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  1. Came back for the new ME, lasted one season before deciding it's still absolutely terrible and not worth playing. The rest of the game is the best it's ever been, but there are no redeeming qualities with this ME, i'm afraid. SI have lost my loyalty now, i won't be buying FM21 unless it proves to be well received by the majority.
  2. How can 1v1's still be such a big issue, it makes the game not worth playing due to the break in immersion and frustration it provides. Started a new network save with my brother and our only takeaway is "at least when i get a 1v1 i know not to bother getting excited because there's no chance it will go in". When a player is 1v1 in real life and misses it's a big deal. Fan shout and swear, commentators go mental and keep going back to it, post-match analysis will hang on it for half the run time, social media will turn into a bloodbath of memes and hate.....it should be something that gets a reaction because of how much the odds are normally stacked in the forwards favour in these scenarios. In FM20 it's just expected that they won't be scored.
  3. Been reading the last few pages to see if the match engine has been fixed since i stopped playing after just a couple days after the "beta" was released. Sadly, it seems to be just as awful as it was when i last played, major disappointment.
  4. It is really sad that the ME is so bad, especially considering this is easily the best FM yet in every other aspect. There are some issues with transfer values, board expectations or a little bit of a performance inconsistency. But by in large, this is a brilliant installment (ME aside) and once the small bugs in the general game are ironed out everything will be amazing. Hopefully the ME catches up. Would be a shame if not.
  5. I've tried to play in opposite ways to see if it makes a difference, and it doesn't really, at least not to the degree that it should. I've played short and slow, short and fast, long and fast, on the counter, tiki-taka, gegenpress, 3/4/5 at the back formations, 1/2/3 strikers, lots of dribbling, no dribbling, passing into space.....the same pattern shows up time and time again. I don't think this is an issue of tactics. Yes tactics can make it happen more of less frequently, but the way the ME is designed forced this kind of play because play will inevitably get backed up on the wings when the wingers/fullbacks refuse to cross the ball, and end up cutting it back. Byt his point the defense are already back in position, so there's not a lot of options for much else.
  6. I think it was worse in FM19, so i think they've tried to fix it. It does still happen, but i think it's been improved since last year from what i've played thus far. To me, i think an issue is that players will be more inclined to head it under no pressure, rather than use their chest or take a step back to control it properly.
  7. I, and many others, have already done this in this thread, in other threads, via PKM's, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit....bloody everywhere because the issues are so blatant. - Ping pong cross-field balls are absurd - Players refuse to cross - 1v1's are pointless - Long shots are taken too often and from stupid locations, as well as from absurd techniques like on the turn first time, weak foot first time....etc. - Most goals are long shots - The main way to score a 1v1 is to hit it long straight down the middle as the centerbacks always push up a few steps higher than the fullbacks, playing the striker onside. Even then, the striker routinely chooses to not advance into the box, and shoots from the edge or outside of the box. - Passing is very one-dimensional with it always going out to the winger who doesn't cross, and instead plays it to the edge of the area, it's then passed further along the edge and back and forward until a long shot is taken - Players dwell on the ball so goddamn long - Through balls into the box are under-tuned - Fullbacks punt the ball up-field no matter what your passing style and tempo are This had the potential to be a great ME if these issues are worked out, but i have no faith judging by how the demo has such awful flaws that are painfully obvious to see for anybody who has functioning eyes. To release it in this state so close to release is not a good sign that this will be fixed, at least not before the new year. It is a pathetic state, and SI should be embarrassed. It really is a shame because there's a lot of clear improvements from last year, but the things i listed above ruin all that in its current state. I doubt many here will remember, but when FML was a thing there was a period where long shots were as OP as they are in FM20 (probably more so in FML actually) and people played 460 and just smashed long shots in constantly. That's what this feels like, only we don't have the benefit of more regular updates like FML did, so the game may be stuck like this for some time.
  8. I'm really beginning to get tired of this ME now. There's just too many issues to make it anything other than frustrating, pretty appalling that they managed to put it out in this state two weeks from launch. The flaws are just so obvious, and so large.
