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  1. This question is absolutely absurd and needs to be removed entirely, perhaps aside from extremely talented kids who the media would be all over. Getting asked about my 27 year old wingers 6th goal for Croatia is beyond tiresome.
  2. Absolutely zero chance i can remember the version numbers, but because the Football Manager Live (FML) engine was tweaked far more regularly than the base game the engines there would skew wildly between unplayably bad and absolutely incredible. At that point feedback was listened to and you could present stats to the devs and they would actually hold lengthy discourse with you, which doesn't happen now. They also had the beta worlds which were very good for this sort of thing.
  3. I wish threads like this would have any effect on SI, but the sad fact is that this has been an issue since the CM days. It will never be improved because there is absolutely zero reason for SI to ever improve AI transfers and squad building. The people who raise this very obvious issue will buy the game every year, regardless of if SI actually change anything meaningful, so where's the benefit to them as a developer? The only effect this would have would be to drive away casual players because it would make the game more difficult, which is obviously not ideal from a business point of view.
  4. I only ever play lower league, single nationality or academy only saves. They still don't pose long term difficulty because once you start winning, you tend to keep at it. Even worse is that as the years go on the terrible AI squad building means you only ever get better while everyone else gets worse.
  5. There's zero chance of ever losing when you start winning, the game just isn't designed to make it difficult for the human manager in any aspect. It really cheapens the game and makes it kind of pointless after a while. If it wasn't for playing network saves with my friends i'd have stopped buying FM years ago due to the complete lack of challenge and lack of meaningful updates to the game.
  6. This is one of these things that is always so unrealistic in FM. Jadedness needs an overhaul, as the idea that professional players can't play once a week is absurd.
  7. Game is ridiculously easy no matter who you go. It's a fun game, but i'd have more trouble beating a 6 year old in a boxing match than i do in this game. Sadly SI will never increase the difficulty of this game, they'd be too scared that they'd lose players. A lot of the problems can be fixed with more sensible AI, but their insistence on sticking to decades old minimum specs mean it isn't possible to alter the AI much, even if they had the appetite to make changes, which they definitely do not.
  8. After playing a full season I can say that the match engine is miles ahead of last year's, and with some tweaks it would be absolutely brilliant. The main issues with it for me are that there are far too many blocks, and crosses seldom actually get put in. Even when a player is ten yards ahead of the fullback they will wait to get caught up, so the cross is blocked. Crosses are virtually pointless this year because if it. I'm also not seeingg balls squared to strikers as much as I would have liked. So many times my wingers cut inside and dribble to the byline, but instead of pullin
  9. That will likely be without the ball, correct? Speed with the ball is very different, but i do agree that Laca is a little overrated for speed.
  10. This graphic is obnoxiously crowded and doesn't tell anybody anything. They could put literally anything else there and it would make more sense.
  11. Man, some of the new finishing animations and shot choices are brilliant, it's so great to see the new variety. It's far more realistic and lot less frustrating to watch your strikers actually hit the ball with purpose and intent.
  12. Yeah the attributes of players are a mess in lots of areas to be honest. No idea what the hell the data guys are doing.
  13. The ME seems pretty good so far, so happy there, but will obviously need more extensive testing over a season. The game feels very snappy as well, which is brilliant. But holy hell are the UI changes absolutely awful. Press conferences have so much dead space and the backgrounds are so busy that it makes it hard to read the text. The buttons and text boxes are in such unintuitive positions and the purple makes it even harder to read than it already is. How could anybody sign off on that mess. Same goes for the team talks, it's so busy and having all the players dotted around the middle i
  14. Fully expecting this to be another non-feature. Maybe something like Instagram integration or the ability to help your players blow their nose after you've given them a hug.
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