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  1. This is the typical response you see on this forum these days, and it's pretty sad. The "if you can do it then go ask SI for a job" comeback is so goddamned old and is just a really boring way of shifting focus to try and hide that fact that you have nothing interesting or reasonable to say. You're defending graphics that would look out of place from an early 2000's internal Alpha build, something i've seen many a time from being a literal games developer in the past. It is not my job to make anything for SI, it is their job to hire competent staff and focus their attention on improving their game, they don't need people shilling for them constantly with strawman replies devoid of any substance. Look, i'm no fan of EA or FIFA, I stopped buying that game quite a while ago now, but there are definitely parallels between the two companies in how they're fairly comfortable standing atop their hill of dominance. Your "GENUINE" improvements list may well be chunky over a five year period in which we have had five iterations release, but it does not contain half of what should be on it. We have the same ****-poor attempt at media and social interaction as we've had since it was first introduced, the questions they ask, the reactions, the timing of the questions, the tone system makes no practical sense and the repetition and lack of nuance is horrible. Player faces are pathetic, seriously pathetic in terms of whatever industry standards you look at in any genre for any developer size. The 3D ME has not been taken far enough in an era where people expect a bit more than SI deliver. Player interaction is horrendous with the constant new contract demands, huffy players getting mad and handing in transfer requests because you dared to tell them they had a good game after putting four past Barcelona or for praising their training effort. AI transfers are still awful, they are very hard to rationally defend in this years game and i fail to see how any of the "yearly improvements" one of the mods said up above are actually improvements. I could also rattle off a list far longer than this, but serves no purpose to people who play the game every year, we all know the myriad issues and corner-cuttings that go on. But yeah, we got a new purple skin and ten new player roles that do almost the same thing as the others. SI needs to give us large, tangible improvements rather than a bunch of small changes that add up to a nice long list, but don't actually make the game noticeably better in the long-term.
  2. There really isn't any excuse for newgen faces being this bad, they don't even look human. I could rig up a 3D face randomiser pretty quickly that would give better results than whatever it is SI use for theirs. A successful company of SI's size, and with Sega's backing, should not be releasing such obviously sub-standard features year on year. A good chunk of my newgens are bald, half look like aliens, the other half look like an offensive stereotype of someone with learning difficulties, it just is not good enough. It's the same ***** with the 3D pitches, people like to get up on their high-horse and say the graphics don't matter, FM is so much more than that, so much deeper, so much more sophisticated. Yeha, sure, it is, but it's also not 1999 anymore andgames as a medium have moved on far more than SI have with their design. Is having a ****** newgen face module or the same 3D engine going to stop me from buying next years game, of course not. But does it still bother me that SI are happy to sit on their hands and put out something with minor changes (improvements is not a word that fits) because they know people will still buy it, yes it absolutely does. It's the same mentality as EA has with FIFA, there's virtually no difference with EA and SI when it comes to the year-on-year iterations.
  3. One thing that's been pretty constant in my network saves that i play with my brother is that the game runs perfectly for us in each match, until it comes to us playing against each other. Every time without fail, at some point in the match, my brother will lose control of his team with his assistant taking over and making really dumb changes which usually makes him lose the match. On occasion, it has also locked me out (i'm the host) of making changes as well, and it's just so frustrating because the best part about network saves are when you play the other human-controlled teams. But this is really ruining the experience, and it's been present for the entire year. I know FM20 is coming up, and hopefully it isn''t an issue there, but has anyone else experienced this or found a fix for it?
  4. I am aware of what a PKM is. My point is that it is very easy for them to get their own for this type of issue by simply getting anyone affiliated with SI to run a save for a single season, then look through the matches, so the constant tone of "post proof or shush" is a bit frustrating to see on topics such as this.
