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  1. That's kind of the point - if you have a player to be a perfect CWB, it's kind of a shame to use him as a CWB, like Bale for instance, and you also have to tailor your formation for him to be effective. Too much trouble for little gain, imho. The point, if you want your full backs to provide width (especially in a wingless formation), don't use CWB's. That's not what they do.
  2. Those three CM players will also close down opponents. You need one to hold position, which will help in defense and with ball retention. Either change to DLP or manually set CM (D) to close down much less. Also, keep in mind that, even though a Treq drops deep, it will be up to your CM (D) to link defense and attack. So again, either a role that allows him longer passing range or make the switch yourself manually. CM are versatile, but you often have to tweak it more. I'd also remove CWB and make it a regular WB (A). CWB has roaming on, and will often drift towards the middle, where it's already crowded and, more importantly, robs you of your only source of width. In truth, I've yet to find a formation where a CWB is more useful than a WB.
  3. The basic setup is good, although I personally wouldn't use SS in AMC role. Maybe someone slightly more involved in build up. With close down less, you're allowing your opponents more time on the ball. That makes more sense for a counter attacking tactic rather than one that strives to dominate possession. Again this is a personal preference, but I'd try to press more, but lower that for CM (D), so that he functions more like an anchor and an option for a backward pass if the team needs to reorganize. He needs to be a really good plaver - since your RMP is roaming all over the pitch, he might end the only option to link your defence and attack. Make sure he has good mental skills, good passing and vision. In a way, he needs to be a better playmaker than your RMP, since he seems to be that crucial link. I've also found that there's not much you can do to stop those through balls or crosses. Whatever you do, at one point, one will go through. Possible solutions are: 1) Full backs on defend, though that severely limits your offensive potency. 2) setting your FB manually to mark opposing wingers. 3) If you have good defenders with good reading of the game (anticipation, positioning, decisions), you can try with Tight Marking and Offside Trap team instructions. I've found that it helps somewhat.
  4. It is important to note that FM15 has one of the worst match engines I remember, so don't feel too bad if there's an odd result or two (or three or four and up, for that matter).
  5. Enganche and DLP. It worked pretty good until Reus and a couple of other first team players got injured. Since then I had to balance the squad just to keep those playing over 90%. I hate these changes to condition. FM was bad with player condition for some time now but in FM15 it is atrocious. Although I must say I'm not playing like I used to. Due to lack of time, I almost exclusively play on Key, and don't spend much time on scouting or analyzing my tactics.
  6. There is no special routine. Stick the best guy for the job. If he has a really good rating and long flat... ppm, you may get quite a few chances from throw ins in the final third but that's about it.
  7. This is something I see quoted often, and something I strongly disagree with. In most of my saves, I eventually end up with a very fluid style. Over the last five iterations of FM, I've played countless saves with that style, with different players, different formations and different teams. I've had sometimes 5 or 6 specialist roles and it worked great. It is not the specialist roles you must avoid, it is the specialist players. In my current Dormund save, I have 2 specialist roles (possibly 3, depending if we count CF as a specialist role) within a Very Fluid system 4-2-3-1 formation. It works perfectly. What doesn't work in my system is Sven Bender. He's a world class destroyer, but he is a specialist. He can't play any other role. His vision, passing and off the ball are simply too low. No matter what role he is assigned, he's still Bender. Basically a world class one trick pony. A type of player who works well with this type of system is Busquets. Busquets is worse than Bender as ball winner, but better all-round player. Better passer, better movement, better vision, better reading of the game in general. In a very fluid system, all your players will be expected to do a bit of everything, regardless of the roles. They will have high creative freedom to do that. Roles assigned are less important than player attributes in that case. A difference between a BWM and AP is much smaller in Very Fluid than in Structured. Stay away from specialist players and you should do fine. Of course, don't overdo specialist roles. Less specialist roles in a Very Fluid system is still generally a good advice, but you don't have to go out of your way to limit yourself 0-1 specialist roles. It's not really important.