  9. Did the same on my save, except he's top of average ratings at the moment in the league.
  10. Man United are flying in my save too, so many of their players are hugely overrated. Whoever does their data is doing a poor job, and whoever is meant to be providing oversight on that data is doing an even poorer job. I'm finding a lot of the data this year to be really strange, to be honest.
  11. I mean, call a spade a spade and we wouldn't be having this discussion? It isn't disrespectful to point out a fact. Halfway through my first season now and i'm really finding the youth development center to be a really nice addition. When i have a couple years of graduates and regens coming through , this is going to be a really good part of the game. I'd say the general experience is brilliant this year, i think it's definitely the best FM to date with regards the general systems and gameplay. Sadly, the ME is pretty bad, but hopefully that can be worked on since they would have an incredible installment on their hands if this gets improved.
  12. It is not a beta. Anyone who's ever worked in the software industry or has any common sense knows you can't have a beta two weeks before launch. Games publishers have been peddling this rubbish for so long that people actually believe it now. I also forgot about 1v1's, may as well hardcode them to never happen because it's impossible to score them.
  13. This match engine is really quite poor, it's a massive regression from last years even. Last years had its issues, but i don't feel like i have any control over things in this demo thus far. Players shoot from range constantly, fullbacks are useless, nobody ever crosses the ball, crossfield passes zip around at lightening speed all game, the only way strikers get touches are from long punts down the middle....just not very fun. I will post pkm's, but these are issues that are glaring from the first match, these issues shouldn't need bug reports from users to replicate, and they should not be present in a demo so close to release.
  14. This screenshot shows what is constantly happening when it comes to players in crossing positions. There are two strikers over for a tap-in, but Chilwell shoots from this position instead of making the obvious pass. If this was a rare event then you can chalk it up to a rush of blood, but i haven't seen a single one of these scenarios that played out any differently. It doesn't matter how tight the angle, the ball will never be flashed across the 6yard box or passed square to the strikers. Very frustrating.
  15. Some match feedback from my save thus far: - The biggest one for me are that players seem so scared to cross the ball early. They hang onto it forever before invariably squaring it back towards to edge of the box. I think this is a large contributing factor for why people (and myself) are seeing such a huge number of long shots thus far. If the ball isn't crossed quickly enough it gives the opposition time to get behind the ball, so the only option available is to pass backwards, square it across and hope that the player hitting it from 22-25 yards hits a blinder. As far as i've been able to see, this doesn't seem to really change much when i tweak tempo/crossing/roles/passing style, players just have stage-fright when it comes to crossing. - Long shots were mentioned above, but another issue is that players on my save have been hitting long shots from crazy positions constantly. Hitting them from 35 yards from a tight angle, ignoring open players in the box to punt it, taking first time weak foot efforts...etc. - Players are reluctant to chest the ball, or simply move backwards a bit to control with their feet. They often head it into open space or straight to an attacker because of this. I find it's more pronounced when a long ball is played to the opposition fullback, who often just nods it down to the attacker while he had a good 10 yards of space either side of him to take it down. - Players running through on goal seem to take the shot sooner than they need to, often shooting from outside the box instead of taking it into the box if there's the slightest pressure from a defender behind them. - Defenders seem to keep the ball for longer than they should, and end up getting tackled by strikers too often. Although this could be a symptom of playing out from the back, i think the time they take on the ball while facing their own goal is a bit too long, and happens too often. - Fullbacks are too keen to automatically smash it up-field when they regain possession. - The number of total shots seems overtuned, with my last game having 50 between us, but this is a relatively small sample size so it might just be an anomaly. - Crossfield balls are pinpoint. So pinpoint that they always hit their man at pace. - Wingers rarely seem to take the ball on the run, for example from cross-field passes. They're so accurate that the winger should be able to rush onto it and into space, but they always seem to delay and allow the defender time to get back and cover. Some positives: Some of the passing in midfield is really nice, AMC seems like it may be improved from last year, i think i've seen an uptick in the number of players rounding the goalie which is nice to see, and lone strikers seem to press better. One weird thing i keep seeing that isn't a match engine thing is that everyone seems to think Leicester are a tiny club and will get relegated. Players reject me constantly and i'm, always answering relegation questions or seeing "tweets" to that effect, it's a bit odd.
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