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  1. are you still updating bigpole? alot clubs releasing players
  2. nice work helmut...did u emove all duplicated players
  3. your updates are great buddy specially when there out every couple days yours and pr0's updates are great just imagine both of yous join teams together be even better update
  4. Nottingham Forest Brennan Johnson (15 Year Old) Nat: ENG/JAM Pos: Centre Mid been linked with everton
  5. do both the files work fine installed together?
  6. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/giuseppe-iglio/profil/spieler/421772 Giuseppe Iglio
  7. nice one when will you release new file
  8. https://www.sendspace.com/file/yyws6y use that one if your gonna add players i added few more
  9. it was your FUSION DB - Wonderkids 0.012 file that didnt have any fails i just added sum players too it if you have the 0.0.13 file could you send me see if there is any fails on that
  10. did u do china league noticed there is few transfers been made there even few more lower leagues in spain
  11. i have added to your file van helmut https://www.sendspace.com/file/zo9t14 i havent check for duplicated players
  12. johneles....yes its 17.3 compatible
  13. could you do sum chinese league transfers and usa
  14. van can you send file send 0.13 file on that was broken to see if its on since new update came out
  15. ollie does your file stil work with the new update 17.3 or have you got to make some changes thanks