  5. While it's great to see SI staff communicating, it has always bothered me that the go to is always "Post PKM's in the bug forum", regardless of the context of the issue. Something as obvious and wide-spread as strikers performing poorly isn't something that I, or any other member should be constantly begged for, it should be something that SI and their QA team can replicate by simply loading up a new save in any league, using any team, and any striker. I've done plenty of QA in my time, and for such an issue the equivalent of PKM's is always welcome, but it it was never the be all and end all as it is a huge, overarching issue that is easily replicated. The things we needed good bug reporting for were the stranger issues, or the really complex issues that are hard to see over anything but a long period of time. Sure, comparing goal ratios from FM to real life over long periods of time is useful for the devs, but the issue is already known and communicated over and over, they should be doing this themselves by now. Something like newgen stat spreads, PA reducing/increasing as games go on or retirement ages and their long term effects are things that the community should definitely communicate in a highly detailed and constructive manner if they can, but the fact that strikers are a bit **** is such an obvious issue that it makes no sense for SI/Moderators to beg for this before they can begin to think about changing anything.
  6. Just like the classic scenario of rejecting bid for player > player unhappy > Team unhappy and ask for a meeting > you agree to sell player > player signs for other team > team want meeting because they're unhappy you sold the player they asked you to sell. Players morale and feelings should just be turned off, it's at such a poor level that SI are incapable of fixing, that it would genuinely be a better game if they just removed it all.
  7. Training is just a mess this year, i have no idea how to change it to what i want to do. Where is my option to focus on fitness or team cohesion? Instead i have a million blue squares and no options for these that i can see.
  8. If only we still had FMLive, still the best FM ever and my favourite ever game. Actually, since FML closed i've went from being a 1000+ hour player in all previous CM/FM games, to only getting over 100hrs clocked in one version since. FML was just so far ahead of the base game that it ruined my enjoyment of it. Also i just realised, is this the @KevFlack who played a bunch of FML back in the day?
  9. I wouldn't recommend this years game to anybody. The match engine is beyond atrocious, and player roles are just stupid these days to the point that scouring the transfer market or making a tactic is more of a chore than anything else. If only SI would give us FMLive back
  10. You misunderstand. I'm not saying there's a lack of goals, i'm saying that a huge % of total goals scored are from the same two scenarios, no matter the formation, players or tactics that you employ.
  11. This match engine is so bad that it's almost impossible to score two goals in a match without one of them being from a low cross or a cutback to the penalty spot or closer in. I don't think the issue is much deeper than that, the ME simply isn't programmed to give much variety in the types of goals scored or conceded.
  12. Starting this challenge this year with Barwell. I'm not really Dutch and that isn't my name, but i cling tightly to the persona i made for myself when i first started playing these games about...17 years ago. I won't change it now or ever! http://prntscr.com/heuh25
  13. This happens so often in this years game, and not just with tutoring either. Earlier today my Newcastle team had the first Europa League game of the season to play, but every single one of my left wingers were either injured or just back from injury, so i didn't to make things worse by risking someone who has just been to for a few months with a torn hamstring in a game that i felt i could win. Then i remembered i had one of those "best players of our generation" potential players come through the academy the previous season, and figured i'd throw him in at the deep end for his debut since he looked good attribute wise, and had a rating of above 8 for his youth league games. He ends up getting a 7.8 in a 6-0 victory. You could tell he was rough, and he didn't score or assist but he did look good enough for me to give him the full ninety minutes. After the game i speak to him to tell him that he played really well and he turns round and tells me "that's not really what i would consider a good performance, but okay", with his next comment being something along the lines of "i still can't believe that's what you think is a good performance, i'll be going now". Little **** would have felt the back of my hand if it was real life and he spoke to his manager like that. There is 100% no chance of that scenario happening in real life, and it really needs to be looked at for the next patch.
  14. The match engine is actually so crap this year that the games are almost always completely boring to watch. Just came off yet another match where nobody on either side even attempted a tackle all game, and 7 of the 8 goals in a 5-3 result were tap-ins from inside the six yard box. Every goal is the same, possession is only ever lost via a stray pass (or cross that goes out nearer the corner flag than the goal for some dumb reason) or when the highlight ends, offsides everywhere, crosses players "didn't mean", almost zero shots that get aimed far post let alone goals at the far post, hardly any attacking headers from open play......the list goes on. Pretty pathetic effort all round this year.
  15. They seem completely superfluous from what i can see. I've been leaving them to my assistant for a while now since i realised they don't offer anything substantial.
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