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  1. Congrats, this is a terrific achievement, you surely deserved this for your efforts
  2. There's a problem at PNE, it's about Ben Davies unhappiness for no apparent reason, I delayed his contract renewal and he's upset since then. Some months ago I offered him a new deal and he accepted, unfortunately he's still unhappy cause "I broke too many promises" and nothing has changed during these months. Moreover other players are strangely supporting him against me, this thing is starting to ruin our dressing room atmosphere. Ben Davies comes from PNE youth team and this will be useful when we'll qualify for Europe due to Uefa registration rules, what should I do? To sell or not to sell?
  3. I'm in the summer before my EPL debut with Preston, recently the club was involved in a takeover, things went well at the end, I'm still here and we have a new owner, Mr. Matt Finch, who just added 11 M to our transfer kitty, now we have 47 M for the market, contract renewals and transfer moves will keep me busy. Meanwhile Daryl Horgan, my Irish inside forward was voted Best player of the Championship, but he wasn't the only one to achieve something...
  4. As I told you before I see your point and I bet your 4-4-2 will soon start to properly work
  5. higgins

    FM18: Rotherham United

    It seems you're having a great journey with the Millers here, also a great UCL debut vs. Juve
  6. It seems a takeover saga suddenly started in Preston, for now no transfers are allowed... Business tycoon Matt Finch? I don't know him, to be fair I'm not sure this was needed right now, our financial situation isn't that bad, furthermore after our recent promotion was improving... This month red is mainly due to our newly installed undersoil heating, but wage and transfer budget were decent, let's see what could happen now.
  7. I'd like to mix more traditional career updates with something tactical, here I'm going to give you some info about my tactical setup. Here you have the "with the ball screen" average positions or wibble, if you're old enough, and you see the 2-2-4 in all its splendor, up top the trequartista drop more but both my central attackers are creative players, so they often try to play in the hole to open up spaces for the inside forwards; at the same time my two complete wingbacks play very high being able to put pressure and recycle possession in our opponents half, when the inside forwards cut in they try to reach the byline and deliver some dangerous crosses. Defensively the complete wingbacks, in spite of being on attacking duties, are still capable to protect the flanks (we're somehow still sensible to quick counter attacks when we lose the ball during offensive transitions though), the trequartista retreats and help the central midfielders to block the lines of passage, here the complete forward is more isolated but try to put pressure on the defensive line. This tactic is based on short passing and possession, but playing it mainly on standard mentality we have more time on the ball in deeper zones of the pitch and we can still launch quick counter-attacks which often surprise our opponents, unable to cope with my fast wide flankers. We already know that having players capable to cross the ball is vital in FM 18 and the stats say we're slightly better than our opponents doing that, what's more interesting is that through balls are the second source of goals for PNE and here we're a lot better than the other teams (24 vs.10). I'm only using 6 TI's currently and I don't feel the need to add more of them, the goal is to keep a narrow shape: In the Championship we had decent players skilled enough to quickly move the ball around and keep possession but we'll probably have to face some problems next season, when we'll have to do the same things with less time on the ball available.
  8. I just read your thread, brilliant career so far and good luck with the Rams, English championship is always a challenging league but going up is really rewarding
  9. Interesting career and even if your move to Derby might seem a bit odd, I know the championship is always an intriguing and tough league, then Derby deserve to play in the EPL so it's up to you...
  10. A brilliant season, you already know about PNE promotion but we did even better, we won the league and we did it with the best attack (107 goals) and the best G.D. (+39), surely a good start for building something important and reach our main goal: the UCL in five years. Many players had an outstanding season, the system I'm using (2-4-4 tactic) served them well, obviously they're now knocking at my door to ask more money and even if PNE finances are in a good state, I'm going to be careful here as some of them are not premiership material, on a positive I don't have players with expiring contracts so I have time to evalute things properly. Quick stats Goals Sean Maguire (23) Leon Marinic (16) Daniel Johnson (12) Assists Daryl Horgan (14) Tom Barkhuizen (14) Darnell Fisher (7) Av. Rat. Tom Barkhuizen (7.39) Darnell Fisher (7.34) Tommy Spurr (7.31) Interceptions per 90 min. Ben Davies (7.33) Tommy Spurr (7.17) Raphael Diarra (6.47) My best signings this year have been Diarra and Marinic, two bargains that are growing well, I'm curious to see how they could cope with the EPL. Raphael Diarra (Dc) Leon Marinic (Fw) This is PNE squad at the end of season one, some of the players on loan have an agreed price clause, for example I could sign Morgan Gibbs-White for 1.8 M, he didn't play too much this season cause he only joined in January but he should have some potential, plus he's English. Maitland-Niles could leave Arsenal on a free, it would be another decent business...
  11. Two games to go but we already won promotion to the EPL, nicely done ! But the season is not over, we can win the league...
  12. Well done Sean! My complete forward Sean Maguire just scored 2 vs. Reading in a brilliant 4-0 win far from home and reached 21 goals over this season, top PNE scorer. ...and this is the table with 5 games left:
  13. This is my team hierarchy, not sure what your thoughts are about this new feature, personally I found that when you have players moaning for the lack of game time or begging for a new contract, if you have competent team leaders they help a lot to improve your dressing room atmosphere and keep players happy. I often ask Cunningham and Maxwell to intervene and fix these usual problems with very good results, this way you only have to worry about your team leaders happiness...