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  1. OK @Ben Allingham... So in other words: every 200MB-file that I see in my Google Takeout-zip is just 1 part of a particular savegame. Well, I checked and that seems to be the case indeed, since there are 2 separate files with the exact same name for each of my savegames. That is probably also the reason why my Steam-version of FM can't load these files "separately". The splitting/merging-code was probably only included in the Stadia-version of FM? If there is a way to load these splitted savegames in the Steam-version, please let me know. From a software developer standpoint I totally get what you are saying, but I just can't image that this issue is only now coming to the surface and was not noticed/dealt with before the game was launched on Stadia. Anyway, I sincerely hope this gets fixed soon and that this won't happen again in future FM-versions, because apart from this major issue I love playing FM on Stadia :-) Please keep us posted on the progress!
  2. In my case these saves are still OK, but if I load them and continue playing, FM refuses to save the game again... To be honest, I think that all the 200MB-savegames are in fact corrupted in some shape or form, because it is near-to-impossible that ANY savegame is exactly 200MB in size. I'm not sure where the corruption is situated, since these savegames can still be loaded at this point, but I think it's fair to say that the 200MB-limit is the root of all evil and has to be removed :-) If Google says: nope, 200MB per savegame is all you get, that's their choice of course, but then we should all be refunded and FM has to be removed from Stadia. Since the purchase price on Stadia was (at least) the same as the Steam-version, but the game cannot offer the same possibilities, that would be a no-brainer to me. I simply can't grasp the fact that this comes as a surprise for SI, since every self-respecting savegame in the history of FM grows beyond 200MB. Another possibility: Google simply never mentioned the limitation to SI, which would be an equally big surprise, but not impossible ;-) Either way, this should have been dealt with a long time ago, since it is not rocket science to figure out what the issue is here. I don't want to be a jerk and start pointing fingers, but this is unacceptable on many levels.
  3. Yep, and I'll raise you: it's not even "around the 200MB mark", ALL of those savegames are EXACTLY 200.000.000 bytes in size, which is a virtually impossible coincidence :-) So that has to be the limit that was set on Stadia for FM-savegames. If this was a conscious decision, FM should have never been released there because that's just ridiculous. @Ben Allingham, please tell me I'm wrong...
  4. SO...I did an export of my FM20-savegames via Google Takeout, and I think I have spotted the exact issue. Every savegame that is NOT corrupt, has the same file size of exactly 200MB: As a software developer, I find it extremely hard to believe that ANY file is EXACTLY 200 MB in size, let alone multiple files, which makes the problem super-obvious to me: the max size for a FM-savegame on Stadia is 200 MB. Please fix this problem (can't be that hard to be honest, and I can't image this being such a surprise, since EVERY FM-savegame goes well over 200MB in time) AND tell us if these 200MB-savegames are still "playable" or that some data will be lost, since I think that the savegames will have been bigger than 200MB by now... Keep us posted asap please!
  5. And it would also be nice to know if our current saves will be "fixed", or that the update will only make sure that new savegames don't have the same issue again. Fingers crossed either way...
  6. Same issue here, and I'm only in April of 2022, but with a LOT of leagues loaded... I started noticing this problem earlier on when I saved games. But when I tried to save it again, it would always work so I didn't pay that much attention to it. BUT, at this point, 95% of attempts to save the game fail and if a game does get saved, it probably won't load back up afterwards. Also, I notice when the game fails to save and I continue to play, stuff just "isn't right", database-wise. What I mean by that is: if I for example click on the score of a recently played game, to see the game/match stats-screen, I see totally different players then I have in my team :-) So I'm not sure what's going on, but as a software developer myself I would say there are some major database issues behind the scenes with these savegames... And it does indeed seem to have something to do with the size of the savegame. I hope this gets resolved soon, since apparently it has been dragging on for some time now AND it is killing my YouTube-save at the moment... so please keep us posted!
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