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  1. Interested to hear what people do with the right back position. Personally, i am a bit of a player developer, and i see a lot of potential in Lee O'Connor and Ethan Laird, both of which are right sided players, then you obviously have Dalot. do people retrain one of the them to a new position. Was tempted to retrain O'Connor to a CB, but his height concerns me.
  2. i am playing a 4-1-4-1. this is how i set up. no real problems with goal scoring, but shots on target to goals is a little skewed, but it happens. The only difference i have to your set up is, i have an inside forward on the left, and my middle pairing is a box to box an advanced play maker, my wing back in behind my inside forward is devastating with creating scoring opportunities. i play a controlled possession system, no player instructions, the only chance i have made to the the factory instructions, is that i removed high line as i watched and saw attackers were getting in behind my central pairing, drop the line, problem fixed.
  3. Might be a noob question, but tutoring, where has that option gone?
  4. It is good to see other people playing in the league. Although it is my home league (Victory fan) it no doubt presents a challenge in terms of salary cap and player change overs. i am yet to start a save with Victory, but hopefully will finish editing the league tomorrow with up to date squads etc, staff etc. i must say, this is probably the best the league has been in it's natural state. how do you get on with Central Coast mate?
  5. Anyone here playing in the Hyundai A-League?
  6. they are flying in my save. top of the league, four points clear. City are struggling however.
  7. I give you credit for been able to play that many seasons in the A- League in it's standard format. by that i mean, there is that many errors on the database with every team that it takes away the full enjoyment of the game. maybe i am a stickler for detail, but i would rather a realistic up to date game, rather than one that is running on data, in some cases as far back as the 2013/2014 season, from players and staff no longer at clubs, to membership details and the like. prot651 pretty much sums it up, "You wont get much response here as its mainly engish leagues they are interested" i would rather no A-League rather than one half done. maybe they need to get a researcher for each club, rather than an overall researcher which i think is the case.
  8. i have the same issue, by pure luck, how i fixed it, albeit annoying, i start task manager, then click back on the fm16, and it loads fine, really weird, ever since i updated my windows 10, causing me headaches.
  9. Currently working on a custom update, wondering if anyone could point me in direction of a good site that contains transfers and also staff movements, currently have transfer market, but open to other ideas, any help would be appreciated.
  10. Currently working on an updated database for the A-League, Staff, Player positions, contracts, stadium name changes, added media, journalists etc, currently at 435 changes, with plenty more work to be done. if anyone has anything they would like to add, feel free to suggest and i shall look into it.
  11. from my experiences, don't transfer list them, when you offer to clubs, untick the transfer list box, see if you can generate interest that way, you won't get overs, but you may get more than if you were to transfer list them
  12. Bernhard Peters as HOYD, or anyone with a good personality type, no point having balanced or negative personality type as it will influence your influx of youth. Peters has a model professional personality type, fits in well. Personality type is the main reason i bring back Scholes and G Neville, they lighten the load on my training, while having good personality types and can develop.
  13. yeah me too mate, love Victory, member, go every game at home, and even travel sometimes. always good fun to play in league.
  14. Good write up mate, Victory are good fun to play with. Personally i went Galloway as a FB/Support - Ansell/Delpierre both as standard CD, Georgievski as a WB/Attack as my back four. midfield trio of Milligan on the left as RPM, Gui in the center as A CM/Attack then Valeri is my shield, and surprisingly, or maybe not so does well even in the central midfield position as a standard CM-def, I find Finkler gets forward enough without adding any PI'S. up front i have Kosta on the left as a winger/support, on the right i have Fahid Ben Khalfallah as an inside forward attack, i also get both sides to swap occasionally. Much like you i play Berisha as a deep lying forward/attack. i have had some good results with this formation. Pain is a machine when played as a winger, so much so that i find it hard to keep him out of the side sometimes.
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