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  1. November/December 2019 - 4W 3D 4L We're 9th, at the end of December we're 9th, not bad if you consider our media prediction (24th) but I'm a bit disappointed cause our amazing start made me think we could do even better, but lately we had some bad losses, defensively we played without confidence and made too many mistakes. Up top Jacob Brown (8 goals) and Torben Musel (7 goals and 4 assists) are doing well, Conor Chaplin played only nine games due to an injury but scored 4 goals, all the other attackers have been pretty crap: Wilks had no goals in 8 (5) games, the same for my useless panic signing Jackson in 5 apps. In the middle of the pitch we missed injured McGeehan goals and skills a lot , he should be fit for the start of the new year. Meanwhile captain Mowatt did well with 5 assists and 7.00 avg. rating, a true team leader, Bahre was good as well ( 3 goals and 3 assists). As I said before my defenders started well but their recent performances have been declining, even Opoku, my best centre back wasn't so consistent in his last games, maybe he's only a bit tired cause he had to play a lot in this first half of the season. Now the goals would be to have a safe second part of the season, being ready to grab a playoff spot if our form had to dramatically improve, but we need to stay humble. I already sold Kenny Dougall for 300k to Colorado Rapids, he'll leave in February, no apps for the Aussie this season, I could make some other moves on the market, we have room for a competent striker...
  2. You added two solid and experienced midfielders, ready to play at that level, well done.
  3. September/October 2019 - 2W 3D 4L I was right to be worried about Cauley Woodrow injury, unfortunately now even McGeehan is broken and as a result Barnsley collapsed, mixed results in September and not a single win in October. I'm aware our starting winning streak was not going to last too much, I would have hoped for a softer landing but this looks like the great slump. The truth is that when difficulties emerge my young team does not have the experience to react, the absence of two key men was enough to alter the course of events. We need to find the right balance, less injuries would be a bonus. Our table is still impressive but what I saw recently from my squad didn't impress me, next few months will be key to understand what kind of role we could play this season in the Championship.
  4. August 2019 - 6W 2D An outstanding start for us in August, ruined by a major injury to one of our best players at the the end of the month, but let's see what happened in order. Being unbeaten after 8 games played looks a bit odd, the tactic started to work quickly, after the first crazy draw vs. Fulham we conceded only 2 goals. Beating Burnley thanks to local hero Jacob Brown was the highlight of the month. My first goal when I built it was to develop a defensively solid tactic still capable to create dangers while we attack, often on the counter , surely our low block looked pretty tight so far allowing quick and deadly transitions. MVP: Cameron McGeehan, playing as a mezzala, has been our player of the month with 4 goals & 2 assists. But, you know, **** happens and Caley Woodrow long term injury was definitely bad news for us, our best striker out for 8 months, the market was already closed and the only viable chance to add another striker to the squad was to sign unattached 32 years old Simeon Jackson, a well know face at Oakwell stadium, having (poorly) played here in the 2015-15 season, I hope he could help.
  5. Well played bud and that Ivonei bloke looks ace, really gifted.
  6. At the end of the summer market I have a first team squad of 25 players with an average age of 22: Keepers: Radlinger (26 yrs) and Collins (22), the second should start cause Radlinger eccentricity looks dangerous Central defenders: Opoku (21), Andersen (21, Halme (21), Diaby (21) Full-backs: Jordan Williams (19), Sibbick (20), Ben Williams (20), Harry Toffolo (24), Mitch Clark (20) Defensive midfielders: Nguiamba (20) , Tourè (27) and Dougall (26) Mc's: McGeehan (24) , Mowatt (24) my captain, Youssouf (20), Findell (19), Styles (19), Bahre (24) Strikers: Woodrow (24), Chaplin (22), Wilks (20), Musel (20) and Brown (21) home-grown player at club Green = purchased players Orange = on loan I still have 3.6M in the transfer budget but I'm not inclined to spend more money for now, in January I could use that money to purchase some of the players on loan if they're performing well for the team. I could have signed more players but I want to give a chance to the players of the original squad.
