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  1. I'm reporting this here, as I doubt this is intentional When I make some nots on a player, the icon shown in various views, is simply too small. It seems that even this small icon does not activate the tool-tip on the entire icon, so it can be very fiddly to make it show. Also the positioning could be better, by moving it further to the right of the item name, so I am less likely to activate that item's tool tip. I tried making the icon bigger in the UI, though skinning, but the area that activates the tool-tip is still only like a few pixels up in the corner.
  2. Hmmm .. if I zoom out to 100% on the UI, the icon changes to the smallest one 4 x 4 pixels, and then it is easier to activate the tool-tip. Not a well-thought out design, I'd have to say. But then again, neither is the whole Note-system.
  3. Thanks I managed to find a bigger icon, but the mouse-over portion is still like 1 pixel up in the corner. So it is still a hassle to get the mouse-over to work. This is the only place that the tool-tip will appear, no matter how big I make the icon: Maybe I should report that as a bug? .. I can't believe that they purposely only allow for one pixel to pop the tooltip
  4. Uploaded save: Eon Ravenhand - Bath 2021 Season 2 start.fm This seems to have been a problem for at least since FM20, and it is quite annoying. If the U-squad plays a game on the same day as the First Team, then First Team players set to play for the U-squad will not be used at all. It makes no sense. I think the game believes that they are Unavailable for the game, even though I did not select them, and made them available for the U-game. As you can see in the screenshots, I have made several trialists and single FT-member available for the game, but in the result news item, no
  5. I like to use notes on players, to have access to certain info without having to open each player profile or have external documents. But the notes icon on views is TINY, and it can be a bit difficult to get the mouseover to show. Is there a way to change the position/size of the icon?
  6. I cram as many in there I can .. but that is also because I tend to get loads of trialists in, and I need to see them for more than 15 minutes, as well as getting my normal squad in shape
  7. I like this mail after an ended trial: Gives me a bit more info on the guy leaving. But for some reason I get this, if more than one trialist leave on the same day: I would very much like the first information for each trialist. It could easily be made as a scrollable list, so all trialists who leave on the same day can be shown in one mail.
  8. Does anyone else have problems getting good ratings for the fullbacks? ... Even when the others get good ratings, they tend to hover between 6.0 and 6.6, unless they get some goals/assists.
  9. I think there might always be a shade where some team's bar is difficult to see. So I would suggest that the bar is made thicker and has two contrast colours, or just always keep them in a "home" and "away" colour, so they are always visible.
  10. I like this: Finally one can get a sense of what is actually going on with mentoring. Also I like this small addition: I would still like this information to show in the 'Add player' list, along with 'Estimated influence on group'. Why do I have to add players to see this, just to have to move people around afterwards? **Edit**: Rethinking the feature request, it will probably not be possible to show Estimated effect in the player list, as that is based on the group the player is included in. But it WOULD be very nice to be able to see the influence of ea
  11. It would be nice to see the amount of goals scored in the bottom bar in the Match UI, as well as assists: Also it would be nice on the Goal-popup that it shows the assist as well.
  12. Doesn't the Launch options work at the moment? I put this in steam: -user_data_location="E:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager" It seems to work for views: But not for tactics: Also none of my graphics show up in the game (portraits, logos etc.)
  13. When setting up a new game, the process of adding each country manually is tedious and slow. Especially once you add some leagues through the workshop. Can we have some really simple options, like a 'Select All' button, so I don't have to add all 57 countries one by one? It would also be nice to have a 'Select All' per continent. So I can add all European countries with one click, for example.
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