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  1. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    So i've been away from home the last few days and have managed nearly four full seasons with my team. Naturally i haven't managed an update yet since i've been moving around a lot with travel, but i'll do it soon. I'm finding it extremely unrewarding at times though when what i presume to be a contract/player happiness bug is ruining my chances of actually building anything serious here.
  2. The only really annoying thing i've seen so far is the completely ridiculous and infuriating issue where players feel that "the club doesn't match my ambition" or "the players at club are not good enough to match my ambition for the future", so they run their contract down then leave, only to sign for team sin the same division, or worse, the division below. One of my star players just moved from my team who finished 14th out of 18 teams in the German second division after being a shoe-in to get relegated, to the team who actually did get relegated from my division. His reason? Apparently they have a better squad to match his ambitions. To make it worse, the whole season his happiness remarks always said that he "wants to commit his future to the club", yet he would block every contract renewal attempt for the aforementioned reasons. This is happening to several of my players now, and it's really starting to kill the fun. Another smaller issue would be seeing my news items to find that i'd apparently had a bust-up with a player who now wants to leave, or is unhappy all of a sudden. I would really not like to be constantly hearing of this from the news items before i have a chance to do anything about it.
  3. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Will be joining this as manager of Havelse in the German Third Division. Not had much of a chance to look at my squad yet, but i only have two youths, both of which seem to be very poor.
  4. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    My Corby save is going pretty damn well so far. Blew all my budget on a striker from the trialist pre-season games who's turned out to be a goal machine, propelling me to the top4 of the table for most of the season, alongside a young AMC i signed on loan from League2. Currently sitting 2nd place with one game to go, with the chance to win the league if i win by a few goals, but i doubt i'll manage it in the end. Been really lucky with injuries being completely non-existent while a few other teams were totally decimated by them, and had seven easy games where i was playing against ten or fewer men for large spells, so i think i've rode my luck a fair bit this season. Sadly, my form has slipped a lot in the back end of the season so i'm not confident of gaining promotion if i only finish in the play-off spots. Will post a more comprehensive review when i get home and ave time to finish the season.
  5. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    New manager of Corby http://imgur.com/a/Zj5A7
  6. Leverkusen

    Me and my brother are doing our usual network game to kick off the beta period, and we've both found that we have a couple of players with this seemingly random "unavailable" icon barring them from being selected in pre-season. It's very poorly implemented as there is no information as to why it's like this.
  7. I miss it massively, it's still the best game i've ever played and no offline version of FM can ever hope to come close to how amazingly addictive and competitive that game was. FML actually killed my love of regular FM, but after two years without buying it i've decided to purchase it again to play the beta version and see what's changed in that time, hoping that i can regain some of the enjoyment i used to get from the franchise pre-FML.
  8. Fm how do you watch yours

    3D, extended, TV view. 3D is so much better than 2D, you can actually see your players movements rather than blobs spinning around.
  9. The amount of corners that directly hit the bar is just incredible, especially seeing as it's stupidly rare in reality. Woodwork in general is hit so often its mental.
  10. Any chance we could get a fix for the transfer search page? Currently if you scroll down, then click on a player, then go back a page it takes you to the top of the list again rather than going back to where you left it previously. Small thing, but really irritating!
  11. Finished two seasons now! It helps when you have a brutal stomach bug, so haven't left the house in three days
  12. Is anyone else having severe problems with fitness in their second season? The first season i would rotate my squad like usual and i had no problems. I'm now eight league games into my second season (16 in total) and i can't play one match without having to rest 4 or 5 players because their condition is 80-90% going into the next match. Focusing training on fitness hasn't helped in the slightest, neither does giving players a day or two off training. I'm rotating more than i ever have before and still it isn't making any difference, it's becoming really hard to field a team now. I literally cannot field the same player twice in a row unless i want them to play at 90% of less.
  13. What are you talking about? The sliders were the problem with "supertactics". People playing around with them until they finally stumbled across something that exploited a flaw in the ME. The way it is now is how tactics are done in real life, and that's only ever a positive thing. If the new system allows newcomers to the game to easily get across they're instructions then that's great, the sliders weren't only unrealistic but they were a roadblock for newcomers. And that hardcore gamer remark was laughable.
  14. Hmm, just tried to sign a player on a free transfer, but he's 29 and wanted a three year contract, so i tried to negotiate downwards. The problem is that after putting it to a two year contract my board then refused to let me insert a relegation or team of the year bonus into his contract. Is this intentional or not? Because this doesn't make any sense to me.
  15. Sometimes, yeah. Tends to happen more when you play a direct style.