  7. I see your point, I’m curious to see what kind of financial support Mr. Lee could offer to the club in the game, I wish you luck for your season finale. 👍
  8. Welcome here, it's time to start this Barnsley F.C. save, if you're a fan I beg your pardon for the logo, I don't like the original one so I made my own logo for this career. First of all I need to say thanks to @Jamesbfc1887, his first season struggle with the Tykes was really inspiring, being a Championship lover I managed Barnsley before and I know something about the club, but before reading his thread I didn't know how much I needed to play with them once again. I'm playing with the original database (75000 people) with no edit. I perfectly agree with Chien Lee (Barnsley new owner) words regarding how he usually runs his business: I'm not sure if he really knows what to buy, unfortunately for the Barnsley fans he surely knows what to sell, for example he sold many of the club top assets recently: Moore, Pinnock and Lindsay above all, without replacing them properly. We're media predicted to finish 24th, so they give us no hope to stay up, but we have a different plan. What the board want I have no problem with focusing on young players, the club needs to grow up and bringing in hot prospects with potential looks like a viable option, in this first transfer window I signed mainly under 22 players, I agree with self-sustainability as well, playing entertaining football it's a different story though... The main goal of this first season is to survive but afterwards we're going to start what our owner defined "the internationalization of the club", to promote Barnsley all over the world. The players I signed I set some rules regarding loans fir this first season, no more than 5 of them and all the loan should have a "reasonable" agreed price clause, I'm not going to nurture players without having the chance to sign them on a permanent basis. Nicholas Opoku, Cd, 21 yrs, 2M agreed price Torben Musel, St, 20 yrs, 375k Zaydou Youssouf, Mc, 20 yrs, 3.5M Birama Tourè, Dmc, 27 yrs, 500k Mitch Clark, Dr/l, 20 yrs, 2M I sold Cavarè (injury prone and with expiring contract) and Thiam (useless for my system) for a sum of 1.8M that was added (95%) to my transfer budget of 2.9M used to sign the following men: Harry Toffolo, left back, 24 yrs, 575k Hampus Finndell, Mc, 19 yrs, 500k Aurelien Nguiamba, 800k The system I'm planning to use, could it work? Thanks for reading, feel free to share your thoughts and...Up the Tykes!
  9. They look like an entertaining challenge, good luck!
  10. The game has some potential but it looks like a beta: wide players not crossing the ball instead of regularly shooting from absurd angles not enough through balls and not enough goals from through balls (one vs. one situation) In general poor variety of goals scored silly penalties (3d issue?) These are all evident and major bugs you should do something to fix, don't ask for pkm's for these things, just start a random save and play 3-4 games with a random tactic...
  11. Yep, misplaced defensive headers were a thing in FM19
  12. That would be the plan: staying compact, even the lower line of engagement goes in that direction
  13. I know, but I was talking about top European leagues and to be fair Hoffenheim is part of the municipality of Sinsheim, a bigger town. Most importantly limited resources make EAG a more interesting club than Hoffenheim. 😉
  14. A good first season finishing 4th in Ligue 1, just behind Monaco, surely a brilliant result for EAG, but it could have been even better, we had two miserable draws vs. Amiens and Nimes, respectively 20th and 18th in the final table, in the last games of the season and missed UCL qualification by one point. Anyway we'll play in Europa League next year and we must be glad about our effort, it was an unsaid goal when I started this save now it's a reality. Continental football will raise our reputation and bring some money in, an opportunity to grow up. We're miles behind PSG and Lyon but we knew this would have been difficult, right? 2018-19 EAG competitions recap Ligue 1: 4th Coup de France: 9th round Coupe de la Ligue: 4th round A new tactic has been implemented, in the 2nd half of the season we played this 4-2-4, it still employs the same low-medium block concept like the previous 4-5-1 did, we scored 64 goals overall, improving a bit over the first part of the year, but we controlled the game more. Goalscorers Nolan Roux 14 Ronny Rodelin 13 Marcus Coco 7 Assists Coco 8 Roux 8 Blais 6
  15. I had some more injuries at the end of December but nothing too severe, anyway in the 2nd half of the season I toned it down a bit, it's still worthwhile to custom your training imo.
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