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  1. Interested to hear what people do with the right back position. Personally, i am a bit of a player developer, and i see a lot of potential in Lee O'Connor and Ethan Laird, both of which are right sided players, then you obviously have Dalot. do people retrain one of the them to a new position. Was tempted to retrain O'Connor to a CB, but his height concerns me.
  2. i am playing a 4-1-4-1. this is how i set up. no real problems with goal scoring, but shots on target to goals is a little skewed, but it happens. The only difference i have to your set up is, i have an inside forward on the left, and my middle pairing is a box to box an advanced play maker, my wing back in behind my inside forward is devastating with creating scoring opportunities. i play a controlled possession system, no player instructions, the only chance i have made to the the factory instructions, is that i removed high line as i watched and saw attackers were getting in behind my cent
  3. Might be a noob question, but tutoring, where has that option gone?
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