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  1. Actually in FM23 I've switched to a lot of skins, but always I was coming back to TATO ....it's to clean, good, very well arranged, beautiful, minimalist, simple but complex in the same time...oh I can continue if you want Thank you Wozzie for doing this also for FM24. Apart from TATO, I was also playing a lot on WTCS
  2. Any possible solution? I've tried with 85% or 125% still not working. I'm playing in 2560x1440 as well. Thanks!
  3. Amazing skin !!! I'm already using, however I have a quick question. In the picture down below I can't see the current ability (STARS) / future ability (STARS) is there any way to fix this? I can edit something to make them appear? Thank you again for this wonderful skin!
  4. Thank you both of you. Actually I'm using Tato skin, as I like the match panels (during the match) more than on WTCS skin. I've switched to WTCS and yes is the default Club Overview panel, so I have also the stadium pictures instead of Logos. Now I have to figure my self how to put this into Tato skin. Maybe someone can help me out? Just drop the panel xml of Club Overview into Tato skin (but that is a FMF file) so it will not work.
  5. Hmm thank you for sharing. I wonder for this Club Picture Overview what specific settings you have that on the RESULTS/FIXTURES is it showing the STADIUM picture, instead of the LOGO of the team? What I have now is the LOGO. Could you please tell me how to make it like in your picture? Thank you in advance mate!
  6. Hi mate, although I don't know how to answer to your question, so I will leave the OP to answer it, I have a very big question to you. The SQUAD FULL View is amazing. Do you mind share with me your SQUAD view? It's amazing how many details you have capture there. If you have also for the tactics screen a nice VIEW, please share that as well. thank you in advance! BlackS0ull
  7. OH MY GOD !!! How did I miss this skin in FM2022 OMFG is brilliant. The match panels and the HOME layout. Incredible job. I hope that you will make an official release for FM2023 Until that, thank @adriano roberto for converting this.
  8. Like other person mentioned, during the match the screen has been change in a worse screen. Could you please bring the old panel with a lot information?
  9. Yes I've downloaded the latest version and the contract issue has been fixed
  10. Thank you so much mate!!! You are a rockstar!!!
  11. Just to help you out. About those STATUS ICONS I was referring to. Thanks!
  12. Thank you for this! Also I've noticed another BUG, when you are trying to see a status and are more icons (HGN/INJ/WNT) etc. Those are going under the screen if I explained better. Just point with the mouse cursor over an ICON while on Squad Screen for a player. The ones called (HGN/INJ/YEL/WNT) etc. the TEXT is being displayed underneath and is not visible Could you please look over this issue? Thank you in advance!
  13. Hello, I have the same problem mentioned above. I was not able to finalize promises and offer immediately a contract
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