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  1. I think this is the heart of the issue... people have had years of thinking they are amazing, football managers, myself included, and all of a sudden having a difficult mode where they struggle would burst that bubble. They don't want difficult settings, even though they wouldn't have to select the harder mode, because they like the illusion they're nearly perfect at the game. I used to play Fifa a bit, and got to the level next to the top one, and was happy to accept that I wasn't at the very best level. This is because a) I hadn't played it as much as some other people, b) I wasn't as naturally good as some other people and c) I used to absolute lose the plot when I conceded a dodgy goal. That was fine. It didn't make me a bad person that I wasn't at the top level. I just wasn't at that level.
  2. I'd very happily have a more difficult mode, where, for example, all opposition attributes are effectively raised by a number or a % when you play that team. It's not an ideal solution, but it's what they do in lots of games, such as Civilization where the AI get a combat bonus, amongst other things, which increases as the difficulty level increases. Again, it's not perfect but it is a generally accepted way to make games harder for saddos like me that have played them a lot over the years.
  3. So, would you suggest that every game that currently has difficulty levels (which is the vast majority of games), should have those difficulty levels removed, and the player should think of ways themselves to make the game harder? For example, on Fifa, if you're good, only using one hand to use the controller? If you're very good, not using a controller at all? And for elite players, you can turn the computer on, but not the TV? It might work...
  4. A lot of details to be confirmed it seems, but good to see they’ll build it in Liverpool 😂
  5. Hi there I don't have a save from before... the best I have is a snip of the income page for sponsorship. Just uploaded it (I think), named "Liverpool sponsorship income".
  6. In season 7 as Liverpool, my sponsorship revenue fell from over £200m per year to under £100m. In season 8, it is still at the c. £100m level.
  7. Similar here, seven years in and nobody decent.
  8. Same here, although I don’t really think I’d ever want to move in real life, so I’ve decided to stop asking 🙂
  9. I change tactic every season to make it a bit more difficult, but just had a 442 season with Harland and Mbappe up front both as AF A and Haaland got 40 league goals in 29 games. Something like 57 from about 45 games in total. Mbappe got about 40 in total.
  10. Anyone else in a long save and had sponsorship revenue drop from around £200m per year to £100m? Not such a problem as we’re still fine for money, but just a bit annoying.
  11. Not from my experience of playing, or reading about good players who burn from lower league to Champions League in a decade. Some people are just really good at this game, like some people are really good at other games, and it's those people who would want the difficult levels. I wouldn't go onto a forum for another game that I'm not so good at and say they should scrap difficulty levels because it makes me feel bad that I'm not the top level. I also wouldn't go onto their forums to say scrap their official, properly coded and weighed difficulty levels and instead bring in self-imposed rules like not using grenades or only shooting left-handed or refusing to wear armour. If you don't think the game needs difficulty levels then you could just ignore them and stay on the default level.
  12. Yes. But I presume the other teams in West Cheshire Division 1 aren't exactly swimming in resources either?
  13. ...or make the game harder so it is still a realistic challenge to be Liverpool manager? And I’d say that, as a glorified spreadsheet, the game would be perfectly suited to a number of under-the-hood difficulty tweaks that wouldn’t need to be noticeable but would just be enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. I’m amazed that so many people are against the idea. I guess it’s the same reason that most people wouldn’t want to see their wife enter a beauty competition.
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