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  1. the barriers have only been placed on sand, they'll move if there's another impact there
  2. I'm not sure about that, there were two cars in front of him going slower and alongside each other, it looked like grosjean was trying to move to the right of them and didn't realise kvyat was there
  3. twitch turbo still exists, they just don't advertise it
  4. "george russell is [...] the first track onto the car" crofty starting as he means to go on
  5. they said on comms that you can use any part of the track as long as you're not dangerously blocking another driver
  6. weren't they saying in comms earlier that albon had some floor damage after his t1 incident with grosjean?
  7. ****ing hell, crofty was actually halfway through saying "hamilton has made it past giovinazzi" before he caught himself and realised that gio had taken the stop-go penalty a lap later
  8. anyone else notice hamilton is now on the hard tyres? seems a bit strange seeing as how he only just stopped for the mediums
  9. I think the idea must've been to give him few enough laps on this set of tyres that he could just push all the way to the end
  10. yeah I remember enjoying reach more than 3 (those were the only two I played at roughly the time they were released) so I'd probably put that before 2 and 3
  11. yeah to be clear I was just talking about the single player campaigns. my order would be 4 > 2 = 3 > 1 > 5 I put 2 and 3 together because narratively they're the same story, the ending of 2 is just a pause point rather than a real conclusion of its own. I think maybe my opinion of CE is a little tainted, as I experienced a huge bug which caused all the audio to stop working towards the end of the game so it sort of ruined my flow through the game
  12. I've just done the same, all the master chief games from the mcc (largely because I didn't realise that reach and odst were paid dlc on xbox, and I cba to pay more) and halo 5. my unpopular opinion is that halo 4 is the best of the series
  13. kimi at nurburgring was because he flatspotted the tyre and it caused a suspension failure
  14. I don't think ellie knew that the surgeon was abby's father, she only appeared to know that joel had ended the fireflies' chances of creating a cure in the process of saving her and in terms of abby, she had already realised that getting her revenge on joel hadn't brought her peace - and then, in finding yara and lev, she had then found something else to live for. even so, you're forgetting that abby was fully ready to kill dina (and then, presumably, also ellie) until lev stopped her. that (or shortly after) is the point at which abby decided to chase hope in the form of the reformed firef
  15. to be fair to the people who still side with ellie, joel didn't kill jerry for revenge, he did it to save ellie. abby on the other hand *did* kill joel for revenge, which is why ellie went after them. I don't even think ellie intended to kill owen, she just shot after he lunged at her
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