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  1. I've got mixed feelings about neves missing out on the squad tbh. on the one hand I was looking forward to seeing how he'd perform on this stage, but from a selfish club-first point of view, it most likely means he won't be on the radar of as many clubs trying to lure him away from us
  2. oh come on, nobody will think you're being accused
  3. I prefer mine. although maybe they could've gone with "has anyone had a ham-man fiddling with their man-ham"
  4. a mod needs to change the thread title to "I went to morocco and all I got was molested"
  5. bye then, don't forget your coat
  6. Doog

    League 1 Thread - 2012/13

    don't forget to name it "the league 1 thread, featuring 23 football teams and one travelling circus"
  7. Doog

    League 1 Thread - 2012/13

    how on earth do the football league keep ratifying sales of football clubs in admin when it appears that they're being bought by essentially the same company that drove them into admin in the first place?
  8. Doog


    I love the possibility of group c's matches ending england 2-2 slovenia and usa 0-0 algeria. drawing of lots ftw
  9. Doog

    The Official USA Thread

    I think if england draw 2-2 with slovenia and you draw 0-0 with algeria then it comes down to a drawing of lots?
  10. Doog

    *OTF World Cup Sweepstake*

    serbia, not too disappointed. won't get a prize but I'll have another reason to follow nenad milijas' performances
  11. Doog

    *OTF World Cup Sweepstake*

    1) Chopra 2) Hom3r = B 3) joetheman - B 4) why? - B 5) DanielM_90 - B (but I'd prefer the £11 to go to the worst team or lowest scorers or something) 6) GavinLP1987 7) Dearster - B 8) cms186 - A 9) mkr2010 B 10) Nooney - B 11) Eric Cartman - B 12) Ham - B 13) damien - B (but I'd prefer the £11 to go to the worst team or lowest scorers or something) 14) DanGLiverpool - B 15) bomma123 - B (Please for the love of god leave the numbers of my username. Hate them with a passion.) 16) mwalker99 - B (but I'd prefer the £11 to go to the worst team or lowest scorers or something) 17) PabloDiscoBar - A 18) low_flying_seagull - B 19) JayMusa 20)Ginger - B 21)Rhino - B 22)Superjoe - B 23) Doog - B 24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) 31) 32)
  12. Doog

    Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    gregg and mookie - I'm sure he'd take it as a compliment somehow, but I reckon serps would probably prefer 1966 over 1996
  13. Doog

    Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    haha he'd love that, someone get it done
  14. Doog

    Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    really have no clue what to say, but that pretty much expresses the kind of thing I'm thinking at the moment. the distinction between the friends you have in your everyday life and the people you interact with online seems to become very blurry when you hear news like this rip