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  1. My HOYD just came across this guy on transfer deadline day for a cool 375K upfront and £1.2M overall
  2. Thanks I've just loaned him out to Valladolid for the season as a key player to ensure he gets a full season of football in the same league as Bilbao. He will be ready for a rotation/first team spot next season when he returns.
  3. Season 1 and i thought we might of won the league as we were only 2 points behind with 4 games to go, but a loss to Alaves away and A.Madrid at home put a stop to that, although i am happy with 3rd place. We broke some records aswell Plus an extra 6 points My two favourite performers of the season, really impressed with Sanchet, he scored some screamers from outside the box. Next the Spanish Cup and as you can see we won i certainly didn't expect that and we beat some good teams to win it. As for transfers i only signed I.Martinez (GK) in season 1. Looking forward to Season 2 and i am almost at end of pre season. So far I've signed Merino for £19M and a regen MC, I let the likes of De Marcos, Susesta, Kodro, Ganea, Bala go. Might be some more not on game at the minute.
  4. I have plenty of CM's now so should be ok ha
  5. Haha thanks. I bought Merino and i am going with a 4-3-3 although in game its a 4-1-4-1. I will keep R.Garcia for CM
  6. Benat, D.Garcia, Iturraspe, Sanchet (who in an injury crisis played well and scored a few goals) San Jose, Nolaskoain (might loan out). Last season I used a 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 but thinking of maybe sticking with 4-3-3 this year but then would have to sell R.Garcia or use him in midfield aswell
  7. His agent just came back to me. I don't even think I really need a CM, but guess I can't not buy someone of his quality haha.
  8. Not with my current players, just noticed Merino has £19M release and is willing to join, but i messed up contract talks with him
  9. Does anyone know how long it takes to be able to speak to a player again after talks break down ?
  10. Congrats @maccataq only 21 goals conceded aswell
  11. Thanks. I shall follow future updates. Must of been great to win the league, all your hard work paying off. Now for Europe
  12. Just came across this thread and read through over the last HR or two in work. I must say congratulations on the double, what a great achievement. I've never done a save like this before and it seems so tempting, do you keep existing players at club till you can replace them with any youth no matter how good/bad they are ?
  13. Where did you sign him from ? Looking good
  14. Did anyone else struggle with finances first season ? I am about £2M in red at start of April and haven't really bought anyone although I have given ontracts to quite a few people. Maybe it's not having any European football.
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