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  1. dannysheard

    Won every league game. 38-0-0

    It's your tactics 👈
  2. I've been caught doing other stuff in the shower as well 👌
  3. dannysheard

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    in terms of Alisson, he won World Goalkeeper of the year in first and second seasons (he's a beast), so I have him £200k per week. Just sold him for £100m in middle of sixth season.
  4. I saw my dad push a cyclist into a field once.
  5. dannysheard

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    Pretty similar to me in season one. I changed formation in season two to a 32212 to make it more of a challenge and won most things but not CL. I changed to a 4411 for season three and won all domestic, but not CL. Interestingly, I went back to preferred 41221 for season four and won league, EL and CL. Going to a 4231 for season five and the challenge is to win CL with a different formation. I'm £600m+ up on transfers so far, so I can buy the new stadium for cash ☺
  6. dannysheard

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    I've just had the new 77,000 stadium agreed. It's going to be called Kenny Dalglish Arena, which is not a great name.
  7. dannysheard

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    I definitely feel like I'm scoring some better goals now, a few more that are not from crosses.
  8. dannysheard

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    It is, definitely, and far too easy to win with. I switched formation this season to no wingers (32212) to make it a bit harder...and more varied.
  9. dannysheard

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    Yeah, I couldn't get anything out of them as IF. I ended up playing them as wingers on their natural sides and they were much better (at exploiting crosses).
  10. Is it not that the full back would normally stay back, but if one of them takes the corner, a CB stays back instead? I had VvD do that if Trent took the corner.
  11. dannysheard

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    I'm switching formations each season to try and keep it interesting and a bit more challenging. I'm using a 32212 at the moment with Origi and Salah up top. Origi is scoring twice as many as Salah, even though I switch their roles around a bit. I always feel like the finishing is slightly off in FM with an average finisher just as likely to take a chance with their weaker foot ad an amazing finisher is to take the same chance with their stronger foot. Salah misses loads of simple finishes for me, on his left foot with the whole of the goal to aim at.
  12. dannysheard

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    What tactics are you using? I'm winning pretty much everything, but strikers aren't doing that great. And Werner doesn't look that great from my scouting...although he is two-footed.
  13. - Throw-in = throw the ball high in the air to opposition player
  14. I've decided to put something back to the FM community, so I want to do a glossary-type manual for new players to help them understand some of the tactical instructions. Here goes: - Low crosses = high crosses - Whipped crosses = high crosses - Play out from the back = smack it upfield first-time - Shoot less often = take first-time on-the-turn tight-angle weaker-foot shots from 25-yards - Extremely urgent pressing = surround the man in possession but under no circumstances attempt a tackle Please feel free to add some more
  15. When my world class defenders, who are instructed to play out from the back, get the ball under no pressure, I've started shouting at the monitor "don't tw*t it, don't tw*t it, don't twa..."; too late, ball has been tw*tted upfield.