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  1. Not many of us consider that a worthy use of the game. It’s like buying an F1 game but only driving the team bus.
  2. I may be a cynic, but I took this as saying ‘I’m not very good at the game, don’t really know I’m doing and still overachieved a bit.’ I, for one, don’t want the base game to be harder because lots of people are like you, play it every now and then, and should be allowed to have an enjoyable game. For those nerds like me, that take it very seriously and know all the tools, it’s just too easy. Even if I start with a bad team, and add in rules to make it harder for myself, I still find it too easy. It’s like a game to see who can dig a hole in the ground faster, the AI or me, and every year they give us new tools (spade, digger, excavator) that the AI doesn’t know how to use.
  3. Agreed. Morale plays a huge part in the game. In fairness, it does in real life as well. I think the problem is that you can so easily boost morale by praising a player for a training level of 7.0, which is actually not a great level of effort. Or asking a sad player to recommend a coach they like makes them significantly happier.
  4. I'd be interested to see this. Morale is huge in FM. Win a few games and it just escalates from there.
  5. Going to start a save on Tuesday. Does the game automatically generate a pkm for each match, or do you have to manually do it?
  6. Definitely agree that the holiday saves don’t add a lot. Keeping players happy and fit through rotation is a big part of the advantage over AI for me, and the holiday saves don’t do that.
  7. I'll try to answer this from my perspective, as I've suggested this a number of times over the years: - We all agree the AI is not as good as the human player so the game isn't realistically challenging - We're not getting realistic AI on this game any time soon as AI is difficult, this game isn't built for powerful enough PCs (it's built for the masses) and I don't think the majority of players (outside this forum) want it to be more challenging (they're casual players that want to win) - We then have a choice of doing something about it for the players that want it more challenging, or not - I know I can easily outperform AI Pep, and every AI manager, by 5-10% on morale, fitness, squad building and all the other components (even when adding in things to make the game harder, such as lower reputation), so to correct that known advantage, I'd happily have their stats boosted when they play me. This isn't the ideal way to get to a fair match, but it would at least give a fair match in terms of Pep's City being at the right level - It wouldn't affect AI vs. AI really as underperforming Pep should still beat underperforming Bilic more often than not - Again, this is not perfect but would level the playing field in a really simple way that casual players wouldn't have to choose
  8. The whole point of that was to show how sad it would be if the purpose of this forum was to show off, given that I'm a grown-up. The purpose of this thread is to say the game is too easy for lots of us, and can we do anything about it. It gets hijacked every single year by people making themselves feel better by then accusing of us showing off and/or cheating.
  9. Agreed 😁 I think it was frustration at being called a cheat every year when you say the game is too easy for some of us. Although I'm not sure we can fully progress this debate until people accept different ability levels at the game, and I still think lots of people don't accept that.
  10. Unfortunately, this seems to be the prevailing attitude of many on this forum: I'm not good at something = somebody else can't be good at something = anyone saying they are good must be cheating. As for the pkms, as mentioned above, I don't want to start a save on the paint-by-numbers this is the current game, but will do when the proper game comes out.
  11. You remind me of the thick kids at school that laughed at me because I was in the top class #winningatlife
  12. I think the difficulty with this argument is that going to a seemingly gamey tactic (gegenpressing and three up top) is something that is legitimate for any team to do in the last 20 minutes of a game they're losing or drawing at home, so if nothing else, even a player playing sensibly will be gaming the ME for a significant proportion of the time. In real life, you'd get countered by someone like Utd, but on the game you'd almost certainly get a goal.
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