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  1. Ok haven’t really played since FM 15/16 but just bought FM 19 and started my usual Liverpool save. So far we’re doing ok, 2nd in the league in dec with 2pts behind City and won my CL group ahead of Bayern (beat them 3-0 away and 2-0 at home). Brought in some young talents and let go of Moreno, Sturridge and Lallana. However having trouble with injury risk updates vs players demanding first team football. Every time I’m told a player has high/v.high injury risk I’ll rest them a game to avoid injuries (still picking up a few though). But now some of them are starting to complain ’cause they’re not starting every game (even rotation players). Anyone else having this issue? How risky is it to play them with high/v.high injury risk? I can’t be having all these conflicts with my players just because I don’t sant to loose them to injuries.
  2. P.s. I have Hector, Meré and Klünter still on holiday on the 17th of july, anyone know what date they will return? D.s.
  3. Ok so I haven’t played any FM at all since FM15 and I thought that this experiment might help me get back into it again. Therefore this will mostly be trail and error but hopefully it will get me to know the game again. I got the 4-2-3-1 DM Wide formation: ST AML - AMC - AMR DM - DM DL - DC - DC - DR GK The biggest weekness/challange is of course the big gap between my DMs and my AMs. I therefor went with a SV role for one of my DMs, making him push up more, and an AP(s) for my AMC hoping he’ll stay back a bit spraying passes. For my other roles I’m not sure yet and will have to see during the first months what seems to work best. For TI I went with Push higer up, Use offside trap, Close down more, Work ball into box and Prevent GK distribution. So for, after 2 friendlies, at least the team seems compact enough and there seems to be no gap in midfield. My keeper has been set to SK(s) but that still seem to leave to much gap between him and my defence so might go for SK(a). I’ll probably go for a counter mentality hoping it will balance the fact that we are playing higher up the pitch. So here it goes! Hopefully I’ll learn by my mistakes..!
  4. If you have all your first team players in a position injured and you're forced to play someone who's below average rating, 'cause he's all you have left, don't think to yourself: 'he's the last person that can get injured'... The FM/Murphy's law will make sure he's injured a few minutes later. Don't even care anymore.
  5. Yeah, and it's getting annoying. Just got 4 injuries in one match. Usually it's about 1-2 inj/game. On another save post-patch I had 9 injuries to first XI in one month. Was not like this before the patch...
  6. Yeah, I have training on average/medium (team cohesion) and still 9 injuries to first team players in a month. That's not normal.
  7. Yeah hopefully. Have you reported it to SI? In the feedback thread for the update people pointing out the injuries has gotten a lot of stick from mods and others that the injuries are normal and so on.
  8. Nice to hear you got your save back! Still looks like a decent start to the season. Only 4 goals conceded in 14 games and 3 pts behind isn't too bad, hopefully you can get the team going now. Cheers!
  9. Wow. I thought I just had bad luck with my 9 injuries to first team players, maybe it's something else than bad luck though.
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