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  1. Well that was SIs claim with them anyways. I do agree that the pairing don't always make sense stats-wise.
  2. Also remember that tutoring is ongoing, so even if it fails after 3 months, the tutee might still have gotten some stat changes.
  3. There are no personalities as such that will guarantee positive outcome. But in FM15 the game does provide you with the three pairings that are likely to succeed. I think the closer they are the more likely they are to succeed. But I don't think there is any proof of that. Pairing an Unambitious youngster with and Ambitious tutor might not work so well. I think you might be best off with pairing him to someone close to his personality. Though when I tested this in FM10 (and I don't think the mechanics have changed much since) it seemed that someone like who was Jovial or Light-hearted worked better than someone who was Driven. But again, I didn't do enough testing to prove that. Another problem at the start of FM15 is that all pre-generated who have a negative personality will only show 'Balanced'. Only newGens will show actual negative personality. So if yur youngster is a PreGen, then you might think he is Balanced but actually have a much worse personality. So beware of that too.
  4. Probably not .... you could risk the tutor having a relatively low Professionalism stat, and thus make the tutee lose several points in that stat to maybe get one point i Determination. His Determination is already high, so no need to ruin that.
  5. Here is a thread on it: Sadly, no one really knows why some players can't be tutored and others can. As far as I know, there have been no official reply on this.
  6. I did .. in 15.1.1 on the 9th of November ... had hoped it would have been fixed in this patch. Thus feedbacking on the missing fix
  7. Still no fix of the personalities for PreGens? .... They still don't have negative personalities in the game. 'Balanced' is still the worst one shown. Only NewGens have negative personalities. Tried editing a player who is in the starting database to have Ambition = 1 & Loyalty = 12, and he doesn't change to 'Unambitious'. He stays 'Balanced'. Example: First player is a Generated player at start of the game to fill out my youth team, the second one is in the team in the database to begin with. I edited the second one to have the same stats at the generated player, but they don't have the same personality.
  8. While it does seem excessive, isn't this done to illustrate how rich clubs in smaller leagues like China, Aserbaidjan and Kazakhstan are able to attract (relatively) big stars? Otherwise the game couldn't show how players choose a contract in the Middle East or China over a European club, which would normally have a much higher reputation. Or show how newly-rich clubs like Monaco were able to sign big stars in Ligue 2 or as a newly promoted Ligue 1 club. Money talks, it seems
  9. On a similar note, though not specific to coaches/AM, but the scouts. As a Lower league manager in the Conference South, it is very unlikely that I will be able to sign non-EU players, as the ones I can get, are not playing for their international team (for the most part). But the scouts never filter these out. Why would they think a 21-year old Congolese player with no international games would be a realistic transfer?
  10. Maybe what is needed is what has been introduced in som (PRG) games over the years, where you could "program" the AI of your party members to act a certain way so you wouldn't have to micromanage them. Now games like Dragon Age (except the latest one) had some fairly advanced setup of the party AI, and that let people program it very well. In FM it could be pre-programmed behaviour if something happens in the game. So you wouldn't have to micromanage it constantly (which I hate). Examples could be: - Always press high in the first 10 minutes of a half ... then return to current settings. - Lower attacking intent after scoring a goal for 5 minutes. - Press high last 5 minutes of game if trailing by one goal. - Let goalkeeper go forward on corner within last 3 minutes of game if trailing by one. Things of this nature. These could be something I set up and can toggle on and off if needed. So I can decide 10 minutes before the game ends to send the keeper forward if needed in the dying minutes. If I do that manually, then he will go forward until then, and if I wait, I risk the command not being in effect when needed. It would be settings you could have done yourself manually. Then people like me could program behaviour based on events and not have to pause, change, pause, change etc. so much. People who watch on Full and loves to pause, think, change can still do that.
  11. I have seen the 'Player has a senior role' for players in my squad at the start of the game, and with 'Backup' as squad status. I have also seen some with 'First team' status that could be tutored. This before I started messing around with anything.
  12. I am currently running a game on my Mac Pro Retina 13" with every nation loaded and most of the leagues, and over 100.000 players. Seems to be running pretty smoothly, and processing is not too slow. But I have read someone noting that performance will become an issue after several seasons as the database becomes quite unwieldy. Whether this is true I can't say. I haven't progressed much into the first season yet (still waiting for next big patch).
  13. I am running all nations, all leagues, a few extra english leagues and a huge database of over 110.000 players on my Macbook pro 13". It is currently running fine. It is usually just a matter of how patient you are when it is processing the leagues between actions.
  14. Tutoring has always been a incomprehensible mess ... and it just seems like they have increased this year. Again we get vague descriptions and no documentation on the feature. So it ends up with passionate forumites who have to reverse engineer it to figure out how it works, and what various descriptions mean. If it is not a bug, then there is an even greater need for official documentation this year, as there are apparently many new pairing rules to follow. I think SI thought that with the three most suitable tutors/tutees system, they could get around any issues, but that hasn't really helped. Mainly because they have allowed a full tutoring list, and also there is no documentation on why three certain players are on the Most suitable list compared to others. F.x. they have this year introduced a list for players with no suitable tutors, that show things like how many are of wrong position or too low squad status, are too young etc. ... but you have no way of knowing who they are. Potential tutors with low squad status I can do something about. But if I don't know who it is, then it is really not helpful. A mouseover that shows the list of players would be nice for each criteria. All in all this part of the game still needs some serious work to keep even experienced players from getting frustrated, and keeping it from being impossible for new players and casual players to use properly. It is an important feature during development, and if you match players wrong, you can actually ruin your young prospect.
  15. tips on what? Teams, players, tactics? Tips' usefulness will depend a lot on what you are looking for