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  1. East Kilbride Scottish Premier League– 2030/31 – 1st Squad Transfers Overview After the disappointment of last seasons poor 7th place finish we turned it round this season and won our first SPL title. In part this was aided by having no European commitments, the reduced fixture list helped but this was also probably the strongest team I have fielded. It was not an easy ride though. Poor form around the turn of the year placed us around 5th or 6th place. Heading into February and March I was concerned by the prospect of the sack. After the previous season, I was
  2. The step up to the Championship is brutal from League One. In previous years I've gone straight down as well. Sometimes relegation can help you rebuild and have a fun year smashing your way through the league below.
  3. Cheers. Yeah, sometimes you just can't pause before ploughing in. Especially when there are lots of transfer funds to be spent.
  4. East Kilbride Scottish Premier League– 2029/30 – 7th Squad Transfers Overview On the field the season was disastrous. We failed to make it into the top half before the last five games so fought out the tail end of the season in the relegation group. In truth we were poor all season but came very close to making top half. If we had done, the form we were in I am confident would have grabbed us a European spot. Despite this, I had a great pre-season. I was able to remove some of the imbalance in the squad and every position had a player suited to his role. I
  5. You may notice my screenshots are a bit after the end of the season. It was 1:00am and I got stuck straight into the pre-season. By 3:00am I had completely forgotten about screenshots...
  6. East Kilbride Scottish Premier League– 202/29 – 3rd Squad Transfers Overview Another season of progress with a third place finish. There was a big gap to second place Celtic which does tell the story that we were right up in the battle for the title. A poor run in ended Champions League hopes but the gap to fourth was so big that there was little danger of dropping further by that stage. The big impetus for improvement was my realisation that I could sign non-UK players if the fee was over £120k. Out went a number of British players including Mitchell Benne
  7. @Thebaker Yeah, I'm improving my team but Celtic and Rangers always have more resources than me. Slow progress though.
  8. East Kilbride Scottish Premier League– 2027/28 – 4th Squad Transfers Overview Like last season, a run of poor form cost us dearly despite strong performances through the season. This time the bad run came in March where five defeats saw us drop away from a chase with Rangers for second spot. We did recover this time round however and looked likely to secure a third place sport when we lead Rangers 2-0 at Ibrox in the 80th minute. Two late goals allowed Aberdeen to jump ahead of us and grab the sole Europa League spot. We will again compete in the Europa Conferenc
  9. East Kilbride Scottish Premier League– 2026/27 – 5th Squad Transfers Overview In a reverse of our previous two SPL seasons, strong early season form was followed by a late collapse. Despite sitting comfortably in 3rd place for extended periods, defeat in all of our final five games saw us slip to fifth and the worst of the European spots. We will compete in the Europa Conference League if we can negotiate three qualifying rounds. Despite this, a satisfying run in Europe saw us qualify for the Europa League where we finished 3rd in our group behind Young Boys and
  10. East Kilbride Scottish Premier League– 2025/26 – 3rd Squad Transfers Overview A bit of an odd season, we recorded our best finish in 3rd place securing Europa League football but for much of the season it was a disaster. Form for the first two thirds of the season was inconsistent at best and at worst the sort that leads to relegation. We sat one spot outside the relegation spaces in tenth for most of the season, although admittedly there was large gap to Motherwell in eleventh. Included in this was an early exit from Europe in the qualifying round where we were
  11. East Kilbride Scottish Premier League– 2024/25 – 4th Squad Transfers Overview Having failed to strengthen effectively due to a meagre increase in budget, I expected our first season in the SPL to be difficult and a battle against relegation. However we ultimately finished fourth, were never in any danger of relegation and secured European football in our first season in the top flight. Key to the start of the season was that star loan signings Sonny Lo-Everton and Jeremy Sarmiento signed up for another year. With these secured I kept together the team that a
  12. I thought that as I literally was able to recruit just one player.. then I was top after 5 games including beating Rangers 2-0.
  13. East Kilbride Championship– 2023/24 – 1st Squad Transfers Overview Promotion to the top flight was achieved in our fourth season with a clear distance between us and second placed Dundee. This does not tell the story however as for half the season we were playing catchup to Dundee and had a huge deficit to overcome to catch up to them. A terrible start meant that we were behind Dundee by ten points fairly swiftly and they weren’t looking like dropping many points. The poor start was largely a result of the usual changes in the squad taking time to bed in. Ou
  14. The problem with a 4-3-1-2 is always that you expose the full backs. In an attacking mentality players on support duty bomb forward more than in other formations so your two wide centre mids aren't going to be giving too much support, particularily the mezzala. Also, a BWM is likely to go chasing after the ball so will get pulled out of position. Like you say, the problem is the amount of support to the fullback. Things you could try.. drop the BWM into the DM tier and the AP into the CM position. An AP on attack duty in the CM tier will attack in pretty much the same position as i
  15. East Kilbride Championship– 2022/23 – 5th Squad Transfers Overview Sadly, no straight promotion from League Two to SPL. Never the less, the season was a success. We sat in the play-off places all season, annoyingly a final day defeat dropped us into 5th place. An extra seasons breathing room will do us good I feel though. In contrast to last season, recruitment was successful and I came away strong in all positions. Strikers Armando Broja and Kazaiah Sterling arrived from the English Premier League on frees and would score 20+ goals a piece. This shored up m
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