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  1. I doubt this would happen organically, as I doubt many managers will start learning a new language, unless they move to said country. Usually it would be the players learning the languages. So in the example above (assuming you are managing in Canada) the brazillian players are more likely to pick up english and /or french, than you are picking up Portugese, without a language course.
  2. Makes little sense from my perspective. Just because I am friends with a guy in my local team, who likes to fire off rifling shots from far out (because he has a powerful shot), doesn't mean that it would be something I would consider appropriate for me, who does not shoot very hard.
  3. Ah ok ... makes sense then, that the poaching club was from Ireland in my example
  4. It is now 24th of February 2019, managing Bath in the VNS. I want to start sniping players for the coming season, as there is only 4 months left on most players' contracts. But I can't offer any of them a contract at the end of their current one. I have to make the club an offer first. Why? ... I thought I could freely offer contracts directly to players in their final 6 months of contract. I had one of my defenders sniped this way already.
  5. I play in the VNS with Bath City, and have both. I don't really have any players in the teams, except the Grey army. But it is a good place to give second string players some match practice, as well as players getting back from injuries. The AssMan makes sure there are friendlies pretty often. So I can keep my whole squad at high match sharpness levels. As you move up the league system (hopefully), you can start using them for actual development of young players.
  6. I think in general the happiness/unhappiness is unbalanced. @Seb Wassell : If it is past tense and no longer an issue, I feel it shouldn't be shown under concerns. Not everyone is going to pick up on that bit of language detail.
  7. I have uploaded this game: Eon Ravenhand - Bath FM19 cry babies.fm You will see that many are pre-concerned about lack of depth in midfield, despite me having 8 players that can play in CM, and 6 that can play DM. So I am not sure what the issue is.
  8. I posted this in General, but I do feel after a bit more play, that it is wildly unbalanced, especially for Semi-Pro (and Amateur) clubs. Less than two months into the first season and half the squad is unhappy with either too little or too much of some kind of training, but as a Semi-Pro club I have so few training passes that it seems that all I can do is fit training passes to the unhappy ones until that goes away, but then others will complain, or the unhappy ones will be unhappy about something else they want to do. And it of course leaves me no room to do any training I want to do. It becomes a whack-a-mole game of fixing one problem, then another pops up. I think it needs to be toned down quite a bit. I could understand grumbling if I used hard Pre-Season training until December. But I don't want to keep using Focus and all my 4 weekly training passes to try and keep people sort of happy, as they change their concern on a daily basis (it seems). Also PLEASE show ALL the player's concerns regarding training. It is frustrating to see a player complain about lack of Quickness training, then adding that as focus for him, and immediately the concerns change to too little attacking training or something like that. If he wants more Quickness, Strength and Technical Possession training, then I want to know all these things. Not just his first concern. I'll upload a save that shows this once I am off work
  9. I am pretty sure I have a save where they are upset about this, but I'll check later and upload if I have it. It is very annoying as I have 8 CMs, and 15 players are upset at the lack of depth
  10. I feel overwhelmed too. Not only by the different training types, but also trying to keep players from becoming unhappy about it within weeks of starting the game. I am in start of September and already I have 11 unhappy players who each wants either more or less of certain training types. But playing as a part time club, I have a grand total of 4 training sessions on a good week (usually I only have 2). So trying to keep every player happy seems impossible. Not if I want to decide anything, except just managing the focus for each player as well as the few training passes I have, to fit their moods and whims. I don't really feel that this part of the game is balanced for part time clubs.
  11. And here we go two days later ....tons of players now want more Quickness training. So on 25/8, the above players are happy, after three training passes with Quickness over three weeks. Monday (27/8) they are now unhappy despite that there were no passes in-between the two dates. All the ones who were unhappy about too much Quickness training two days ago, are now unhappy because they want more strength training. This feels a bit like whack-a-mole. Fix one problem and another pops up.
  12. Ok, so I am a little frustrated with my players, and I am unsure of whether my lack of understanding of new changes is affecting my players too much. They seem to quietly complain constantly about especially training as well as squad composition. So I start a game as Bath City (as always). The club is part time, so I get between 1 and 2 training passes per week, depending on how many games I have. So I am quite limited in my ability to make everyone happy with training. It is now end of August, and I already have 11 players unhappy about training, and 15 dissatisfied with management. Training: The training started when I was told a handful of players were unhappy with lack of Quickness training. So not knowing how much would be enough, I put in three Quickness passes in the coming 3 weeks. Now 5 other players are unhappy because we have too much quickness training. The rest are a mix of wanting more of various training types. So in order to keep the squad happy, I seem to have to constantly changing my training around to fit their wishes instead of what want to focus on. Any way to better handle this for part time players? ... since I have so few training days, it seems like all I can do is to schedule it to fit the squad's wishes. Management displeasure: Currently 15 players are pre-concerned (what does that mean?) about lack of depth in midfield. Looking at my team report, my first team squad has 8 players to cover my three MC/DM places. 6 of which can also play the DM position. I would think that was enough? I have 7 players capable of playing AM/L and 5 for AM/R. So what is all the concern about? On the Team Report, the AM/R position number is yellow, so maybe that is what they are concerned about? ... but how many AM/Rs do they think my lower league team needs? While they do voice their concern from time to time, it doesn't seem to have escalated yet, but that is probably helped by a position at the top of the table. But how do you properly manage this? ... as I assume it won't go away later on in the season. I feel maybe this needs to get tweaked, at least for part time and amateur teams, where there is little wiggle-room to change up the training to deal with this. Also, it would be nice that if a player has more than one concern regarding training amount and type, that they both get shown. I have seen a player wanting more Quickness training, and when I gave him focus on that, it disappeared from the list, but then it was a concern regarding more tactical defending training. If all this is working as designed, any advice would be appreciated
  13. On the player profile, it shows this role, but it is not available for DMs on the Tactics screen. Was it removed, and just not completely removed, or am I missing something?
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