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  1. I think in the first season unless your squad is top 6 and ready for a step up, getting promoted is more often than not goes badly as you don't have enough time to clear high earners/deadwood from the squad. I actually found the first season with Wednesday one of my most frustrating games in FM, overly reliant on one player and loads of injuries. I also find second season a bit easier because you have a better choice of players who were locked into loan deals for the first season.
  2. End of Season 2020-2021 SWFC: So in February I was 6 points clear of 3rd and finished 7 points clear, Southampton managed to completely screw up the last 3 months with Middlesborough leapfrogging them into 3rd. In the playoffs, despite being way adrift of 3rd and 4th QPR beat both teams to get promoted. I quickly checked and they sold Eze to Sevilla last year, so massive praise must go to Mark 'AI' Warburton. Burnley were awesome, smashing the 100 point barrier. In terms of my squad, the team of the season accurately represented my best squad. Nketiah was my man of the season, hitting 31 goals in 45(5) apperances but the fans went for Gomez who was a steal at £1.2 million on £20k a week wages. Barcelona and Arsenal have allowed me to extend Nketiah's and Alenas loan so my main scorer/assisters will carry into the Premier League! Big re-building required, I'd love to keep some of the spine together but in reality, I think I need critically need a new GK, LB, CB, RW and LW, with more depth required in all positions. Due to the loan rules Rhian Brewster, Herbie Kane, Jacob Murphy and probably Martinelli will return to their parent clubs. I'm not sure if anyone else has loaned Martinelli but he's a class act, but his injury record is terrible with 7 injuries over the season. If it wasn't for this, I'd sign him as my second Premier League loan without doubt. For next season the board has given me £40 million, so far this is my transfers costing me just over £4 million. The only sour note in all this is that at the moment 25th of May the board still haven't offered me a contract to continue past June...
  3. SWFC Feb2021: At Christmas I was unconvinced that I would manage to topple Burnley and Southampton, and despite some indifferent form, I'm now 6 points behind Burnley but 6 points ahead of the Saints who have competely fell off the rails! January was quiet, I brought in an extra man in CM in Aursnes as Bannan and Kane have struggled with injuries. Westwood retired saving 33k per week, but I was unable to secure any improvement in goal, so I have Dawson as my only keeper for the year. I'm hopeful for promotion, but have just lost Kadeem Harris to a broken ankle and Forestieri after a sensational 2019/2020 season has been plagued by injuries all season.
  4. @Jogo Bonito - Real nice work with Hull but I agree, with Grosicki and Bowen leaving it feels slightly odd. I have the same with Jordan Thorniley, he left to join Blackpool at the start of Jan so I sent him out on loan in the first season, and now everytime I play him it doesn't quite sit right. So I'm in January 2021, the target for the season is to get in the playoffs and it's going well, although my form of late has been really poor with only 2 wins in 7. Burnley and Southampton both have incredible squads so I think the best I can do is the playoffs. I don't have much money to strengthen in January but I'm trying to find a new GK, as Dawson and the now-retired Westwood have been poor.
  5. @karanhsingh With a high level of squad turnover, I find it slightly freeing. I'm carrying £55k in wages for two reserve players, but last year with ~£80k leaving it allowed me to not feel so restricted. But yeah, if you compare early free transfers vs loans, it seems the AI focuses so much on getting frees on longer contracts than better players on loans. In other news, there is no way Sergio Gomez should be this good: Absolute filth in the championship, needless to say I'm top after 7 games...
  6. Ok so start of the second season (which seems very early?) this is my team/transfers. I've already lost Bannan for 6 months and Westwood for 2 months and that's before a balls been kicked. Alot of players left in the summer, but with no transfer budget and lower wages alot of players who I would've like to have kept had to go. I managed to sell both 3rd choice Liam Palmer and 5th choice Joost van Aken and then by reducing my wage budget I could afford to bring in Sergio Gomez for £400k upfront. He's clearly been downgraded since the last FM, but he still looks like he could be a good creative force in midfield. On the loan front, I didn't want more than 6, and with Alena, Brewster and Murphy renewing, I had 3 spots. Martinelli was my top choice with no first choice LW'er in the squad, Kane was a panic loan but he'll be a good backup and Nketiah is a no brainer. What I thought was bizzare was that no-one else went for £15k a week Nketiah, who is arguably the best striker in the Championship Also, in what looked like a very average youth uptake, this lad seems to be improving alot:
  7. I assume it's because my two best players (Bannan and Alena) were injured most of the year but overal pretty poor form from the squad. Has anyone had any luck signing any non-EU players? Just been going after Tomas Belmonte who is really interested and it says if I offer more than £15k per week in wages you'll get the permit, but it hasn't worked? My computer then died so I'm after advice whether there is anything I can do?
