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  1. I brought De Graca into the first team at the end of the second season, this is him at the end of the 3rd. He's displaced Cannavo who couldn't keep injury free (still a good play though) and Puscas who played amazing for the first half of the season to then self implode after requesting a new contract, I'm selling him this summer. He's good enough for the first team 20/21, so if you do loan him out I'd include a recall clause just incase.
  2. I think over the years Harry Toffolo and Chochev have been 2 players I've signed the most, nice to see him again!
  3. Yea, the budget was tiny in the second season, but I got lucky with teams actually wanting to sign Balogh and Murawski, both have barely played since the move... Most of my strengthenign were loans from the premier league, but always found other Italian clubs (and therefore Italian players) wanted alot more £££ per month for a poorer loanee. What a game... First trophy on FM19, 2 nil down so I went all out for it in the first half!
  4. Good luck with that, I found most of the players in the squad to be unsellable!
  5. Check a few of my posts throughout this thread, just got to march in my 3rd season with them. First season is pretty easy, lacking wide options but otherwise a good squad great defenders and some top quality CM's. If you get promoted and serie A is ok, but be prepared to get hammered by the top 4-5 teams, they're just too good.
  6. Third year of trying, I have finally made it past the 1st round of the Italian cup! Napoli, Juventus and Napoli... This may not seem a big deal, but I'd actually like to play more than a game a week. Edit: Also welcome my new supreme overlords:
  7. Those stats for Ronny are insane, he's scored ~20 in the first two seasons for AI Juventus. Transfers for Palermo before the first game of the season (vs Juve :() Nothing major, no money to buy a better CB than I have, I tried to sign Ross McCrorie and Jasper van der Werff but I simply don't have enough. Both Samper and Chochev recieved offers leading me to splash out on Tonali, but Samper rejected the contract and the offers for Chochev were far too low for one of my team leaders who is very happy to stay. I really needed more depth at RW so brought in Mboula from PSG who's now out for 3 months. The other 3 loanees have optional purchases written into the agreement. De Stefano has been brought up from U20's after a loan spell at Sampdoria and looks a real prospect: Here's Santoro (new vice captain) and Da Graca who I hope will really come into their own this year:
  8. Snap! Winning the league on goal difference ! This was on beta though, and I had to stop playing it as none of the players improved stat wise. Will try again on the latest ME.
  9. Yes, a few games in my bad spell I went for a 4-1-2-3-0 formation to shore up the defence, but without a striker I had no outlet ball. In the end I've fluctuated between 4-2-3-1 CM and this one, dropping both CM's back to CDM helps and with a Segunda volancte in place he still supports forward runs, whilst my full backs still bomb on regardless (I change their mentalities most games). Against some of the bottom half teams I play very attacking, but with my GK issues I've been caught out too many times. I'm retraining Santoro to CDM but he's not a natural yet. Most of my conceded goals come from the left, but statistically I score most from the left... Most goals are built from the wings, but I score from various positions but I rarely score many freekicks or corners. @john1 I just bought Tonali as well as I don't think Samper will be with me much longer, he wants a new contract on double the rest of my players salaries which I really can't afford. Despite their low finish, Torino plays an interesting 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond that destroyed me away from home.
  10. He was already rotation, took until the 2nd week in January and 11 goals in 19 games for him to final not be annoyed at being unable to join a serie B side who's second bottom (trying not to be bitter about this!). Really struggled in Nov/Dec, a tough run of games led to my team falling apart, going out by 1 goal in the Italian Cup was frustrating but it was against Juve. Thoroughly midtable in the winter break. I've just signed Denis Vavro and agreed to sign Danilo Cataldi to play B2B at the end of contract, but can't afford his buy it now price. Chochev seem's to play really well with Santoro, but terribly with Samper, so I need a rotation option. Eddy Gnahore isn't of a sufficient standard for the league and Gennaro Ruggiero has damaged his Achilles so I'm very short in CM.
  11. So I'm in November and somehow Cannavo is one of the top scorers in the league, but I've only just noticed that he unsettled and his major complaint is being denied a loan move! He's played in 11 of 13 games this season including 8 starts. Anyone seen something as idiotic as this? And if so, any way to sort it?
  12. Fairly simple 4-2-3-1. Custom tika-taka on attacking mentality. Palermo start with 2 very attacking fullbacks and I added wingers from the market and youth teams to sublement wing play. The DLP rarely attacks and Chochev is the best cheap B2B in the game. I found the in transition 'distribute to playmaker' really helpful to avoid my CB's messing up.
  13. Season done, won the league with 2 games to spare, finally lost a game after 27 unbeaten. POTY for me was Haitam Aleesami, 4 goals 5 assists and part of the meanest defence of the league. I bolstered the squad with 4 loans in January (Dalot on a 18 month loan for free!) but they were mainly used as cover until Rispoli hamstring tore in February and Dalot took over. Ibarbo who used to be a menace on fm15 was garbage and injury prone. Embalo, Salvio and Fiordilino didn't feature very much for me and were surplus to requirements. Signings for the year were fairly frugal and with 4.5 mil to spend next year, it's going to be a very tight summer.
  14. Yea, he's the second highest rated CB in Palermo u18's in the first season, this guy is no1. Just brought him off the bench in a game where 6 of my first 11 were on international duty. Just entering the final few games of the season and somehow (with only 3 players on defend mentality) I've got to 25 games unbeaten. To be fair Palermo are the best in the league and predicted top, but since Christmas every team has collasped after letting in 1 goal.
  15. I find the Italian league fixture wise to be one of the most easy schedule wise out of the top leagues. My Palermo side play once a week from Jan onwards, end up having to do loads of friendlies to keep the subs fit, I actually would like more games per week!