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  1. Just watched some of Zealands video on the alpha he has access to. I lasted 5mins before I had to put it off, this guy is horrendously unfunny. Football Manager just doesn't translate well to videos anyway.
  2. Always ShopTo. It's the cheapest usually and is always a reliable retailer.
  3. I have never seen a single person ask for this on here, i have never seen it on Instagram posts, i have never seen it on any Youtube comment section and i have never heard any of my friends or people from fan forums down the years ask for this feature. So yes, virtually nobody was asking for this feature, but in the absence of having something interesting to say you just harp on about the meaning of a single word in my post. I have extreme confidence that a negligible % of people will use this feature more than once, unless of course SI overtune things and deadline day deals are a borderline exploit in how cheap/effective they can be. Which i admit, could happen, but people using a feature because of poor balancing isn't the same as people using it because they want to use it. EDIT: I did a quick search and in the first 6 or 7 pages of results i found exactly one mention of someone wanting this feature. The thread had zero replies until someone necro'd it after the recent announcement.
  4. This thread is the least comprehensible thing I've read on here in a while.
  5. It's classic SI to dress up a pointless feature that nobody asked for or wanted as something ground breaking, while ignoring the same complaints people have had for years. This is a feature that literally nobody asked for, nobody wants and nobody will use more than once. This is a complete waste of time and resources and it just blows my mind how anybody at SI could think this is a good idea. The only thing SI should be focusing on as a new feature would be a completely overhauled AI transfer system, it is the single one feature that would have a tangible positive impact on the entire playerbase and is something people have been requesting vocally for years. But SI never listen, so we always end up with the same pathetic AI that made nonsensical decisions, make absurd demands while bidding peanuts for players, AI clubs demanding you pay £100m then selling to another AI team for £30m the next day or teams who never make transfers at all. Teams have no identity, no squad building ethos and managers barely have individual identities with signings, the game would improve a hundredfold if this was addressed. But i guess getting a Twitter hypeman to do a flashy video is all the content we actually need, so what do i know.
  6. You have several times said that everything you've heard people say on the topic boils down to misogyny, one of which is my post, which you are directly replying to. Therefore it is reasonable to assume you are referring to me in your comments. If i said "I've never seen anyone with a spriteart avatar who wasn't a *insert descriptor here*" you would quite rightly assume that i was referring to you, even i didn't name you explicitly, so you're not fooling anyone with this. Andi never complained about anyone being left wing, i simply stated it is a progressive feature which is being defended in a very conservative manner. I find that amusing, and you trying to twist my words and the narrative again is sad. I don't understand the point of this, just say what you want to say.
  7. I really wish it was worth replying to this post in any depth, but all you've done is accuse me of being a misogynist and pushing aside anything i say due to this. Nowhere did i say i dislike womens football and nowhere did i rail on women. You accuse me of a strawman, but your whole stance on everyone being a misogynist to deflect discourse/support your own agenda is the largest strawman in the room. Although, you being a right wing voter says it all about your ability to see other sides of the coin and partake in reasonable discourse. So i shouldn't be surprised.
  8. Yes. The media questions and interviews. They take up time, very rarely make sense, are repetitive and are nothing but an annoyance.
  9. Network save with my friends in the Bundesliga. We did France this year, so we'll start in Germany in FM22 and take it from there.
  10. This is a straight up insult to anyone who doesn't want the mode added for purely gameplay reasons. You say there are no reasons to be upset about this but there are plenty. Whether you agree or not isn't relevant, you can't just call everyone who disagree with the addition - or you - a misogynist. That's point blank offensive, but it seems the moderators of this forum love to throw insults around while censoring anything negative anybody else says on here. As far as i'm concerned, it's a mode i won't play because i have zero interest in it, and i actively dislike it's addition for the following reasons: 1) A very small % of the playerbase will play it long term, certainly a % that won't make the development cost and resources worthwhile. FIFA added womens international matches and only 4.04% of players even opened the mode, never mind continued playing long term. Now FM has an older and probably more progressive playerbase than FIFA, and this will be an entire mode rather than just international games, but that % will still be very small. 2) You say it didn't impact development because a new team was hired. Well to that i say that the game has been dire for years in terms of new features and refinement, so why was a new team never added to fix clearly broken or useless things like the AI transfers system, player progression, ME improvements, graphical improvements, youth academy improvements, more realistic injury module, better network game features, improves media....there are lots of things players would love a new team added to tackle. 3) Performance issues could be a thing. Now if the mode is entirely separate then fine, it isn't an issue, but i suspect that somewhere along the line it will interact with the main game. More than happy to be proven wrong here though. Adding the womens game is obviously brilliant for inclusion, and it gives Miles some lovely PR, but I don't think those reasons are good enough to make it worthwhile for the average player. It's funny that is a progressive and left wing addition to the game, but everyone defending it is quite happy to just rubbish everyone off as a misogynist if they disagree with them, a very right wing way to go about discussions.
  11. Won it in the second season with Metz after PSG had a horrendous start on a network save me and my mates have going. They had a 15 game winning streak at the end of the season but they dropped so many points in the beginning that it didn't matter in the end. They now haven't won it in the last 4 seasons despite spending £300m every season on yet more world class players who end up benched after 6 months.
  12. This question is absolutely absurd and needs to be removed entirely, perhaps aside from extremely talented kids who the media would be all over. Getting asked about my 27 year old wingers 6th goal for Croatia is beyond tiresome.
  13. Absolutely zero chance i can remember the version numbers, but because the Football Manager Live (FML) engine was tweaked far more regularly than the base game the engines there would skew wildly between unplayably bad and absolutely incredible. At that point feedback was listened to and you could present stats to the devs and they would actually hold lengthy discourse with you, which doesn't happen now. They also had the beta worlds which were very good for this sort of thing.
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