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  1. Looking for a team that can play 4-3-1-2 formation, the more aggressive the team is the better. Would prefer a smaller side someone like Eibar for example. Thanks
  2. If i was to come up with a playing style for a new team based on strengths and weakness in the team report, am i right in thinking anything not mentioned the team is basically average at ? for e.g my Eibar team is poor (orange) at flair, teamwork, acceleration, strength, crossing, pace, balance, determination, composure, anticipation, vision, passing, off the ball, marking, dribbling, stamina. On the good side it lists partnerships, good throwing, kicking, fk takers and long shots. As i said above so if the likes of tackling, decisions, natural fitness, jumping reach etc are not listed in either column does that mean the team is basically average in these attributes as a whole ? thanks
  3. I have my DOF set to negotiate contracts for new signings and I asked him to sort a contract for a free agent and max wage was to be 8k per week yet when it comes to the player agreeing a deal for me to then finalise the wage agreed is 16k. Shouldn’t the DOF cut off terms once he never agreed to the 8k wage or am I missing something ? Thanks
  4. I have signed a player who I plan to use as a BWM S in CM but he has the trait gets forward whenever possible (presumably from the fact he can play B2B) I am just wondering with him already pressing high up the pitch is best to get the trait untrained? My coach thinks it’s a bad idea. I have a Mez S and a DLP/HB (DM depending on opp) as the other roles in the midfield 3 (4-3-3)
  5. Ah yes makes sense i shall check. I have a player who is what i have been looking for as a no 1 ST but the only negative is adapting to the country, but as i am not a big club with a large transfer budget then am thinking he could take to long to adapt and the risk be too much.
  6. Besides adaptability is there anything else to look for that could give clues to how quickly a player will adapt to a new country ?
  7. Its ok i don't think it warrants a whole new thread just wanted a bit more info on the balance attribute which you have provided thank you
  8. Only just seen this reply sorry the role is Central Defender Defend which doesn't have balance highlighted, but i assumed along with agility it meant any balls over the top he would be too slow to turn or lose balance as he went to turn
  9. Thank you the reason i asked is i have a CD who is 33 (near 34) who i plan to replace with a 32 year old and they have similar stats except 33 yo has 14 balance and 11 strength is 6"2 and the player replacing him has 7 balance 14 strength and is 6"5 based on what your saying as his strength is 14 even though his balance is low he could still be adequate. Would i be right in saying not to use him if using a higher line and just for more for tougher/away games where i have a standard line and his strength and height can be valuable ? thanks
  10. I use either HB/DLP in DM and either CM(A)/MEZ(A).....BWM (S)/B2B in cm ill have him retrain as BWM(S) or HB in DM as your probably right regards his finishing attributes @CaptCanuck or i am debating on using him as a WB (s) what do you think ? his acc/pace and ft need developing tbf
  11. Wondering what role to develop this player into ? leaning towards a b2b i am also doing BC for individual training
  12. thanks but there is still a lot i don't understand and you have been a great help these past few days so i thank you, i did just get knocked out of the cup in the 3rd round to a team in division below managed by JFH
  13. Thanks my media prediction is actually 16th so i guess i am doing fine, here is the table at the winter break After promotion where we discussed a 4-2-3-1 may be too much for a promoted side i decided on a 4-3-3 so i looked at the comparison page like you suggested and with the players i had tried to fit them together and came up with the tactic posted above, but i didn't realise that the tactic was for a team of a better standard. I shall take this advice on board going forward thank you
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