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  1. here's my effort in the Williams round Suzuka car felt OK but slow, maybe a bit understeer but not enough to warrant adding extra wing or anything - setup was the same as I use for the Mercedes which suggests I could maybe bump the wing down in that...
  2. not sure a pit lane related overtake warrants a breezing, and you were always too far ahead to dish out an actual breezing
  3. maybe that's what happened at the end of the lap - Beckford got sick of the Haas and wanted to join you in the Renault?
  4. oh and for those of you who aren't in the Discord or cba going over there, i set up a Serious Racing Predictions League on the F1 site if you want to join, link is below: https://fantasy.formula1.com/league/62242
  5. 208 points available i think, so literally anyone could still mathematically win the title.
  6. Branson is going to cut your internet off personally now, unlucky
  7. also just cos they got mentioned post race and might help with stewardy type things, here's a couple of clips - lap 1 stuff with Port: https://clips.twitch.tv/TrustworthyGeniusSwordMoreCowbell-QFG5lIFiOJrnxbG3 the contact after he makes contact with Maxey i think is nothing, probably should have taken a tighter line to avoid his car. the second bit on the way up the hill, no contact but no idea where Port is going, not sure that's something you can get penalised for and then there was the Port overtake later on, which was shortly followed by him DNF'ing: https://clips.twit
  8. F1 2020 - OTF PS4 League - Season 3 Round 14 - Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka International Racing Course, Suzuka Wednesday 24th February 2021 Practice: 8.45pm Qualifying and Race: 9.45pm In: 1. nick 2. Sunny 3. Race Winner Monty 4. Wiggins 5. MavReck 6. Chuggzi 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Reserves: 1. 2. Maybe: 1. 2. Out: 1. Hom 2. Jehrome?
  9. RACE RESULTS Monty gets his first win from pole, with Blarg and IMM joining him on the podium. Hom got DotD, Mav got DPotD and Ry got fastest lap but no bonus point because he was 17th. DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP not much change at the top - IMM is now 9 points ahead of Semi but the gap behind to Owl and Hom is increasing. Hamilton, Mav and Myles are locked together on 58 points in 9th-11th, with Monty just behind after his win. JIM CLARK TROPHY FOR DRIVERS IN TERRIBLE CARS CTRL+F whatever i wrote last time about Jambo winning and how he's going to win thi
  10. for this week's #MyTeamMonday we're at Monza - how hard can driving in a straight line then braking occasionally be???? https://twitch.tv/alfredbulbasaur
  11. stream for tonight's excitement is now up https://twitch.tv/alfredbulbasaur
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