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  1. Here you go, my Twitter account where I talk about Football Manager and other stuff: @Armchair_Gaffer
  2. It's my own blog, if you like in depth FM career updates with some historical flavour, tactical and team building tips, this could be the place to visit: Armchairgaffer.com The blog was lanched for FM 2016 but has been recently revamped, I'm managing Preston North End right now, trying to establish them as a big club in England and beyond, if you want to know more about my approach to the game or simply need to be inspired for your next career, here you have some links to my most recent pieces: The Splash - A tribute to Tom Finney Preston North End club guide for Fm 17 How to build a solid Championship club with 580k If you're interested you could follow my Twitter related account as well. Any feedback is welcome. Regards.
  3. If you're looking for a blog focused on in depth career updates with tactical and team building tips, you could check my own: Armchairgaffer.com
  4. Thanks, it's a good question. Let's say that if you have a well defined tactical asset it's easier to know what kind of players you're looking for, then when you're on a budget you need to scout leagues where you can still find good value for your money, Mitteleuropa, for example, is a good place to find undervalued players, like Julis. That would be my idea to make things more interesting, very often too much money ruins a good save, this is why I don't want to use the budget available for next season transfers, I'm going to sell 2-3 players and then I'll replace them with the money received. Thanks for your comments.
  5. We finally did it! We're going up and in a stylish way, league champions with 106 points and 105 goals scored, I'm really proud of my young players (we have the lowest average age of the league: 23.15) who stayed focused all the season long to achieve this. These are my best XI players of the season, 8 out of 11 were members of the original Brentford squad when I started this save, while Julis, Ongenda and Pennington joined the team later. All the players had a great season but some guys offered terrific displays: Scott Hogan (MVP and best scorer with 23), Lukas Julis (21 goals), Marcus Thuram (20 goals in 18 apps!) Hervin Ongenda (11 goals & 14 assist from the hole) and Maxime Colin (10 assits from the right flank) above all the others. The plan right now would be to keep all these guys and try to overachieve in the EPL with them, but I know some tweaks could be needed, let me think about that later, It's time to celebrate!
  6. It's time for a mid season update, as the banner says we're in January of our second season and our main target was to achieve promotion, so far so good cause we're leading the table by 15 points! More than expected, we're flying and destroying opponents, I hope we can keep this run going till the end so that you can claim your prize.... As described in my previous post the squad didn't change so much but the results did, we're conceding less (24 in 29 games) and we have the best defensive record of the league, but we're strong in other areas as well. Scott Hogan is still my best striker with 17 goals, followed by Julis (16) and Thuram (10), Ongenda is doing well playing in the hole behind two strikers, not the classic number ten but a sort of swiss knife capable to unlock our opponents defences with his perpetual running. In January I signed a right defender on loan, Cristopher Glombard, because I sold Nico Yennaris to Los Angeles galaxy for 5 M, another decent deal for a player who was nothing more than a backup.
  7. I had a (quick) test with 3-5-2 and, as you pointed out, the first thing I noticed was the strikers being disconnected from the rest of the squad, the images you posted show it clearly and using a DLF doesn't seem to fix the problem. What kind of tweaks are you going to adopt here? My first idea was to use a diamond shaped midfield but probably this would change too much the original idea behind 3-5-2, maybe a more fluid team shape could help to have your strikers more involved? Nice thread.
  8. We're going to approach our second season with the clear intent to achieve promotion, I think the team is improved after this market window and after last season finale I added more depth to the squad without overspending. This session started with three players who left Griffin Park: John Egan (Dc), Jota (Amc) and Akaki Gogia (Mr), the last two never played for us last season, they were on loan abroad and we definitely won't miss them. Most importantly we got a lot of money from these deals , 13 M that will surely boost our balance, I'm sure that the board decision to build a new stadium is somehow linked to our improved financial asset. But we're not just a selling club, we signed some players as well: I'm satisfied with these deals, Ongenda and Sakor for free are amazing deals, I wasn't sure the first would have accepted to join a Championship team from PSG but he was glad to sign a three-year deal with the Bees, he's a really versatile player being able to play in the hole or as a striker, even his personal traits suit well the role I have in mind for him, advanced playmaker with license to run and bustle... Andrea Barberis is a deep lying playmaker, this Italian midfielder will be McEachran backup while Matthew Pennington will cover the DC spot alongside Harlee Dean, our new captain. Then I signed Joe Gomez on loan from Liverpool, the boy had another cruciate ligaments injury last year, the second in two seasons, and never played a game for the Reds; I know he's a bet I will employ him as a rotation option and see if he could recover his old form, there's a clause in his contract, an option to buy for 12.99 M! The looks of my first team squad didn't change too much from last season, the only new face is Ongenda but I firmly believe this squad could fight for the promotion with more rotation options, fingers crossed!
  9. This is the period of the year when you usually make your plans for the future, arranging transfers, renewing contracts and trying to improve the facilities at your club, so you could imagine how glad I was when I received this: In two years we'll play in a modern and larger stadium, Griffin Park served us well but it's tiny and can't satisfy all the tickets requests from the fans, meanwhile the board accepted to improve our traing facilities (1 year - 1.1 M cost) as well, this club is growing up! Lionel Road?
  10. I just read what happened at the end of your first season, coincidentally I lost in the playoffs semi-final in a similar way, I'm glad to see you started well your second year in charge.
  11. We could say that we came, we saw...but we didn't conquer, our EPL dream simply faded away leaving me upset not for the travel but for the gloomy finale. I knew there were better teams in the league, better than Brentford I mean, but losing in the playoffs semifinal playing so poorly vs. Huddersfield is a huge disappointment. Basically we went out cause we conceded a goal in added time, at the end of the first leg match, damn' Nakhi Well scored his third and we're out, the second game was probably the worst display of football we offered this season, Marcus Thuram has been great in the first game (goal + assist) then disappeared in the second. Anyway, it's time to reconsider the season as whole and I must say there are a lot of positives: we obtained more than expected, some interesting youngsters (Rico Henry, Julis, Blabjerg and Nkunku) are growing up and our financial situation is steadily improving. Next season the team should be stronger and better equipped to challenge for the promotion once again. I don't think too many players will leave, probably we just need to add more depth, I'd love to keep Zelalem with me but 7M are a lot of money , I could try to renew his loan, not sure if Arsenal are interested though. Harlee Dean has been included in the Championship team of the year and will be a key player in next season squad as well, go there to see my overall players stats if you're interested. Reading, Norwich and Derby (playoffs winners) have been promoted to the EPL, while Sunderland, Swansea and Hull City have been relegated, some strong opponents are waiting for me...
  12. Thanks mates, I should be able to update the thread today with my results.