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  1. WoW mate, this skin is stunning. Absolutely incredible work you put here. It's looking amazing !!!! The profile picture is AWESOME !!! The font is very nice !!! You did a really great job. If I may cand I kindly asking you if you can put in the tactics the player pictures ? currently there are only numbers/shirts without pictures. Thanks!
  2. me also, I've been always a fan of this skin. Very good looking and I had also the enhanced version because is nice. I wonder if you will do a FM20 version Of course after the game will be fully released
  3. hello, could anyone tell me where the RELOAD button/option has been gone, when you are in Preferences screen? I'm doing a lot of graphics modifications and that button it was really helpful, now I cannot see it anymore. Thanks!
  4. actually nope, Spurs beat Bayern and Liverpool beat Man City
  5. Hello guys, Today I've played a little bit FM2019 and I remember that some while ago, I saw Spurs winning UCL and after the last night game I've check my save game and I find out what you can see in the picture attached. Realism level 9999+ I can't believe what I saw
  6. Oh yes mate, no worries. Take your time !!! I'm reading this topic like I'm doing Slalom skiing
  7. Good Evening, @a31632 mate, if you can have a look over the match screens, as after any event which pop-up, for example, Player X received a Yellow card, or a goal has been scored, it will remain for some seconds, and when the REPLAY will come of that goal, the controls of the replay, like share or whatever is that, it will overlap the small player screen with his face etc. Basically is an overlapping of the 2 panels if I can call them like this. I hope that you understand what I'm trying to say.
  8. Hello, Thank you for the skin version with additional scoreboards, however I'm having 1 small question, it's is possible to have also the LOGOS of the teams, next to their names? Now, on each scoreboard that I'm selecting the teams logos are not appearing. It's a feature or a bug
  9. actually no mate, I've removed all the flags packs, also your park from your skin. I've restarted my game, I've cleared the cache. all for nothing Don't know why on the top bar, next to a player picture, instead of Logo of the Team, It's keep put the national flag of that player
  10. Hello mate, I can't believe that I'm playing FM2019 with your skin. Thank you for your work. The skin is beautiful, but I have a small question. In the top bar, where is supposed to have the TEAM LOGO, I'm seeing the FLAG. Only in some conditions is appearing the squad/team logo, in rest of the screens I'm seeing a flag, depends of the nationality of a player or the manager etc. The problem is that even that FLAG is too big and is not being displayed correctly. I've tried to remove a pack with flags but without any success. Thank you in advance!
  11. oh yeah mate, thank for doing this for FM2019. Can't wait to try it. Following our discussion on e-mail at that time you weren't sure if you want to start working on a new version, so Thank You again for doing this
  12. reading all 3 pages, interesting stuff a lot of options but I've already started my 1st this year with Leverkusen then I will probably start another 2 saves or 3 1. FCSB (Bucharest) 2. Salford (I saw a guy who will manage them) 3. Maybe Cagliari or Genoa
  13. Hello, In all of your screenshots, you are using the same logo pack, could you please tell what you have used? The name of the design. For the moment I'm using the Metallic Ones, but it seems that also what you are using is nice thanks!
  14. Hello, Could you please share exactly this file? I really like this layout of the club overview. Thanks!
  15. Hello mate, It seems that the following panel from the skin folder club overview panel.xml is not the same with what you posted initially in the screenshots. I really don't like, how is now. Could you please tell me how edit the panel in order to look like in your pictures on 1st page? thank you in advance!
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