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  1. Feels similar to me except I haven't won anything so I don't want to give up yet. The promises they made were to bring in Jorge Cuenca (good) and Dominik Szoboszlai (not great) which they did, spending a eye watering 71 million on them, putting 200k/week onto my wage budget. After finishing 2nd at the end of the season, I wanted to bring in a new CB and Cuenca is a great option so I didn't take up the optional fee on Bella-Kotchap. But Szoboszlai... He doesn't really fit well into my midfield as I like to play 2 fairly defensive CM's (BBM and Carrilero) and he isn't good enough to p
  2. Wasn't to be, Milan dropped points in both games but Inter won the final two games of the season. Improvement finishing second, the last game of the season was a empathic 4-nil victory against Juve, with all four goals in the first half: So Dimarco won player of the season and was excellent with 9 goals and 17 assists. 4-1-2-1-2 really does make the fullback positions the most important outlet, but I really like Dimarco and all 3 of my RB's. But my pick was Wellinton who was excellent in his first season in Italy. His disciplinary record was pretty funny getting booked in every othe
  3. Consistency does become dull when don't win anything! Good to see another Bari game though. I've just been kicked out of the Europa League semi's to Tottenham on away goals and the Italian Cup semi's to Milan (for the second or third year running) so my only chance is in the league. Inter have just lost 3 games in a row and have been top of the league in 30/36 match weeks. I would need to win both and the other two would need to lose a game each (Milan play Parma and Udinise, Inter play Bologna and Fiorentina) which I don't think will happen. I play Juve and Roma in my final games which a
  4. SI owes me a mouse... They're bottom of the ****ing league and score 4 in one half and have only scored 17 goals in 30 games.
  5. Just reached January 2025 and I'm under my 5th transfer embargo due to proposed takeovers (this time I will be replaced by Michael Laudrup according to the press) so I cannot bring anyone in. I sold Marcos Senesi to River plate for £8.25 million after the last game in December, he had only played in the Europa League this season and only had 18 months left on his contract. For the moment, I have just promoted a youth prospect from the U20's but with my 3rd choice CB now unhappy I hope this takeover goes through/fails quickly. But even better is Passlack, in the summer I had offered a new
  6. Quick one, with Haaland gone I turned to one of two options, a young lad from Perugia and a 22 year old from Genk. Ironically despite the younger lad being my prefered option due to the higher aggresion (I like an advanced forward/pressing forward combo) they would not remove the 'sign replacement' option first so the transfer didn't go through in time. So in the end I spent £23 million on Australian international with the most greek name ever Thanais Pananikolopoulos. His aggression is low, but he was the best option I can see. Let's hope his partnership with Salcedo works out othe
  7. Couldn't board limit on wage is 80k/week, he wanted 120k/week which he was never going to negotiate on. He's signed for Lazio on 110k with a 10% yearly increase. This is the original version so he isn't brilliant and RedBull let him leave on a bosman. Strangely he didn't attract much attention when I signed him, but because Bari have such a low reputation he would only sign with a £25 million buyout which I was able to upgrade by £10 million half way through the year.
  8. Tonali is pretty much the same on this current save as well, he's good but I think Neves or Arthur are arguably better than him. On my save, things have taken an awkward turn, one day before the start of the season and this happened. It was fun whilst it lasted but Haaland is off to Lazio for his buyout. Ironically during the negotiations I was able to offer him a contract but he wanted at least 40k more than my top offer of 80k/week. I dislike when they move to a domestic rival, very irritating. But on the other hand, £35 million profit.
  9. End of 2023/2024: After commenting on this page that Juve were 6 points clear with 8 games to go, Inter managed to overturn the deficit (and win the Europa League) to top the league. I had a fairly torrid second half of the season and finish 5th for the second year running. All in all, I scored more goals than last year but ended up with 1 less point. As said previously I had to switch from 4-4-2 to a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow which was more balanced. New signing Dumortier had some excellent games in the hole behind the strikers. I sometimes find playing a CAM to be frustrating, but I've fou
  10. I think it must be your save as Juve have won the league 3/4 years (came 3rd in the other) and this year are 6 points clear on my save with 8 games to go this season. The only thing they haven't done is got anywhere in the Champions League, where Liverpool have won 3 years in a row. Things may change as Raimundo is joining Man Utd this summer. Guardiola is at Inter in my save and the AI have done a good job on buying players, bringing in the likes of Gnabry, Tonali, Baro, Guerreiro etc. Will post a full update later, my season hasn't been great since January. Although the plan was
  11. Spent all of January looking for a new CM, Alessio Riccadi was my top pick but as I was £20 million short I had to look elsewhere! He was unhappy at Roma and joined Man Utd for £44 million, I think this may be a good thing as with the likes of Pogba, Tielemans, Fernandes, Mount and Grealish he may not be overly happy with potentially diminished playing time. He's one of the few HG at club players that exists for Bari, so I'd love for him to come home (even if he spent all 3 of the years on loan)! Hunting for a CM in January however is awful, everyone wants either £130 million for a 19 year old
  12. So Bari Jan 2024. So far so good, I'm not going to win the league but am very competitive sitting in 4th position with 31 points, 6 behind Inter. In the Europa league I topped the group on goal difference against Everton. The away leg against Everton was a thrilling 3-3 draw after being 2 down showing some grit and detemination. Player wise, fitting into a new formation was always going to be a bit of a challenge, with all 3 RW'ers in the squad only accomplised at the start of the season. In January 2/3 have now become natural, but ironically Despodov who hasn't is still probab
  13. It's impressive, unless I'm playing with huge piles of cash, I have a 22 man squad, 2 players for every position apart from CB where I have 3 not 4. I've never seen the need to have 4 CB's unless you play 3CBs when I have 5. On that I haven't played 5atb in ages. I also wanna say thankyou for that link, it had me in stitches. Loved how he tried to sign every shithouse in football and was devastated when Cattermole retired. I think it'd be interesting to try something like this, the only problem I had was that his squad became less competitive over time, not because of the cards but
  14. @Weston 3 players per position? So your squad is 33 ish players or? If so, congrats on keeping them all happy lol. No update from me, but I just clicked continue and saw this football fight out of the corner of my eye. 12 yellows and 4 red cards, made me smile alot (i'm neither side!)
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