 50% wage increase upon promotion and not even close to being good enough for the Premierleague, termination of £1 million was worth it.
  9. @Trent71 Really nice, I'm glad someone else has started with Palermo. Even more impressed that you could get Nestorovski to score, I gave up on him and just used Puscas who I found to be a monster in Serie B. And best of luck with the kids, Lo Faso is good if you can keep him fit and Santoro/Cannavo/Angelieri are top notch, just wait till Da Graca returns from his season at Juventus. Absolute monster. I can't agree with you using Rispoli at CB though, he's the best RB/RWB in the league!
  10. So much for no injuries... Currently down to one striker and no substitute CM/AM's. Changed formation to 4-3-1-2 which has been better than 5-2-2-1 which seems to stifle my strikers completely, promoted Eyad Hammoud who's a good prospect but nowhere near ready for first team football... Heading into the end of feb and now in 1st which is a minor miracle with5 of my first team out injured... Wish me luck.
  11. ] Well January was fun, I signed Pohjanpalo for 700k upfront, 1.5 mil over the next 3 years and Vinagre on loan but the rest of the squad needed a cull. I support SWFC and love alot of the players I sold, but the fiances of the club are in a terrible state. Westwood, Jones, Hooper, Lee, Pudil, Winnall and Abdi were on 15k+ a week and struggled for game time (Winnall, Abdi, Hooper and Westwood didn't start a game) so they all were allowed to leave. 8 players out, 2 in, my first team squad is down to 19 players so fingers crossed on the injury front.
  12. After seeing @smplfc123 playing with my beloved owls I restarted with them a few weeks ago. Transfers: I'm in November and top 3. 5-2-2-1 seems to be the only formation that suits my players, tried alot of in pre-season but ended up sticking with the formation I used in beta. Foden and KWP are here for free, I used the transfer money from Matias to buy Xadas. In beta, my transfer/wage budget was slashed in January, so I'm only expecting players to leave in the January window.
  13. Thanks, having issues in the following season due to the success. Facilities are excellent and exceptional youth junior coaching. My recruitment is 'above average' but the board aren't allowing me to upgrade it which is bizarre. Got some youth stars, the two below are the top rated ones I've had in the first 4 years. Last years intakes best was 2.5/5 stars which was great... In my first team I have 7 who are trained at club. If anyone to see any of them let me know.
  14. End of season 2022: Had a great season in the league, in comparison to previous years Juve, Napoli and Inter were poor. Milan were the closest competition but I did the double over them that pretty much led me to win the title with 3 games to play. I scored alot of goals with Marin (21), Da Graca (20) and Embolo (16) all showing fantastic form throughtout the year. Embolo struggled with a couple of injuries but for £7 million I could hardly complain. Vavro and Lenglet were fantastic CB's all season, not so impressed with Angus Gunn who made some silly decisions throughout the season. My first season in the Europa league went fairly well, I used my full squad so some of my youngsters got more game time but in the quarter finals I lost out to eventual runners up Guingamp, I won the first leg 3-2 but then couldn't break through away from home losing 1-nil. Out on away goals. These were the January transfers, Xadas had 18 months on his contract was unhappy so left on loan to Juve with a guaranteed £30 million in the summer. Tbh, he was one of my first signings but I had moved away from a formation with a CAM so it's not the end of the world. Mbemba left for £7.5 mill but as 5th choice it was good business. J Miranda was a regen who I really like, but I'm at the limit of the non-EU quotas so spent the first 6 months of his contract unhappy and then left on loan for the rest of the season. Horta joined as Xadas replacement, and has proven really useful in either CM as AP(A) or mezalla(S). Illarramendi joined on loan as cover as Sergi Samper has been injury prone (gonna try and move him on). Illar is a solid performer but doesn't really fit into my system. A couple of players left but they were all on the fringes of the first team. £15 million transfer budget given by the board, but with another £30 million added I hope I will finally be able to compete with the big boys in the Champions League.
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