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  1. THanks for the reply ... posted it in the bugs forum, and it is being reviewed by SI. So there seems to be an issue with it.
  2. I personally would like both 1. Select All. This will help on the Add countries screen. 2. Save whole setup. This is useful even with the select all-button, as it also takes forever to set up leagues for each of the selected countries. So being able to save and load a complete setup would help too.
  3. Weird ... didn't get any notifications, that there was a response. So sorry for the late reply I have uploaded my save: StormenDK_NewBathFM18.fm Whenever I select someone to manage either team, and select a tactic to use, it just reverts to 'Use First Team tactic' when I press Confirm.
  4. I think it comes down to us (the gamers) not being used to this, and thus it confuses us (myself included). But I think the Scouting package is like buying a database of players, most likely with certain information available to you. If further scouting is needed, that means telling your scout to travel to wherever that player is playing, and check him out, during games/training, talking to people etc. So the actual scouting costs are for his car, gas, food, hotels, plane tickets etc. while he is there. That would be costs not covered by the price of the databse, nor factored into his salary.
  5. The highlighted bit is not really made clear in-game anywhere. When you hover over the Scounting Budget, you get the text: "The cost of packages and scouting players outside of your region come out of this." ... but there is no indication anywhere that scounting people within your package/region ALSO costs money, and there is no indication of what that will cost anywhere, before the fact.
  6. Still doesn't make sense that he would refuse (when told by the coach), and then one month later suggest the same player to tutor (when told to choose who to tutor). That sounds more like of a conversation you would have with a 3-year old. Parent: "Eat your peas" 3-year old: "No, I refuse" Parent: "Then what would you like to eat? - You choose" 3-year old: "I would like som peas, please"
  7. Unhappy with Training

    So far (not played much beyond pre-season 2017), all I have experienced are players unhappy with a low work load
  8. Yeah, I have done that too in the past. But it only works until a database update comes out. Then I have to redo the whole thing It can't be that hard to insert a few buttons and change the UI a bit to make this sooo much easier. But I think I asked for something like this ages ago, and it is still not in there.
  9. Since this screen was introduced, a 'Select All' button have been sorely needed, Every time I start a new career, I have to click a fantastic amount of times on this page to get the nations I want in the game. Since you don't let me save my setup, this have to be done every time, and a button to select all would be highly appreciated. Also, on the Leagues page, PLEASE dump the dropdown box for 'View only/Platyable' selection, and make them radio buttons, that are quick to click. Preferably with a 'Select all' option above each option, so I can quickly set them, and then only have to make a few changes afterwards.
  10. I can't seem to set the team tactics for the U-teams to use, in the Responsibilities screen on the Staff page. I change it to something, but when I save it, it changes back to 'Nothing specified' for the U23 team, and 'Use First team tactics' for the U18 team. I would very much like the youth teams to play a certain way, but I seemingly can't do that.
  11. I can't seem to set the team tactics for the U-teams to use, in the Responsibilities screen on the Staff page. I change it to something, but when I save it, it changes back to 'Nothing specified' for the U23 team, and 'Use First team tactics' for the U18 team. Anyone, got any idea why this happens? I assume it is a bug, but not sure if there is some setting somewhere I need to change first.
  12. I was going to add some faces to one of the major face packs, and when reporting them in, I need the Player's ID from the game. But since the ID is now shown in the name field in the UI, you can't copy/paste these, as the field turns into a name search field when clicked on. This makes getting IDs on a bunch of players a chore, as you can't just copy and paste these. You have to write rather long numbers manually. It would help modders a lot, if these ID's could be copy/pasted. Maybe move the ID somewhere else?
  13. I have been playing the demo, and I had a problem where I had one open position in the staff overview screen, for the U18 coaching staff, but the board kept blocking my appointment of a new coach. Now I was told in the main forum, that It was because they only allowed 1 coach, and the last spot was for the U18 AssMan. But that is only visible on the Board screen. It would be immensely helpful to have this information on the screen from where I would advertise for a new position, or at leat where I get my overview of what I have and what I need. In the screenshot above, I can't see which position I should recruit for.
  14. Hmmm ... that seems like an odd disconnect, that the staff screen would not show this information as well.
  15. Ahhh ... it looked grey to me, not purple-ish. Hard to see on the dark skin I guess ...