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  1. All playable leagues updated to 2022-23 formats including correct teams and new league formats can i get this now wanna start new game
  2. can someone send me file too this please
  3. Add the following nationalities to these players- Cuba to Adrian Navarrete-Hultberg (AIK) [source]- Chile to Marco Olsson Valdes (Brommapojkarna) [source]- Costa Rica to Nathan Hernández Ohrn (Örebro) [source]- Peru to Daniel Bergman (Helsingborg) [source]- Morocco & Syria to Elas Barsoum (Örebro) [source]- Lebanon to Josef Keyrouz (Örebro) [source]- Russia to Aziz Harabi (Hammarby) [source]- Iraq to Baker Amer (Helsingborg) [source]- Iraq to Mahdi Kadum (Helsingborg) [source]- Syria to Alexander Mourad (Norrköping) [source]- Palestine & Iraq to Ahmed Qasem (Elfsborg) [source]- Iraq to Arian Sawsani (Elfsborg) [source]- Iraq & Argelia to Alai Hussain Ghasem (Göteborg) [source]- Iraq to Montader Madjed (Varbergs) [source]- Iraq to David Mourad (Jönköpings Södra) [source]- Morocco to Isak Arvidsson Najhi (Linköpings) [source]- Iraq to Mustafa Ali Ismael (Brage) [source]- Lebanon to Leonardo Farah Shanin (Qviding) [source]- Yemen to Khalid Abdo (Free Agent) [source]- Chile to Kevin Sellman Villalobos (Stocksund) [source]- Chile to Paul Nyman (Västra) [source] - Chile to Tiger Cornell (Linköpings) [source]- Chile to Fabian Vitrera (AFC United) [source]
  4. Add the following nationalities to these players - Lebano to David Ismail (Nürnberg) [source] - Palestine & Slovakia to Amin Haj Yahya [source] - Sri. Lanka to Claudio Kammerknecht (Freiburg II) [source] - Morocco to Soufiane El-Faouzi (Paderborn) [source] - Portugal to Leandro Becker Rasteiro (Osnabrück) [source] - Turkey to Abu-Bekir El-Zein (Dortmund II) [source] - Palestine to Alaa Bakir (Dortmund II) [source] - Morocco, Brazil & Turkey to Cebrails Makreckis (Viktoria Berlin) [source] - United States to Ian Smith (Saarbrücken) [source] - Sweden to Linus Östlund (Saarbrücken) [source] - Italy to Alessandro Lazzano (Saarbrücken) [source] - Albania to Arvin Moulai (Osnabrück) [source] - Iraq to Youssef Amyn (Fortuna Köln) [source] - Perú to Yannick Filipovic (Bonner SC) [source] - Palestine to Imad Aweimer (Kray) [source] - Palestine to Tariq Suleiman (Fortuna Köln) [source] - Lebano to Leon Neaime (Stuttgarter Kickers) [source] - Palestine to Yousef Emghames (Berliner AK) [source] - Palestine to Omar Hajjaj (Berliner AK) [source] - Palestine to Mohammad Zaher (Geislingen) [source]
  5. Korlone...can u upload skin again with value of the player says £0
  6. could u upload skin mate with fix in it
  7. anyone got fix for that value of the player says £0
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