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  1. I’m looking to buy young talent (around 18) and develop them into first team players. If I loan player out to non-English clubs, do they get homegrown status still, because they were at their parent club? Or do I have to loan to a EU club? And English club? Or do they have to stay at my club?
  2. Would a possession based team still be effective for a lower-mid table team?
  3. 1. Is using Gegenpressing best when you are the underdog, the favorite, or either? 2. I know that for gegenpressing to work, you need to have players with good natural fitness, work rate, etc, but overall, do you need a team that is physically and mentally gifted rather than technically? 3. With a team that is good mentally and technically, would gegenpressing work? What is the best playing style with a team that has good mental and technicals but not physicals?
  4. Does a players personality effect a scouts perceived personality? In other words, do 2 players with the exact same stats have the same potential ability shown by the scouts?
  5. Thanks what else does the recommendation # indicate? and how is potential ability calculated?
  6. I have been scouring the globe for potential wonderkids. I have realized that there is quite a difference in the scout recommendation number and the potential ability. For example, found a player that my scout gives a 61 rating to, but has 3 star (golden) potential and 4.5 star (black) potential. This player is also a model citizen who does not cost much. However, my scouts gave a 77 rating to a player with 2 star golden, 5 star black with a temperamental personality. Should I ignore the scout recommendation # and go purely on golden stars?
  7. How do I know that the tactic that you mentioned fits my team (besides green circles)? What attributes am I looking for?
  8. So if I were to play cautious, what attributes am I looking for?
  9. The middle one looks very interesting to me, it seems to fit my players. My mentality do you mean, for example, fluid counter attack? And how do I check if this formation would work with my players?
  10. What should I be looking for? Anywhere I can find counter attacking formations that are balanced?
  11. Is this formation better than the other one? AF-At W-Su IF-Su BWM-Su AP-At DLP-Su WB- At DBP-De CB-De WB-At SK-De When you mean knowing my players do you mean green circle, yellow circle, etc, or do you mean attribute wise? For a size that looks to counter attack, what attributes should I like for in what positions?
  12. Anywhere I can browse a list of tactics?
  13. I’m going to list them because a lot is just depth Dark Green: Good Free Kick Takers Yellow: Decisions GK Reflexes GK Punching Through Balls Creativity Orange: Concentration Composure Natural Fitness Aggression Bravery Balance Leadership Pace Stamina Acceleration Work Rate Teamwork Flair First Touch Positioning Anticipation Kicking Aerial Reach Tackling Pens Off the Ball Long Shots Finishing Dribbling Crossing Red: Lots of goals conceded from crosses
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