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  1. As a Liverpool fan, it’d be good for City to not be absolutely garbage in EVERY save, so Liverpool walk the league every season and Pep gets sacked at the end of the season.
  2. As a Liverpool fan: - van Dijk needs an upgrade in pace/acceleration and probably a few other stats - Robertson needs to be boosted in physical and mental to make him one of the best full backs in the game - Mane, who has been an absolute beast since Coutinho left - Fabinho - Wijnaldum, who is really good for Liverpool and Netherlands but pretty average on the game - Lallana needs a downgrade as he isn’t getting anywhere near the first team - Keita... who knows?
  3. Pirlo (or Porno as my predictive text changed it to, which is quite apt given the dodgy hair) was undoubtedly a cool customer. But then VvD was completely unfazed having the world's best player run at him several times in the CL semi final, so he's got to be 19 or 20?
  4. ...and someone might want to have a look at Pogba: determination 17 (not sure who wins a determination contest between Andy Robertson and Pogba, but...); leadership 12; teamwork 14
  5. I'd say Van Dijk is probably underrated on the game right now, particularly his pace and acceleration (15 and 14) which are decent, but not amazing on the game, whereas in real life he's been clocked as the quickest player in the Premier League this season and rinsed a few of the speedsters like Adama Traore (19 and 20). And if he doesn't get 20 for composure (currently 16), I don't know how much calmer a human being can actually be I'd say Andy Robertson could do with a boost for stamina (16) and determination (15). Again, they're good scores, but in real life the guy never gives up.
  6. That has to be a bug as they're down on transfers.
  7. Hits low crosses high Lofts drilled crosses to the far post Lofts near post crosses to the far post CB moonwalks for at least two seconds when ball played over the top of defence to allow slow striker to get away from him Does not get straight red after more than half an hour of game Plays nothing like real life equivalent (Moreno) Plays nothing like real life equivalent (entire City squad) Never throws throw ins below shoulder height
  8. Or regen faces that didn't all have dermatitis would be cool.
  9. Transfer values and fees are a bit all over the place for me. As a Liverpool manager, I've sold relatively poor players like Lallana for £60m+, Clyne for £40m, Matip for £40m, old injured Sturridge for £40m. At the same time, I've tried to sell triple CL winning, world player of the year Salah, bang in his prime, and nobody would go above £100m. The fact that you can sell Lovren and buy de Ligt and still make a profit on the deals shows it's a bit random for me. Now you do get some daft transfers on real life (Lukaku), but in FM, you can work the market too much so you end up billions of pounds in profit after a few seasons.
  10. Combined with finding lots of cheap, amazing newgens, I sold nearly £3bn of players in 9 seasons on my save before the update...daft.
  11. £48m for fourth choice centre back and £48m for old, injury-prone, back-up striker. Transfers are silly on this game. They don't seen to be based on age, ability or form 😂
  12. For me, they always seem to pay way over the odds and add in unnecessary release clauses.
  13. He's still there in 19.3, and you could probably still get £50m for him if you offered him out to clubs, but that feels unrealistic. So I offer him out for much less than I could get for him.
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