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  1. After first team which squad is better for development U19s or B team ?
  2. Sacked a load of staff so need to replace them, anyone know of a good assistant manager ? best I've seen that will come to me used to play for Athletic, Roberto Rios. He has perfect personality and media style to do press conferences for me, good motivation 16, and decent discipline 15, but determination 13, JPA 13 and JPP 12.
  3. Still on day one So many coaches to go through fell like i need to replace nearly everyone on staff
  4. Thanks What Scouting packages do you have ? sorry for all questions ha
  5. Thanks very much for the reply i appreciate it. I already started and picked all of Spain and France and top league in Germany, England,Portugal, Brazil and Italy. I will maybe remove one of them and add Mexico as computer is really stretched as it is. Its been an awful long time since I've played the full version so wish me luck ha
  6. So i got the full game and am about to start a new save any specific settings anyone has when setting game up ? i.e loading certain leagues, have them as view only, database etc ? thanks
  7. @bowieinspace @dothestrand Congrats both had a great season
  8. @bowieinspace Are you training them just as a regular DM ?
  9. Thanks I've never really looked at training as its something that hasn't really interested me, but with this save and having to have Basque only players. Also relying on my youth team etc a lot more than i am used to, it has made me look into it more. i may have to buy the game for the third time, but buy the full version this time haha. *Downloading Demo now just to see whether i can play full version again
  10. Anyone ever trained Yeray/Nunez/Martinez as DM ? Basically to provide more cover between positions ? Also do you ever learn/unlearn traits ?
  11. Ah ok. any tips for individual training ? i've always left TT and training to assistant
  12. I've paid for the touch version on the switch as its great for work etc then i just bought the touch version for pc, but wondering if i should of bought full version. Its just i hate team talks and haven't a clue about training as haven't played full version for quite a while
  13. Awful haha. I am not the best with tactics but refuse to use any downloaded ones etc. i have two tactics that i am happy with now so have started a new save to see how it goes. I think i would of been given the elbow on my old save anyway sooner or later
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