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  1. Emailed Sega asking if they plan to fix this issue. Radio silence so far. Seems like they'll keep selling a faulty product without fixing it.
  2. @Ben Allingham is there an update on this? Like @Lou "we are doing everything we can to solve this problem" is not really an acceptable answer anymore. The issue has existed for over half a year, the game is still being sold on Stadia and more and more people are running in to this issue. Any engagement with Stadia is met with the same response "We are looking in to this issue" etc. If your answers remain that you are continuing to work on it, where can we escalate the issue to?
  3. @Ben Allingham is this ever going to get fixed? I would buy FM2020 on Stadia again if this bug is resolved.
  4. Yes I got a refund. I linked this forum and explained the bug and that it's not been fixed after 6 months and it is preventing me from playing the bug. I had also reported the bug like 3 times we Google
  5. it's documented here. It's been an issue for over 6 months. In the end I accepted the fact that this will not get fixed so I requested a refund from stadia.
  6. Just an update - I got a refund from Google Stadia. i explained the situation to them and it was no hassle. You can contact through chat by going here: https://support.google.com/stadia/answer/9551446? and select "Contact Us". i did ask for an update on the state of the bug fix at present and got: "As of the moment, all I can see is that it is still being worked on by our admins and with the game developer. You can also stay tune on their forum for latest information about the bug too."
  7. @Will85 it looks like you're running in to the issue outlined in this thread. The bug has existed for over 6 months now so I wouldn't hold my breath on it getting fixed. I ran in toit with my save (lots of leagues loaded and in my third season), went back and forth with SI and Google Stadia, all I got was they are looking in to it. Finally gave up and I'm in the process of trying to get a refund from Stadia. I see that more and more people buying the game on Stadia are running in to this issue.
  8. Hi @Ben Allingham, Thanks for your response. At this point I think I am going to ask for a refund for FM 2020 from Stadia. This has been an issue for so long that I have no confidence in it getting fixed. I appreciate you engaging with us in this forum, I know it's not your fault and you are probably not the one responsible for fixing this, however I think it's really poor that this issue has existed so long without getting resolved. I get that certain bugs are difficult to repro and fix, but this issue has now existed for over 6 months. I find it really hard to believe that such a serious issue as this hasn't been addressed yet, which makes me think it's not a priority for SI or Stadia. I'm a big fan of FM and love playing it, so I was delighted when it was released for Stadia as I currently don't have a personal laptop/gaming pc capable of running FM, and I know the same is true for many more (several on this thread).
  9. @Ben Allingham that's disappointing that the time frame given in this thread earlier was incorrect. Can you confirm any of what @Leyodemus was saying that there appears to be a 200 MB limit to save the games on Stadia?
  10. This thread tells you how to do it. https://community.sigames.com/topic/517082-how-to-download-your-stadia-save-games/ I think there is merit in what @Leyodemus is saying. When I downloaded my saves from Takeout, the failing ones were all around the 200MB mark.
  11. This is great news. @Ben Allingham can you confirm this? And if so when will the update released? Will the saves we have work, or will the update only work for starting new games? Thanks!
  12. Go to any Google Stadia help article (for example here https://support.google.com/stadia/answer/9551446?hl=en&ref_topic=9634925#) on the top right you should see a "Contact Us", you can chat with an agent, describe the issue, and they'll open a ticket.
  13. Thanks @Ben Allingham let me know how you get on, I can also upload additional saves.
  14. @Ben Allingham I have uploaded the save files to the SI cloud per your instructions, I sent you a private message with the details. Thanks.
  15. @Ben Allingham I have a save game which still loads but is at the point if you try and progress after that and save it crashes each time. Would this be of help to debug the issue? I also have several saves I tried off of that file that seem to be corrupted. So far a common theme of this issue occurring is for users who have a) a high number of leagues loaded and b) are a few seasons in to their save (or both). With this in mind is it reasonable to assume the issue is the size of the save game file?
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