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  1. can you add the boxes around the attributes
  2. Lucas Gomes maybe joining man utd http://football-wonderkids.co.uk/player/lucas-gomes/ https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/transfers/man-united-to-sign-malmo-lucas-gomes/
  3. [Belgium] (Official) Data Issues

    Osman Bukari has joined anderlecht (he needs created https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/osman-bukari/profil/spieler/548650
  4. in your file mate this club San Sebastián de los Reyes doesnt have a short name
  5. yes all updates gotta start a new game
  6. if i use your usa 2017 file just want the competitions will they work in fm18
  7. i spent all day removing duplicated players fusion from your file hope you dont mind me uploading it here you can use it if your gonna update it some more if anyone finds a duplicated player just put them up here FUSION DB - Wonderkids 0.030_0BF78212-2D12-40EE-BD6E-CD5C20893657.fmf
  8. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    there is 2 Palma Francesco in juventus team
  9. International Champions Cup 17-18

    yeah random be much better different teams every year
  10. here is your file i add sum players too it use this and delete the players FUSION DB - Wonderkids 0.030_0BF78212-2D12-40EE-BD6E-CD5C20893657.rar
  11. are you doing this for FM18
  12. International Champions Cup you doing it for fm2018 or will this file be ok use
  13. Rodgers Kalyango (ID 53146411) and Rodgers Kalyango (ID 89056504) are duplicated