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  1. I agree that the game feels a bit too simple. Have always liked to play the LLM and fight their way up in the series but in this version it is too simple. Took over Solihull Moors in the Conference North and won the league with over 10 points. When I season after they won five first matches in the Conference with basically the same starting eleven I lost the joy of playing . Right now, I tried to start a save with Farnborough in the Conference South and mid- season, so I lead the league easily. And no, I'm no genius in tactics or so. So yes, the game is too easy as it is now.
  2. Agree that the game is a bit too simple. Loves to play with smaller teams and fight my way up through the series. But as it is now it is too easy and it takes away the fun of the game. Which is a pity when the game is otherwise very good
  3. Hello guys, Just like the headline is saying, how is the BETA a few years in for you?
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