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  1. I'm pretty sure the "rock is dead" articles get rehashed every 7-10 years, all they change is the bands mentioned
  2. Doog

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    chequered flag waved early
  3. Doog

    Han Solo film

    people still enjoy watching empire
  4. I've got mixed feelings about neves missing out on the squad tbh. on the one hand I was looking forward to seeing how he'd perform on this stage, but from a selfish club-first point of view, it most likely means he won't be on the radar of as many clubs trying to lure him away from us
  5. no, you've had a mare because after people questioned your original post about a plane crash not being newsworthy, you just. have. not. stopped. you should stop.
  6. *a* memorable sex, no less
  7. Doog

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    yeah he had really badly flatspotted tyres and the front suspension failed under braking for turn 1
  8. Doog

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    wtf just happened to bottas
  9. Doog

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    vettel misses turn 1
  10. Doog

    Far Cry 5

    take out the alarms
  11. Doog

    Far Cry 5

    this guy did not die well
  12. Doog

    The Masters 2018

    pretty sure spieth has this in the bag
  13. Doog

    Active shooter at Youtube HQ?

    a) how do you know he didn't call the police first? b) what makes you so sure you know what his thought process was?
  14. Doog

    Far Cry 5

    I ended up not having to liberate fall's end, I did enough side missions and raised the resistance level enough that they freed themselves
  15. Doog

    Far Cry 5

    I got off the ATV a couple of times on that mission too, and half the time it would fail the mission for me because I'd been "spotted"