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  1. Cheers, man. I looked everywhere. What a noob.
  2. I think I must be going mad... I thought we could use a real photo for our manager picture in game (like in the club information page where you also see star player etc.) but I can't for the life of me find it...
  3. This. The game seems fundamentally unbalanced this year, so some people stumble upon tactics that don’t seem to have overly ‘game-breaking’ issues and argue that the game is ‘fine’. Others, by choosing perfectly reasonable tactics that unbeknownst to them unbalance the game, encounter what they feel are unplayable issues. As an example, intensive pressing overpowers the AI, without the game adequately modelling fatigue to reduce its effectiveness. Corners to the near post get too many goals. It feels like we’re trying to pretend Monopoly is an accurate representation of managing a property portfolio, and we get excited when it gets a new box every year. The ME doesn’t appear fit for purpose this year.
  4. Just to confirm, you deliberately sabotaged your tactic to create less chance as the game then let’s you score more? #cannotwaittoplay
  5. Come on now... if a 17 finisher is missing loads on one-on-ones, that’s not right. Making some unrelated tactical tweak, like changing mentality or setting throw-ins to mixed, would change how frequently you create good chances, but once you get through on the keeper, it’s about the game’s competence in modelling finishing.
  6. You need the instruction ‘Waits for update’ on all players
  7. I feel the same. I’ve bought the game at or before purchase day for about 20 years, and couldn’t believe people that said they wouldn’t buy it till the final patch. That will be me from now on.
  8. The one-on-ones makes FM feel like an elite sniper game where when you finally come to take the shot, after hours of preparation, there's an 80% chance your guy will put away his usual rifle and use a Minions Fart Gun instead.
  9. Finally started a game. First three proper matches, 11 CCC in total, of which eight were genuine 1-on-1s, all missed... March it is, then.
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