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  1. @tremor congrats 9th is a great position for first season in prem
  2. I've spoke to Stadia and they said it was down to SI Ahwell guess ill have to wait
  3. Two updates for PC in last 2 weeks yet none for Google Stadia. Unable to start new save till get match engine update
  4. @Winti26 Unlucky with the sacking its hard to take when put so much effort in @CMU Chips @kingjericho hopefully you can make playoffs next year @tremor Congrats Good luck in the prem @_JHTB_ Congrats also good luck in the championship I am unable to start my save until stadia release the update. Its ridiculous its been near two weeks now since update was released for pc
  5. @KVJ92 unlucky not to go up good season regardless
  6. @Winti26 better than nothing I suppose ha
  7. @_JHTB_ Congrats on the league winTerry Hart
  8. Just read everything whilst bored in work. Some really great updates I’ve enjoyed reading them and shall keep checking back to see how you get on. Great progress made so far
  9. @CMU Chips Good luck for next season @SnakeXe I might give them a try they have a squad of about 10 regens (aged from 18-28) and no staff at all. As it’s my first year doing this I shall use it to get used to lower league. Think this will be my go to save from now on for every fm. Just waiting till patch before I start again. @_JHTB_ That’s what I thought, they were expecting too much haha. I do trials myself, I think you need to ha. @reerdo Good luck
  10. Can someone point me in the right direction to ask this please ? What is the rep of canvey island ? I play on stadia so don’t have access to an editor to check myself. Thanks
  11. @kingjericho Good luck for the season ahead
  12. Thanks @SnakeXe guess it will be first season struggle then haha. I got Canvey Island in one of the reloads and just wondering what the rep is as with this all being new to me, I don’t think it would be a good idea to go someone with a very low rep. Hopefully patch is released for stadia soon
  13. Season 1&2 (2020/2022) League I was expected to finish 21st and managed 5th place and playoffs. We got within 4pts of the leaders, but then always dropped points. As for the playoffs went out to Hereford 3-2. My mistake was being too negative considering I was the home team. Cups First season got to FA cup first round and went out in qualifying rounds in FA trophy. Season 2 went out early in both. Best Player For season 2 I released nearly everyone but struggled to sign players originally (lesson learned) I got to around dec January and even though I was 5pts off target (Playoffs) club called me in for a meeting. I didn’t think I was doing too bad they disagreed and decided was best I leave and sacked me which I thought was very harsh. Where did they finish..... 10th the same position they was when they sacked me so I holidayed to the next lot of promoted teams came up (June 2022) and will take one of them over and start again. I must say it’s the most I’ve enjoyed a save in a awful long time. A few questions if I may *Does anyone know the rep of Canvey Island ? *With a team having no scouts, whilst you wait for your advert to come back how do you go about finding players without using player search etc I would of done a better more in depth review but with me getting sacked and starting a new club thought I was just put up the basics
  14. @_JHTB_ unlucky with the playoff loss done well to get playoffs in first season in L2 @numero uno gunner congrats on the league win @SnakeXe Wow congrats on premier league title Havelka
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