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  1. StormenDK

    Footedness and partnerships

    Ah ok .. I thouhgt it had an effect. Still don't get why it is in the UI, if it has no effect for the human managers.
  2. StormenDK

    Footedness and partnerships

    Really? .. then what is the point of it?
  3. StormenDK

    Footedness and partnerships

    Also, footedness aside, the player himself might have a preference for position in the centre of the pitch. F.x. a CB might prefer to play on the right of a two-man central defence. This detail can be seen by hovering over the position marker on his profile. A little hidden info, I never knew about until very recently. Now whether his preference is based or linked to his footedness, I don't know. But one would assume that a left-footed CB would naturally prefer to play on the left of the pairing.
  4. I did some testing on an old version of FM (12 I think), and I found that Light-hearted very often had successful tutoring sessions, and that tutee often got good increases in stats. Now I never did 1000s of runs, but I feel that it is a good personality for a tutor, and one I look for. Also his hidden stats are pretty decent, and way better than most Balanced youngsters. Also remember to check the Media Handling style, as that also indicates some of his hidden stats. If you use skins, then I actually had some nice modders help me make this change to the Tutoring screen, to include PPMs and Media Handling styles of both tutor and youngsters. Helps me make better pairings without having to check three different pages first.
  5. I wanted to make customized view on the Set Pieces screen, so I can include more attributes, than just Corners, FK and Long Throws. But for some reason, the customize list only allows columns that are of absolutely no use in this screen. Can you please allow for more relevant information to be included in the list?
  6. StormenDK

    [FM18] Adding More Info to Tutoring panel.

    Well, I tend to want to know how it is done. Especially if I fall over other panels I want to edit at a later date Still having trouble desciphering the data structure and the XML code, but I am sure your explanation helps ... and I took the liberty of including your solution to my UI feedback thread, where I asked SI to change these panels to include the information I think most people would like to have when pairing their tutors/youngsters
  7. Adding this mod of the two panels, which should show what I would love was default in the game. Thread: Post with the xml code: I did not make the code, but a skinner (D_LO_) gave it for free use, and I think that includes you Another thing I would love to have, is the possibility to have more than 3 suitable candidates in the bottom panel. If I right-click on a player who can tutor, I can select 'Speak About' and the select tutoring. This list includes all available players than can be tutored. I would like to have this list available on this screen as well. I don't mind the game telling me the best choices, but let me decide exactly who will tutor who, not limit my choices to whatever arbitrary/hidden reason for the three selected on the screen.
  8. StormenDK

    [FM18] Adding More Info to Tutoring panel.

    That's awesome ... exactly what I wanted. So I'll definitely take a look at your code (so I can understand what is going on in the XML file).
  9. StormenDK

    [FM18] Adding More Info to Tutoring panel.

    <widget class="preferred_moves_panel" file="player/player information preferred moves" id="pfmp" auto_size="vertical"> <record id="object_property" get_property="objt" set_property="objt" /> </widget> I found the above code for the preferred moves info, and put it in the file I am modding, and it gives me the following: Which is great. But how do I get the text to be same size as the above, as well as darker? I tried inserting size="small" colour="faded text" into the widget class tag, as that was how it looks in the default classes for the other information, but it always shows up as the larger white text. I will try to check out the sections files to get the info I need ... that was very helpful information. Added questions: - Is there a way to have the Media Handling style (once I find it) on the same line as the Personality? - I hate that the screen only shows three tutors/tutees, while if you right-click on a players and select 'Speak About', it gives a list of all candidates. Would it be possible to put in a table or list of these players instead of the current format? ... I understand that that would require some extra heavy modding
  10. Ok, so I have literally zero experience with actual skinning/modding of the game, besides installing other people's skins While I have found a skin I like for FM18, I just want some more information on the Tutoring panel, so it includes the player's Media Handling Style (for both tutor and tutees) as well as any Preferred Moves. This will make it much easier to pick the pairing I want, as well as selecting the right option in the player talk afterwards. Now, after digging around a bit, I found this widget in the "tutor information panel.xml" file: <!-- personality_label --> <widget class="personality_label" auto_size="vertical" size="small" colour="faded text"> <record id="object_property" dont_set_hint="true" get_property="PPst"/> </widget> I think I would want to add the extra info to this part of the panel. But how do I find the correct objects or widgets to add here? I did try to read in guides section and also did some googling. But I didn't have much luck figuring this out. Any help from the skinning masters would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I feel the screen is under-developed, and could use some more information: The following information would be very helpful: - Media Handling style - This also gives hits to both players' personality, and thus is needed for pairing. - Preferred Moves - These can be passed on to a tutee, and thus I need to see these, when deciding on which tutoring option to choose. Would be nice to see for both players.
  12. Hahaha .. I'm blind. The guy was already tutoring. Not sure why I didn't notice that. Ups. But thanks for the list of requirements
  13. Just starting up with FM18, and having brought in an aging player (for testing purposes) with good personality, I wanted him to tutor some youngsters. But for some reason, he has no suitable candidates to tutor at all. Despite my U23 and U18 squads being full of useless youngsters. If I remember right from earlier editions, whether a player can tutor, depends on the following: - Age (over 23 or 24) - Reputation being higher than youngster's. - CA (or PA?) being higher than youngster's. - Squad status being higher or equal to youngster. - Play same position as youngsters. As can be seen here in my screenshot, Chambers have 2,5* in CA/PA, is 36 years old and has 2 * reputation, and Backup squad status. He covers quite a few positions, so should have a wide range of subjects to tutor. But yet he does not. Example: Lewis Dryden - D(R): Youngster, 1,5 blue * in CA, and 0,5* PA. He is natural as D(R), yet he can't be tutored by Chambers, and I can't seem to get why that is. Anyone has any insights into this?
  14. Once in a while during a team talk, some players morale shows as dopping to 'Abysmal', but once the game is over, it is back to normal. After Team talks: After the game: It is a bit annoying, but probably nothing major.
  15. THanks for the reply ... posted it in the bugs forum, and it is being reviewed by SI. So there seems to be an issue with it.