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  1. I play the game in full screen mode. If I accidentally press WIN + arrow key, it will resize the game screen. But since it is in fulls creen mode, I cannot make it back to full screen, and the bottom part of the screen disappears, so I can risk ending in a situation where I can't exit or save the game. So I will have to kill it via the Task Manager :/ Here you can see that I have no tool bar at the top, and I can't exit the Preferences screen, as the buttons are hidden. I hope there is a way you can disable those Windows commands when in full screen mode, so this doesn't happen, and I end up losing progress because I can't exit normally. Since I use multiple virtual windows desktops, it is a common mistake to make (pressing WIN + arrow, instead of CTRL + WIN + arrow).
  2. Are you supposed to lose all knowledge of a player after 4 weeks of trial? I have a ton of trialists in the pre-season, and I can see all their attributes after 2-3 weeks, but as soon as they leave the club, they go back to the knowledge level I had prior to the trial. So some of them now show no info at all. Seems a bit silly
  3. It seems to be something in my graphics folder. I removed my launch options on Steam, and then I have a white football again. Sadly that means that I currently can't play with my facepacks etc. for now.
  4. I have checked to see if any of my custom graphics should cause this issue, but none of it seems to involve the ball. I have facepacks and some logo packs. But maybe I should try to remove my command line in Steam, and see if that fixes the issue. **Edit: I disabled my Launch options, and that fixed the problem. Not sure what in there should affect it. But I will just play without them for now**
  5. I am only in my second pre-season game, but in both games the ball has been blue, which makes it really hard to track on the green background. Is that a setting or something somewhere?
  6. I have the same Chairman for the past 4 seasons, and my finances improve constantly (probably mainly because I don't spend much on transfers and wages). The first 3 seasons, everything was fine. But this season the staff numbers just went crazy.
  7. So I managed to get myself into League One this past season (2023/24), and even managed to stay in the league. But for some reason, the board keep changing my staff numbers. And not for the better. Normally I get a new staff limit at the start of pre-season, and that's it. But this past year have seen my limit change 4 times. On start of pre-season 2023/24 my coach count was set to 7. In spring it was suddenly modified to 5 for no apparent reason (we have 1,8 mill in the bank). Then at start of pre-season (24th of June 2024) it was regulated up to 7 again. Then on 1st of July it was regulated down to 5 again. Is there any reasonable explanation to this? It makes it very hard for me to switch out my existing staff, as I won't be able to fill the positions again.
  8. Maybe a skin-builder/helper? You load in a skin, then it is rendered on screen, and you can click on elements to see what they are called, and maybe edit them in xml directly, so you can see the result on-screen. That would be very helpful for anyone who are not skinning experts Easy for reference to specific editable items, and helpful if you just want to tweak a panel or two on an existing skin.
  9. So I have found the xml file for this screen: team training mentoring item.xml And I get that the columns are these: <record alignment="left,centre_y"> <translation id="text" translation_id="447635" type="use" value="Hierarchy[COMMENT: The column name representing the Player Hierarchy details of the person]" /> </record> But if I want to add Determination as a column, where do I find the translation_id of this (and any other value I might want to add)?
  10. I found a very nice skin (Tato), but I am looking at trying to make a few tweaks to it for my own benefit. Since I have a ultrawide monitor, I want to utilize some of the blank space that are on the Player profile. I was looking into taking the progress bar and dump it into the blank space under the attributes. But a simple copy of the widget from progress graph profile panel.xml file did nothing. But than again I am horrible at reading and editing xml files Maybe someone can assist me in how to do this? I tried putting the widget in the container where the tech/goalkeeper/mental stat block were. But that just makes a blank space between the Mental stats and the Physical stats. But I couldn't really see how I would get it to slot in under the attribute boxes. player attributes panel.xml progress graph profile panel.xml
  11. I think it might be the panels\widgets\scouting centre recommendation card.xml .... I'm no expert at reading the xml files, but this one does contain this comment, which seems to indicate that it is this screen (since it exists both in Scouting centre and the Inbox): <!-- This is a series of attachments that is meant to do the following We use this panel in both the inbox and on the player scouting screen, and we need them to behave a little differently. If we are *NOT* on the inbox version we watn to always show this panel regardless of the resolution, so this works in the following way - the show_medium_horizontal will be disabled bye the second test_global_attachments because the section will equal tssc, meaning we won't hide no matter the resolution, and the other test global forces visibility to true as our section equals tssc - On the inbox panel we will not be enable the show medium horizontal attachments, which will then when processed show/hide the panel based on the available screen resolution -->
  12. I tend to never get more than 5-6 seasons in before the next version shows up .... I always start as Bath City, and tend to stay there throughout the game.
  13. Hmmm .. if I zoom out to 100% on the UI, the icon changes to the smallest one 4 x 4 pixels, and then it is easier to activate the tool-tip. Not a well-thought out design, I'd have to say. But then again, neither is the whole Note-system.
  14. Thanks I managed to find a bigger icon, but the mouse-over portion is still like 1 pixel up in the corner. So it is still a hassle to get the mouse-over to work. This is the only place that the tool-tip will appear, no matter how big I make the icon: Maybe I should report that as a bug? .. I can't believe that they purposely only allow for one pixel to pop the tooltip
  15. I like to use notes on players, to have access to certain info without having to open each player profile or have external documents. But the notes icon on views is TINY, and it can be a bit difficult to get the mouseover to show. Is there a way to change the position/size of the icon?
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