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    pirlo xavi toni shovkovskyi eto'o berbatov kuyt cambiasso malouda karimi maxi rodriguez juan arango riise d'allessandro nicolas burdisso robbie keane humberto suazo emre belozoglu ashley cole ricardo carvalho juan bresciano diego lugano walter samuel govou dida fabian ernst
  2. Hi folks, Just a quick post as I haven't seen any similar. Every year, I start a warmup game with my beloved Man Utd, to get used to the new layout and features, and then i'll delve into harder saves. Currently dropping down the championship, as manager of Wolves. When I play with said lesser teams, I always delve into the market for legends of the game, in this specific case (so far) I have brought in, Stipe Pletikosa, Lucio, Gudjohnsen, Joe Cole, Helder Postiga and Carlos Marchena. I have expanded my knowledge of who is still playing around USA, India and China etc as this seems to be a goldmine for these types of players such as Anelka, Roberto Carlos, Drogba, Lampard etc. But thought i'd make a post to share any knowledge amongst each other in regards to building a +35 empire! All suggestions are welcome! Cheers
  3. Ok, cheers guys! Wolfsburg have been sending me on the coaching courses when i've requested them! So hopefully will see the improvements soon!
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering how we go about improving our managerial attributes? I gave myself the realistic start of being a former Sunday League footballer with no Coaching Badges. If anyone has any information on this, please share! Thanks
  5. this isnt working for me, bak file? the last one was an xml document, which worked fine.
  6. ill get some screenshots up soon
  7. well i like to try and play tiki-taka football with a team effort to close down when not in possession, but whenever i try to conquer this, it just doesnt seem to work for me, if anyone can help then that would be appreciated, cheers
  8. Here are my regen defenders:
  9. I'm looking to make a new tactic for my sheffield utd team, because this one seems to be going backwards! I'm mostly looking for help with the team instructions, whats worked for you, which do you find gets the best results home and away. I'm looking to make two, one for home games, one for away games. Which styles do you think works best? Very rigid to very fluid? Which strategy gains the best results for you? Passing styles, creative freedom, closing down, tackling, marking, crossing, roaming.. defensive lines, offside play? counter attacks? The team i have currently is in November 2018 and im currently 14th in the premier league after a dodgy spell last season (2017-18), finishing 10th, i believe from playing in the europa league, the season before (2016-17), i finished 6th and won the carling cup.. So im not sure whats gone wrong really. The squad i have is as follows (ill only name players that youll definitely know as i have bought a few regens by now): Goalkeepers: Victor Valdes (35), Jan Mucha (35) Defenders: Van Der Weil (30), Sergue Aurier (25), Scott Wootton (27), Mamadou Sakho (28), Harry Maguire (25) Midfielders: Simao (30), Ramires (31), Sotiris Ninis (28), Jesse Lingard (25), Lorenzo Tassi (23) Strikers: Yaya Sanogo (25), Lukas Podolski (33) I'll post my regens ratings on here when i get the chance, but any help would be appreciated.
  10. cheers, i'll try out the deep lying playmaker instead of the advanced, set him to defend, hopefully it makes a difference
  11. ok, i havent used this analysis before, it seems useful Chelsea loss - most shots missed & saved are from outside of the area: of the 14 shots i had, 10 were from outside of the 18yard box. Gladbach loss - of the 19 shots i had, only 3 were inside the area. Arsenal loss - only 2 shots were taken inside of the area, the rest were again from outside of the 18 yard box. Southampton loss - 33 shots taken, only 10 inside the area Lille loss - 14 shots, only 4 in the area. Man City loss - 15 shots, only 4 in the area. This is outrageous! haha
  12. Losing Results: Chelsea 3-1 Man Utd 22 - Shots - 14 10 - On Target - 9 14 - Fouls - 17 60% - Possession - 40% Gladbach 1-0 Man Utd 6 - Shots - 19 2 - On Target - 5 7 - Fouls - 17 53% - Possession - 47% Arsenal 5-1 Man Utd 20 - Shots - 14 12 - On Target - 6 11 - Fouls - 15 58% - Possession - 42% Southampton 2-0 Man Utd 14 - Shots - 33 7 - On Target - 12 5 - Fouls - 17 50% - 50% Lille 2-1 Man Utd 18 - Shots - 14 8 - On Target - 3 14 - Fouls - 18 55% - 45% Man City 4-0 Man Utd 22 - Shots - 15 14 - On Target - 3 14 - Fouls - 18 55% - 45%
  13. when in front half time i usually keep it attacking, i shout - retain possession, pass to feet, look for overlap when pushing for a win: Overload - get ball forward, pump ball into box, look for overlap, play wider, push higher up, take more risks when trying to keep a win: recently ive just been using Counter (dropping width to normal, defensive line to normal, wasting time to often), but against higher reputation clubs i'd use contain - retain possession, pass to feet, take a breather, play narrower, drop deeper, play even safer
  14. ill take a look at match stats for all of my losses and post them shortly, cheers
  15. Ok, so I always try to make a dominant tactic, trying first with a top team in a high division (Man Utd in this case). My formation is 4-2-3-1. My Formation: GK - Sweeper Keeper - Defend DR - Full Back - Support DL - Full Back - Support DCR - Centreback - Defend DCL - Limited Defender - Defend MCR - Advanced Playmaker - Support MCL - Ball Winning Midfielder - Defend AMR - Winger - Attack AML - Winger - Attack AMC - Attacking Midfielder - Support ST - Deep Lying Forward - Support My Team : GK - De Gea/ Lindegaard DR - Rafael/ Wallace DL - Evra/ Abidal DC - Ferdinand, Vidic, Smalling, Evans, Jones, Zouma MCR - Beckham/ Scholes/ Giggs/ Kagawa/ Carrick/ Anderson MCL - Fletcher/ Jones/ Carrick/ Anderson AMR - Valencia/ Beckham/ Kagawa/ Nani/ Wellington Nem AML - Valencia/ Kagawa/ Nani/ Wellington Nem AMC - Scholes/ Kagawa/ Wellington Nem/ Giggs/ Anderson/ Rooney ST - Van Persie/ Rooney/ Ademilson/ Welbeck/ Hernandez My Team Instructions: Very Fluid & Attacking Football. Passing: More Direct Creative Freedom: Default Closing Down: Default Tackling: Default Marking: Default Crossing: Default Roaming: More Roaming Defensive Line: -----|----- Width: ----------| Tempo: ----------| Time Wasting: |---------- Focus Passing: Mixed Counter Attack: Yes Play Offside: No Player Instructions: Everyone Closes down opposition: Whole Pitch (except CB's, they close down 'Own Half') Tackling: Normal Wingers swap positions with each other. No-one holds up the ball. Limited Defender & Ball winning midfielder both play short passes. Fullbacks cross from 'deep', Wingers cross from 'mixed'. Wingers wide play : Cut Inside I'm new at doing a whole tactic, giving every single player an instruction. It was working well vs opposition that Man Utd SHOULD be beating. But once i played arsenal (lost 5-1), Man City (lost 4-0), Chelsea (lost 3-1) it just fell apart. AND even though i was beating most of the lower opposition, i lost to gladback (worst team in my group) twice in the champions league, also lost to lille & southampton. Season so far: Premier League: 7th (P19 W9 D6 L4) Champions League: 2nd in group (P6 W3 D1 L2) Capital One Cup: Currently In Semi-finals vs Newcastle (Beat Wolves 2-0, Reading 3-1, Birmingham 4-3)