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  1. Lewes FC National League North– 2022/23 – 1st Squad Transfers Overview A very successful season culminated in promotion as champions. In a season where three teams accrued more than 90 points, we managed to finish top of the pile. This was despite an indifferent start to the season. In truth, the squad at the start of the season wasn’t strong enough but with good players arriving we iteratively improved. Right winger Terry Ablade arrived in mid-September ,centre-back Jonathan Dinzeyi at the end of that month and Tristan Nydam at the start of October. They definit
  2. Lewes FC National League North– 2021/22 – 12th Squad Transfers Overview After being sacked in my previous game by Kings Langley I went back to the drawing board and re-drafted a new tactic. I ditched the 4-3-3 which had proved too brittle and went for a 4-2-3-1. Initial signs are that it is well balanced. Although we finished 12th we looked okay with an obligatory weak first season XI. Hopefully we can push on next season with some better arrivals. Key Players Lee Angol – The ex-Leyton Orient striker was top scorer with 12 goals. Incidentally, I saw
  3. hmm... despite improving the squad my form collapsed in my second season and I got sacked. Having another go, this time as Lewes. They are notable to me as being the most difficult ground photo I ever took. I couldn't for the life of me find anywhere to park. The background picture was taken while parked illegally out of the window of my car. profile
  4. Kings Langley National League North– 2021/22 – 9th Squad Transfers Overview A good first season saw us run it close to qualification for the play-offs. As usual with a first season in the Conference North, recruitment was difficult. By the end of the season I had scraped together a half decent team although it was lacking in key departments. Hopefully a good summer will see me able to strengthen significantly. Key Players Mike Fondop – ex-Guiseley striker scored an impressive 22 goals in 32 games. Harry Crawford – The inside forward contributed 20
  5. Having my second run at this challenge of FM21. I previously took Whitby to the Premier League. I'm going with a Southern team this time as I find it gives a bit more variety to the available players in the first year or two. I'm going for Kings Langley. profile
  6. Whitby Town Championship– 2032/33 – 2nd Squad Transfers Overview Promotion to the Premier League was achieved in our third season in the Championship. A second place finish saw us promoted automatically. Pre-season saw us make a handful of key signings. Striker Ken Roberts and Winger Ciaran Sargent were signed from Chelsea on free transfers. Both proved conundrums for the team. Roberts would be competing with Alfie Mullan who was our striker for the previous three seasons. Both were very similar with impressive physical attributes but unsuited to a wide role. The
  7. It's just occurred to me that I've now been exclusively playing Dafuge and European equivalent challenges for longer than the time I wasn't. I played my first Dafuge challenge in 2009 (I think) so that's 13 versions since then. The first version of the game I played was CM97/98 and that's 12 versions to FM2008.
  8. Whitby Town Championship– 2031/32 – 11th Squad Transfers Overview An improved second season in the championship, still a way from the play-offs and the prospect of the Premier League but definite progression. I have been able to improve the standard of the squad while reducing our reliance on loan players. In previous years I was regularly utilising the allowed five loan players in my line up with further loan players to replace them in the event of injury. This season I regularly played just two with Dan Dawson in his third season on loan with us in midfield and
  9. Whitby Town Championship– 2030/31 – 16th Squad Transfers Overview I was genuinely concerned at the start of this season that we might slip straight back into League One. Recruitment didn’t go well and we were unable to bring in permanent signings anywhere near the quality of our loan signings from the previous season. Because of our promotion to the Championship teams were asking for significantly increased wage contributions for loan signings. I was able to re-sign a handful of players I had on loan last season. I was unable to find any improvements to my atta
  10. Whitby Town League One– 2029/30 – 2nd Squad Transfers Overview I was worried ahead of our first season in League One. Recruitment proved difficult and the board had dictated that we should make the play-offs. Ultimately though, in a close fought campaign we finished 2nd and were automatically promoted to the championship. In pre-season it was a struggle to find players who could re-inforce the side. A handful of free transfers arrived, non of whom significantly improved the first team. The key signings were all loans with a number returning for a second seas
  11. Whitby Town League Two– 2028/29 – 3rd Squad Transfers Overview A second successive promotion means we will be playing in League One next season. This was a minor surprise to me as I thought we would struggle this season and my only ambition was to stay in the league. We started in line with these expectations with four points from four games. This was largely because I had been unable to recruit players of a better quality than what I already had. Come the end of August, it occurred to me that I could have a look at the loan market. This turned up a number of ge
  12. Whitby Town National League– 2027/28 – 1st Squad Transfers Overview After four seasons in the National League, promotion was finally obtained as champions. We ran out as clear winners with 97 points which underlined our dominance. Pre-season saw me concentrate on the midfield where I played three players in central positions all in their thirties. Adam Reach, Josh Harrop and George Moncur were all decent players but at the wrong end of their careers. They were moved on and a mix of midfielders brought in to replace them. These players were largely attacking mid
  13. Whitby Town National League– 2026/27 – 3rd Squad Transfers Overview I was going for promotion in our third season in the National League but it was not to be. We did run promotion very close and if it weren’t for a late season collapse we would have been. Pre-season was assisted by big bids coming in for key players from the previous season. Jason Newman, Taylor Knight and Charlie Whitaker all left for fees in excess of £200k which balanced the books and allowed for bolstered wage budget. This allowed us to recruit some really good players amongst them attacking
  14. Whitby Town National League– 2024/25 – 7th Squad Transfers Overview A much improved season prompted largely by good recruitment prompted by a better standard of player becoming available to me and an improved wage budget. In pre-season excellent attacking players arrived including Taylor Knight (Man U), Charlie Whitacker (Everton) and Jason Newham (also Man U) who filled the 3 attacking midfield positions as well as Micky Mellon (Burnley) to play the striker role. This attacking flair made a vast improvement but we were still week in more defensive positions part
  15. Whitby Town National League– 202/24 – 13th Squad Transfers Overview A solid midtable first season in the national league. I was uncertain as to where we might end up having finished as champions the previous season. We looked at one time to be battling relegation and form varied wildly. Ultimately it was an inability to re-inforce effectively that cost us. A number of players like Isaac Christie-Davies and Colin Seadon who looked unlikely to be good enough were still regulars for this season. Star midfielder Fisayo Dele-Bashiru left in January for £120k to Fleet
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