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  1. When your keeper can't hit 7.00 in ratings all season, despite some fantastic saves, except in a game that I win 13-0 (friendly(, with opposition having 0 shots on goal. Then he can get an 8.4. Opposition keeper get 5.1 after 12 saved shots (and hardly his fault with all the other 13). Also annoying that making senior players available for next reserves match, and finding out none of them are used, because the reserves played on the same day as the senior squad. For some reason they become unavailable for that game, even though they are not in my match squad. Only way around this is moving the player to the Reserves before the game.
  2. The separate tactics for the reserves has never really worked well in the game. What I do (and retain control over individual training for the youngsters) is to change my own tactics just before they play. Then I can change roles and setup as I wish. It is not a great solution, but it is better than nothing
  3. There is also the dreaded "Keeping three players back on corners. Ball cleared up the field. Opponent single striker walks over to claim the ball. Three defensive players picking their noses." Or an FM20 classic. "Cross from one winger to the other. Receiving winger stands around the edge of the box. Tries to score with a header." Or the "Throw-in deep on own half. Two of my own players are clear. Throws it long. Always right at an opponent." Or "Defender gets to ball after a cleared attacking set piece. Stands around with it for ages. Opponent walks up and tackles him. Route one to goal."
  4. One that has popped up this year ... the amount of corners given (to either side) due to blasting the ball over the back line, even when no one is close, and it could easily been been clear up the field or to a throw in. And the classic from previous years, long pass back to keeper that goes way wide for at corner. Also from this year: THrow ins and corners where it is sent to a player, then sent back to the taker, who is still in offside position. Happens probably 4-6 times per match. The Training UI, when a players wants more of a specific type of training, but once you give it, he wants something else. Seems to be he wanted more than one thing, but the UI only presents one to you.
  5. I have a good 16 year old talent in my U23 team, who is just crushing it at the moment (actually all season so far). With the ratings he is racking up in both games and training. He is playing as inverted WB on the left in the U23 team, which is what I want to train him as. Now I am wondering what I should do with him. Should I just let him dominate the U23 team? - They are currently not in any league, so they just play weekly friendlies. Should I bring him up to the Senior squad for training/mentoring? - Not he seems to need mentoring. Should I loan him out when the opportunity arises? I play in League 2, so I am never expecting him to become world class, but I would like to give him the best chances of making something of himself. But I am wondering if I am getting best out of him in the U23 or U18 squads, or what. Any advice is appreciated
  6. It is nothing new. This year it just happens to be clearances that they boot over the backline, often without being under any pressure, or at least being able to hoof it for a throw in instead. The last couple of years, there were also tons of unnecessary corners. Then it was just awful back passes to the keeper, that would run out over the backline. I am not seeing extra corners compared to IRL (without doing any in-depth investigation), so I tend to think that it is the match engine compensating for less corners in normal play. I also think that is why 9 out of 10 blocked crosses seems to go out for corners, even when far from the back line.
  7. Apparently. But there was nowhere in the Brexit WP explanation in the game, did it state that there are different rules for Semi-Pro and Pros. But apparently there is. I still can't sign a former keeper from United who is Italian/Swedish, as he does need a WP (but has no caps). The only explanation I got in-game were about that each player have to have a certain amount of caps depending on the ranking of the country. So these rules are no longer relevant on contract renewals for Professional clubs? If the rules change depending on the status of the club (or which division I play in, since I got promoted from VNL til L2) it would be nice for the game to notify me of these changes.
  8. Now I am really confused. My club turned professional at the end of the season, and now I can sign all the players without the need of a work permit. I am really confused about the work permit rules :/
  9. Ok, now I am at the end of the season, and is getting a little ridiculous. My players are starting to get pissed off that I am not offering them a new contract (1 month before expiry). The Press is asking why on earth I am not offering them contracts. I have 6 players that need Work Permits, and who will not be getting it. I have a sinking feeling that fans, board and squad will be annoyed when I let their contracts run out. Also it doesn't help that the UI (Squad View) shows that they do not need a Work Permit, but when I enter negotiations, it is remarked that they will need one and won't be granted one. It seems that SI just added the Brexit rules without incorporating it into the game, so there are realistic reactions to it.
  10. I think it would be nice to add (and view) tags on players. Sometimes it would be nice to have a tag showing something I find important about him, that is easy to see in various views. F.x. I don't know my younger players that well, so being able to "tell them apart" with a tag or 3 would be very helpful. F.x. one kid could have tags '3* PA', 'Fast', 'Low dribbling' ... having the tags would make it easier to get an overview in various views, without having to add 25 columns to get all the different information on all players. The current Notes-system is rather cumbersome (too many clicks to access, can't seem to share notes amongst several players, too small a mark in views to hover over). I believe tags could make up for most of that. You could even attach standard notes to tags, if you wish to elaborate on the tag. This would also allow you to share notes/tags amongst your players. Colour coding would be nice too.
  11. Yeah ... I actually managed to just get the Luxembourg youngster to accept that we wait with contract talks until after the season. Then I'll just have to let him go. I still think that the players/agents should be aware of the current rules, and not make demands they are certain I can't give them (due to no fault of my own or the clubs). Or at least let me have a talk with the player and explain the situation.
  12. As far as I understand the rules, a Luxembouger or Finn would never get a work permit, as the countries are too low on the FIFA rankings. But even then, I am a non-league club. I am hardly in a position to have them loaned out for years somewhere in Europe.
  13. Ok, so Brexit happened, and one of my young players is from Luxembourg, so I can't get a work permit for him when trying to renew his contract. Sad, but what can you do. His contract runs out in 4 months. But now he is unhappy with his current contract and wants a new one. Problem is that I can't really give him a new one, which will probably upset him. But I can't explain to him why I can't give him a new one, as he won't be able to play for us after the end of the season. Should players and agents not be aware of these new rules? It seems odd that my Finnish star player's agent doesn't know that there is no way in hell he will be getting a work permit under the new rules, before demanding a new contract for his client. I am currently in the VNL, so it is not like I am attracting top flight internationals
  14. I had lots of problems getting much use out of my AMC, no matter the role. What I had success with, was using a False 9 in a assymentrical 2-ST formation. The False 9 likes to go deep, and also gets into plenty of scoring opportunities. It actually worked well for my Target Man, that I also couldn't get working. So I can use both my AMC and my T in that position, and it works quite well. I moved the F9 into the central slot, and my AF/P into the right ST slot, as I wanted more space for my Raumdeuter on the left (I saw that in some tactical advice somewhere). F.x. when I was using the T role, my Target Man would often end up in offisdes, and/or too far away from the other striker. This setup fixes that, as he starts lower during build up and counters. And the pairing is closer to each other now for flick-ons.
  15. Yeah .. I could. But even simple suggestions I have made several times over the years, never get into the game. F.x. something as simple as a "Select All" when picking countries to load leagues from, at the start of a new game, or the possibility to save that selection. I have suggested that for years. Still can't do it. So I have no real hopes for anything of the sort.
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