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  1. Getting exact same problem, tried the exact same things and only resetting preferences works (and only until you close down the game). Running at 1440x900 and tried in both full screen and windowed mode. No joy and it's a pain in the arris!!! (Especially as a skinner)
  2. Theres no way of changing the colour of the text in the sidebar, its one of those things si left uneditable if i remember rightly (in their wisdom). Easiest thing to do would be to open the image in photoshop and make it like 50% transparent so the text stands out more.
  3. That would be me. I'm still undecided about porting it for fm16 as yet
  4. Recoloring has been a total nightmare for me this year tom. I dunno what si have done but skinning this year seems very hit/miss
  5. Hahaha, funny you did this OzO, was in the process of porting Elegance Rebooted from FM15
  6. Might have some time to fix the last few issues before the release of FM16. Kinda lost all motivation to play FM15 atm.
  7. Finally got my net connection back after 7 months without. Development will continue
  8. The logos are from a pack a couple of seasons ago called Origin if I remember. Lots of controversy I see, the reason I haven't posted recently is due to having no internet at my home since December, not because of the posting of another modification of Elegance. Definately bad form though.
  9. Yeah, the screenshots are slightly misleading, I moved the club and player details panel to the right since i took the screenshots. Its meant to be that way. Its a first release so theres a few things still not included, final release will see options for the sidebar included so you choose between auto hide or static, full or mini, like ivan did with YACS. This will then cater for people with small resolutions as the static one is scrollable. I can add preferred moves in if anyone else wants it included. I will see about fixing the competition history trophies as well. I've changed the name of the skin in the config file but for some reason its not changing in game, haven't figured out why yet. I've left the ma5ch in between highlights panel as de%ault as its something people can individually add easily enough,
  10. Please bear in mind that this is a first release which may still contain the odd bug (although nothing soul destroying or game breaking). If you do find any issues with the skin, please report it with screenshots in this thread.
  11. INTRODUCING ELEGANCE REBOOTED - THE ALL-IN-ONE SKIN FOR FM2015 Based on the original skin, Elegance 15, by OzO @ FMEurope, this heavily modified skin introduces features such as an autohide sidebar, the ability to use the sidebar even during Match screens, backgrounds that recolour based on team/competition colours, fixes to the original skins bugs as well as new player and club overview screens and much more. Try it now, you wont regret it!!! SCREENSHOTS: INSTALLATION: Extract the Elegance Rebooted folder to: C:/Users/<yourusername>/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/skins If this folder does not exist, create it. CHANGELOG: 20/03/15 - Initial Release - v1.3 CREDITS: ivan for the original player and club overview panels. OzO for the base skin, Elegance, that I worked from. JRRGunner for BETA testing the skin for me. PLEASE NOTE: DOWNLOAD
  12. Aurum is about as close to BBC as you'll get.
  13. Not too bad, still have a few minor issues with news items resizing and cutting information off. It's going OK though, updated the main menu screen and got most issues fixed, theres just two small problems I'm still working through.
  14. Im assuming you're going to be removing the back/next buttons from the sidebar then?
  15. Hoping to get the last touches and bugfixes done this weekend for a Monday release. Don't hold me to it though
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