  8. I agree 100%, I would be fired if I made the premier league with the average squad I had. In the end, it took me too long to find a tactics and a formation that suited me. Free signings and loans again, 30th of June is going to be a busy day.
  9. SWFC end of season 1: With no expectations (or realistic chance) of promotion I didn't feel pressured going into the final game of the season in 7th needing a win to either get 5th or 6th. I beat Middlesborough to set up the playoff semi's vs Reading (who beat me both times during the season). Despite beating them 2-1 at home, I slumped and lost 3 nil after chasing a goal at 2 nil down. Nevermind. Next season looks bleak, wage budget is -25k of what I'm currently spending, no transfer budget and only 10% of the any outgoing player sales. This being said, I've managed to renew loans for both Brewster and Murphy both of whom have played well at times this season. As for player of the season, I'll leave that for people to guess.
  10. The finances make the season expectations alot more realistic. You start the season with what looks a well rounded squad, but most of them are hugely overpaid, on the wrong side of 30 and alot of the players are impossible to get rid of (imagine the championship version of Sanchez and Ozil). I brought in 4 players in January, and the 4 combined earn less than Steven Fletcher who I managed to move on before his contract finishing in the summer of 2020. I like the look of this Christian Conteh who I managed to sign from St Pauli for 175k. Also signed Emanuel Insua for 400k, who adds alot of bite (19 aggression) and is a huge improvement on Fox and Thorniley (who's left on loan for the second half of the season). Just played Barnsley and have just scraped into a playoff spot for the first time this season, I doubt we'll managed to stay there as my form is very patchy.
  11. The SWFC thread is fairly dead so I'll post here. So I'm just at Christmas in 10th place and have to say this SWFC save is the hardest game I've had in years. I've chopped/changed personel and tactics alot, but really have struggled alot to get any consistency. I initially thought a 4231 with loan signing Alena in the number 8/10 role but that was a catastrophy as I've let the 6th most goals in the league ... I reverted back to 41221 without much success. Hutchinson is the squads only starting CDM, but as a BWM he's a liability as he goes running into nowhere alot. I've ended up playing Bannan as CDM to try and stem the flow, but it just seems every team scores against me in every game. Both FB's have been exposed, but with no personal to play a flat 4 in midfield my options are limited, so I tried 5atb and let in even more goals! Has anyone managed to get 5atb working this year? On the otherhand, Forestieri and loan signing Kishna have been awesome. In past FM's I've struggled to get Nando scoring but he's got 11 in 17 games and Kishna has contributed 10 in 16 games. With Kishna having this injury record, I'm really surprised that this gamble has paid off:
  12. I've just started, the squad is ok, bit short on a LW'er and too heavy in goal (4 professional GK's!) and upfront especially with the squad not set up to play 2 upfront. I didn't really know what to go for, needed to shed some strikers and remove some deadwood. Rhodes and Winnall both received bids and to be fair, the wage gap allowed me to recruit some much needed reinforcement in some CM's who are not injury prone (after playing the second match of the season; Bannan, Hutchinson, Reach and Lee are all injured...) I didn't try to sell Nuhui (last weekends match vs Leeds shows how good he can be) but on FM the researchers just see him as a tall lump/target man so out he went, bringing in Brewster on loan as 3rd choice. In pre season Bates did his cruciate so I cancelled his loan and brought in Velazquez for £500k upfront. I've got big hopes for Alena and Kishna if I can keep them fit. Tactics wise, I'm going with a 4231 or a 41221, I really hope that the tactics set up Forestieri to be my main man, as in the last few years his injuries/the stupid FA have derailed his chances to play week in week out.
  13. That's my transfers in for the summer completed, I have 3 players leaving but taking their time to make up there mind where to go. The top 5 players were payed from last years budget, all 8 fee paying transfers are purchased with fees spread over 3 years. I'm particulary excited about Cichocki, a regen who the board and fans all think I overpayed for... And just when I thought my summer was over, managed to get rid of one of my mis-firing strikers
  14. Mine's got a while to go before he's even worth a quarter of that! I think he's going to be changing wings this year as I've managed to recruit Vignato from Chievo who should really improve my team. Thankfully installment payments are available, otherwise I'd barely be able to sign anyone.
  15. Not a world beater, but good enough for Calcio A.
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