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  1. has anyone got this efl cup working they can put up for download
  2. has anyone made and the new efl cup with the academy teams in there for download
  3. there is one mate in download section https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/14903/scottish-pyramid-system very good one i use this one
  4. pikawa can we get a option too have the sidebar change same colour as club your managing
  5. i would like a 1366x768px version
  6. how can i make attribute text bigger? plus could i add the colour boxes on the attributes like flut skin
  7. tried this didnt work Player Attributes Panel from the FMC skin in skins.fmf, and take the attributes folder from "graphics\boxes\custom\attributes"
  8. thoses
  9. like your new skin 5.1 one was wondering if you could make version for 1366x768 for laptop
  10. could you add the boxes on the player stats like the flut skin
  11. how can i change background logo make it bigger?
  12. i dont mean wee stadium pics i mean background stadiums for each team
  13. nice skin i would like to see sidebar change color to the team your managing....how can i get my stadium pics to show using this skin i see on some screens? would also like to see button where you can change transparent make background darker
  14. i had that as well i just typed in name of the cup i wanted too download in the search couldnt find guys name