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  1. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    @noikeee talking about Rui Pedro
  2. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    I think so, more in general we're a strange team though, we can beat Juventus 5-1 and then losing at home to newly promoted Ternana, so everything could happen. Really.
  3. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Oh well, I've read your hidden note and thanks for it, I had some doubts about Mateju and didn't buy him, regarding Rui Pedro I think he could become great in my save as well, but I'm not going to pay 22M (option to buy) for him, probably.
  4. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Cagliari calcio: December 2017 A quick end of December update, I lost some points in the league cause I had a tough Europa League group with Chelsea, Besiktas and Hamburger SV, almost a UCL group I'd say, somehow we finished 2nd a qualified for next round, Zenit will be our opponent. As I said Serie A had to take a back seat in this period and I often employed my best players in EL games, making a massive turn-over in our league matches, but we're not too far from the top. I started the season with new signing Petagna as my regular advanced forward but this kid changed a bit my original plan, I was carefully nurturing him since day one at the club (last season) but I didn't expect he could have been ready to play at this level so early, I'm really impressed, 18 yrs old only.
  5. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    You already know I signed two forwards, Petagna and Kenedy (loan), but other five players joined Cagliari during the summer, the squad is even younger now and all the key players from last season stayed here. Overall I spent 5.25 M while I received 18.5 from the market. Players signed Andrea Petagna (ST), 22 yrs, 2.3 M from Atalanta Bruno Martella (WB), 25 yrs, 1.1 M from Crotone Olivier Boscagli (DC), 19 yrs, 1.9 M from OGC Nice (already on loan) Kenedy (ST), 21 yrs, on loan from Chelsea (14 M optional future fee) Luca Valzania (MC), 21 yrs, on loan from Atalanta (5.75 M optional future fee) Laszlo Benes (MC), 20 yrs, on loan from Gladbach (2.5 M optional future fee) Jens Odgaard (ST), 18 yrs, on loan from Stoke (3.8 M optional future fee) These signings clearly explain my transfer policy, always looking for bargains and always trying to sign players on loan to test them properly. The board should be happy cause we got 18.5 M from the players who left Cagliari: Ibarbo, Joao Pedro, Pitzalis, Giannetti, Sau, Colombi, Padoin...these where mainly players who were on loan to other clubs last season and were not needed here now, surely a nice income. Cagliari 2017-18
  6. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Thanks dude, other 4 players joined Cagliari so far this summer, keep reading...
  7. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    We're going to start 2nd season and these are the board expectations, I think we could reach these targets, of course I'm curious to see what kind of impact my new signings could have.
  8. Brave man, I'm interested in this one, looking forward to your progress.
  9. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Another new signing, Brazilian Kenedy from Chelsea, I'll try to turn this one into a false nine
  10. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Italian football is really stressful...
  11. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Thanks, surely a nice challenge.
  12. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Ok, I got my man, welcome to Cagliari Andrea, I'm sure you could do well here.
  13. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Indeed, we were close to lose everything near the end of the season and honestly I didn't expect such a strong finale from the boys, regarding Borriello I think Petagna could be a good option but other clubs like PSV and Basilea are chasing him.
  14. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Thanks, for now I'm targeting Petagna to replace Borriello, he doesn't want to play in serie B and shouldn't be too expensive.
  15. Rombo di Tuono - A Football Manager Game

    Here we are, the season is over and I'm glad to announce that Cagliari will play in Europe next year (for the first time since 1993-94 season) thanks to a stunning 4th place in the table, missing UCL by 2 points only! I'm proud of these boys, better players could join in the next few seasons but what we obtained here is and will remain priceless. Somehow strage things happened this season: Inter won the league, Napoli missed European qualification and Atalanta were relegated, so we can't be too surprised if Cagliari finished 4th, correct? The best part of this story is that we have the lowest average age in serie A so we have some margin to grow up without changing too much, we've been simply perfect in the last two games of the season when everything could still happen regarding our European qualification, beating Napoli and Roma with two impressive 4-0, we don't dislike pressure too much... Marco Borriello ended the year with 16 goals and 4 assists, a classy and professional striker, probably I won't offer him a new deal due to his age, but this guy gave everything he had to help the squad. Mauricio Isla is another one I should single out, with the best average rating of the team (7.20) and 10 assists (1st for the club) , the Chilean played a major role in our successful season, one that will surely remain next season, his experience will be vital in Europe. The third player who needs to be remembered is new signing Jan Baranek, I had this defender in another save and once again he was a key factor in my defensive line with 396 interceptions (1st for the club) in 36 games played, a rock. We have young guns as well: Nabil Alioui, Alessandro Deiola, Nicola Murro, Nicolò Barella and Angelo Fulgini showed they could become the future of this club, other players had an interesting season like the men I had on loan, some will surely stay another season, Rui Pedro (top prospect with a 22M option to buy) already accepted a new loan deal while I'll have to decide about the others.