  8. I ended up trying a lot of variants over the course of 3 seasons with 2 different teams. I was rather successful with Marseille, won 2 titles ahead of PSG and Monaco. In the second season got Real in the 1/8 in the Champions League and was knocked out (3:1, 0:2). We were the better team, a bit unlucky I'd say. I was less successful with Napoli, 6th in Serie A, top of the group in CL but we've had some really good luck. Overall, I'm not impressed. Sure, I've had some success, one could argue that winning two successive L1 titles in France, ahead of PSG is quite a feat, but I wasn't pleased with how it looked. It often ended up cramped and predictable in the final third, and I was relying on CWB's to deliver. If that failed, it was about waiting for a piece of brilliance from my forward trio or stupidity from my opponents. Fullbacks/wingbacks are indeed the key in this type of formation, but they require tinkering often. Depending on the formation of the opposition, they can be taken out of the game (like when pressed by opposition winger, fullback and CM/DM). In the end, I couldn't shake the feeling I was purposefully gimping myself. It can work, but I have a feeling that a classic 4-5-1 offers more versatility and unpredictability.
  9. I tried, but he choose Porto. Regardless, he was in the "awaiting paperwork" phase, but it was immediately stopped and now it says "needs to reside in Spain". So, it doesn't work.
  10. I'll have to try that, since it appears that no one knows. It would be a problem if the devs didn't foresee that and I end up with a player on infinite "awaiting paperwork" for instance, though.
  11. I'm managing in France, where there's a rule of no more than 4 foreign players who can be registered. I'm interested in signing one, who needs 2 more days in Spain to qualify for Spanish citizenship. Now, after those 2 days, he will be "awaiting paperwork" phase - if I sign him during that phase, will he still get Spanish citizenship or will the whole process be halted?
  12. Ok. Now we have a formation. A flat 3 midfield. Depending on the opposition's strength, I can play with an AMC or DM. Now, to move on to the roles. Is this too offensive?
  13. Okay... 1) Will try to read up on that 2) That might work, although I'd loathe to lose a DM (Behrami) or AM (Van der Vaart) 3) What would be your suggestion. I haven't played much FM since FM13 so I'm not really sure about that. In FM 13 DLP on support tended to not to make forward runs at all, iirc. A CM (D) and BWM (S) maybe, if I go for 3 CB? I rarely used. 4) Ok. That was my initial thought as well. 5) Short passing, play mostly through the middle, slower buildup, marauding wing backs for the width and high pressing. In earlier FM versions, I favoured tactics with a lot of pressing all over the pitch for all players instead of my defensive triangle, two CB's and a DM. I found that shape very effective defensively as it naturally forces the ball wide, where there is less danger. I'm presuming it is similar in FM15.
  14. League averages on their own don't mean much, but the quality of opposition is a key factor. A striker will find space much easier and make a run to receive a through ball if he's against 8 positioning, acc, pace, concentration etc... defenders, so what you said is not strictly true.
  15. Hey, I'd like to set up a wingerless tactic in FM15 and would appreciate some help. I usually play with wingers in AM strata (4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1), but I want to try something new and something I haven't done in a long while (since FM11, iirc). I'm managing HSV and there's a few really good central (Diaz and Holtby) and defensive (Behrami, Kacar) midfielders, and I'm not really happy with my wingers. Those I have can just as well work as offensive wing backs, their defensive game isn't best, but they have decent stamina and workrate, and you frankly can't have everything, right? So, I'm asking for help with the general shape and player roles. Think of it as a blank slate, as I plan to bring some players to fit the system, so you shouldn't think too much about how to make it work with the starting HSV squad. I'm thinking something like this I'm mostly unsure where to position my wingbacks - should they be in LB/RB strata or in WB strata? Also, my two central midfielders, what would be the best roles for them? You can't go much wrong with DLF and AF forward partnership, so I think that will work, but how to get the best out of the attacking midfielder in this formation - AM (S/A), Treq, Shadow Striker, AP (S/A)? Any and all help and ideas appreciated.
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