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  1. As per the pre game editor, all clubs from the 3rd tier down have a rep of 1. This is not normal in any other country at similar levels.
  2. A lot of clubs in the Czech 3rd division were 1 rep, but clubs of a seemingly similar stature had around 2,000 to me, which was odd. When you mean random, is random skewed based on rep, or is it truly random. (For example, is a higher rep team or a team with better facilities more likely to generate a higher number?)
  3. In the Pre-Game Editor, I found the following: Many teams, namely in the Czech Republic, have with 1 rep Clubs with facilities like youth facilities of -1 What does this mean?
  4. My Questions: What attributes/traits are best for pressing? What other attributes help? How do these attributes help with pressing? What do they do? What is the difference between natural fitness and stamina? Can a player still be effective as an impact sub if there stamina and natural fitness are 1, but they have other great attributes for pressing? What positions on the field are most important for pressing. For example, in a 442, who needs to have the best pressing attributes? 4231? 4141 DM Wide? 532? Etc. Does it matter what formation the opposition is playing as? DO NOT
  5. What are the most important attributes for pressing/geggenpressing? I’ve been going with Teamwork, Work Rate, Determination, and Acceleration recently, but I don’t know if these are the most important. What are the most important and why? How do these attributes help with pressing?
  6. I’m not sure of this, but I’m pretty sure you can go into the responsibilities tab so that only you can make signings
  7. On June 19th, check the Liga 3 table to see which teams were promoted from the Regionliga. If Leipzig II weren’t promoted, then sim again from May 25th. If Leipzig II were promoted, then you can carry on.
  8. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to many of your questions... but I believe that: Promotion is favored to the teams with the highest reputation. Teams with a higher rep are more likely to get promoted than teams with lower rep (What team are you? If you are promoted to the Bundesliga, getting a team into 3. Liga might be hard) If you wanted to reload, save the game on May 25, and holiday to June 19 to get different teams
  9. Composure, Finishing, and Penalty Taking are listed. My Questions: What does the penalty taking attribute do that finishing and composure doesn’t do? Which of the three is most important? Which is least important? What other factors/attributes matter? What about free kick taking? Is this the most important attribute for free kicks, or are there others?
  10. We currently have a game speed slider that dictates the speed between, and during highlights. There should be a slider between Key and Extended, Extended and Comprehensive. Personally, I find Extended as too little, but Comprehensive as to much highlights.
  11. Thanks, I’ll give that a go. Do you agree with the way I’m playing based on my player attributes? Does it make sense? Do you think this is the best style for my team? Also, with the changes you listed, do you mean make those the only instructions, or to change what I listed? For example, how much should I press? Standard, or more urgent? EDIT: I played a couple matches, and I was able to score a couple, but I’m still doing badly
  12. CDde and WBsu and SKde are hidden. This tactic is the one I use, the one I listed before is wrong, I misremembered. Anyways, Iv basically created the tactic to support the poacher, I only want him to get the ball in good positions and look to score goals. As for the instructions, I am using higher tempo and direct in order to get up the pitch as quickly as possible when the opposition are most exposed. Pass into space looks to exploit the open space as much as possible. Early crosses for through balls. Low crosses as my poacher has good acceleration but not jumping reach. Distribute quickly, c
  13. The highest settings on both I want to press so that I can win the ball back when the opposition is in a vulnerable position, and then counter. I’m not really sure; I’ve been experimenting with both. I don’t know if I should sit back so that the opposition come onto me, or if I should push up so that I could win the ball back more often and in a better position.
  14. Hello! This is my team... I’m not going to sign anyone, so this is how it will stay. We are currently in the VNN with a team tipped to be relegated. Based on these players, I decided to create a 4141dm wide, with the intention of going on the counter and playing through balls in order to score goals. I played with Kris Masters as an AF, because of his good acceleration. Sam Miller and Trevor Walkate are wingers on at and s, with the intention of feeding Masters. At CB, I play McCarthy and Hooks because of their jumping reach. For the rest, I have converted wingers to wing bac
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