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  1. Also, is there anything I can do to defend better from indirect free kicks?
  2. Well, keep in mind that at this point I'm close to, let's say, playing Shakhtar a few years back in the Ukranian league. No serious competition, except for maybe one more decent club. So, being first doesn't mean everything is hunky dory, more that I'm not underachieving. So, please, do share. When it comes to DL and DR, my DR is ok and he's in his prime years and his potential replacement is probably a year off at least from maturing. DL on the other hand, looks like this. ... and I'm thinking of making this guy my first choice next season.
  3. Best way is to get rid of those who are poor influencers... 1) Move them to your first team, and set them to be available to youth team matches. That way, they won't influence them, but will be influenced by your 1st team players, because they will be on the bottom of the hierarchy (if they're good). 2) send them on loan, move to affiliate (if they're decent and have a chance to improve) 3) offload them (if they're bad).
  4. So, after 3.5 seasons, this is the formation I use. I'm probably overachieving by reputation standards, but I'm just thereabouts by quality. I have the strongest squad in domestic league, with Partizan being a close second. I think the tactic works in general, but I'd still like to try and tweak if anyone has good suggestions. My weakest area is probably my fullbacks/wingbacks. Considering they're crucial in providing width, I'd like to know what attributes should be looking for? Is speed very important? My current ones are not very fast, but I have some prospects who quite pacey,
  5. Had very similar issues. The I applied some of the advice in this thread In general, my experience is that close range shots/headers more often get blocked. I changed the player in striker position and had better result. Also, lone striker should have decent physical attributes, and also it wouldn't be bad if he had good off the ball rating, as well as some of the mental ones, like aggression and bravery. Doesn't have to be off the charts, but it shouldn't be bad. But, based on your situation, I think it is your tactical approach that is the issue. My initial setup was sh
  6. Ok, after playing in the formation a while now, these are the things I've noticed. ATTACKING ISSUES: 1) I create very few CCC. Most of my goals come from what I consider to be long shots (outside the box), or dead ball situations or occasionally crosses. 2) My lone striker doesn't do almost anything, regardless of who's played in the formation. Current one is a retrained MC, who is considered leading player for most sides. Not involved in the buildup much, he almost never finds space, is often marked out, and he misses shots and headers almost always, or is blocked.
  7. One needs to be defensive, one needs to pass, one needs to be more offensive
  8. Thanks man. A quick question @Experienced Defender, if you don't mind me tagging you. Bought a true gem, never thought he'd go for me. I'm thinking of using him in the AMR position. Should I keep him as AP (S) or should I try Treq? He's already leading league player at 18, and he's a perfectionist. He can potentially take IF (A) role in AML position, but I've got that covered much better than the creative role in the AMR position Or, is it worth it mix it up and go for 4-2-3-1, to use him in his natural AMC position? He's by far the best player I have.
  9. He's decent, but not something I'd like to keep going forward. I don't have many options. Last year I got the title, and by a sheer stroke of luck managed to qualify to CL. Got Celtic in the 3rd round, lost 2:1 away, scraped a 1:0 win home. So, I've cashed in some 20M this season so far, spent 8M on improving youth and training facilities. Maybe I'll get some transfer money next season, but the board has so far been very stingy. I can't count I can get someone new. I'm currently retraining this guy to be DLF Also,
  10. Well, I'm still figuring out FM20 after a long hiatus from FM (was regular player from first CM93 to FM15 roughly), but so far, my experience is that reports are as useless as ever. The only certain way to adapt to the situation is to watch full match and see what's happening.
  11. Thanks @Experienced Defender. I'm doing better overall, and I believe I can do minor tweaks on my own from here on, now that I have better understanding. Is there anything else you would recommend? I'm mostly interested in the lone striker. Is DLF (S) a good long term solution in that position? Should I be looking for a more physically or more technically blessed player in that position? Also, fast or strong if given the option?
  12. How important is JPA and JPP for HoYD? Managing a club in minor league (Serbia), and managed to persuade Zabaleta to come on free as a player, cause he was 37 years old at the time. He already has staff attributes and HoYD as strongest role so I'm hoping to persuade him to stay on when he hangs up his boots. He is a model professional, with great mental attributes, but his JPP and JPA is 9-10. My current HoYD is around 13-14 in those areas, but massively worse in personality and mental attributes. Should I try to get Zabaleta to do it or is his JPA-JPP too low? Is
  13. Thanks. Coming back to FM after FM15 looked daunting. I assumed tactical creator was "safe" option at first. What is line of engagement exactly? When do my players start pressing?
  14. Ok, I will try and see if dropping D-line and pressing a bit improves things defensively. BWM is getting on in years, and I added it specifically because I got a high quality player for position. Tactic creator suggested 3 somewhat creative roles and I manually switched to BWM. That's why I asked if I should go for a more creative type once my current BWM drops out due to age, but yeah... one holding type midfielder is always needed in such a trio.
  15. Well, noticed an improvement in performance after that, and now most of my attacks come from the right. Most obvious problem right now is occasional leaky goal, usually through the middle, going over my CBs. I guess some of it is to be expected, but it happens too often for my liking. What to do with BWM in the middle? Is their a better role there? Originally I created that role for Kacar, who was obviously a vast improvement for Vojvodina, immediately made vice captain and become a team leader and mentor. He will be seeing less play due to age. Can I go for a more creative role ther
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