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  1. Yep, that and the wingbacks surely add defensive stability.
  2. Nice thread Cleon, I'm tempted to bring some concepts from this into my flat 4-4-2, in particular I'm intrigued by your midfield duo: a b2b and a regista, but probably it would too ambitious for a 4-4-2 that already employs two attacking wingers.
  3. Use wingers, not wide midfielders, wm's are for sissies!
  4. This is really true, very often I see tactics where TI's and PI's are completely random, to build a decent tactic you don't need them or at least not so many, just start with a clean tactic, try different team shapes and mentalities and see what happens, once you understood how your tactic works then try to use some shouts combo (example: I'm playing 4-4-2 with "standard" mentality, a "structured" team shape and no shouts, what does it change if I add "more direct" passing and "exploit the flanks" shouts? No idea? Well, just watch a game using at least comprehensive highlights and you could easily see the difference...and so on. A basic knowledge of football tactics surely helps, but trial & error its still king here, don't be afraid to make experiments and above all don't get frustrated too easily by the amazing results some people share on the internet, most of them are simply altered.
  5. That would be the plan mate, first signs are not great though.
  6. 2016-17 Summer transfers and pre-season After being promoted from the Championship I had to plan quickly for the EPL, next season will start quickly and we're not prepared to that level of football, my best players like Thelin and Traustason were on loan so my first aim was to sign them on a permanent basis; meanwhile some of my players already come to ask for new and more lucrative deals, I'm trying to resist or the wages expenditure could go out of control, Niclas Eliassen, voted Best Young Player of the Championship, wanted 1.5 M per year, I firmly refused and he's unhappy now, I'm going to offer him a new deal in the next few weeks. Fortunately there are good news as well, I snapped for free Vittorio Parigini, a young and promising winger from Torino who signed a thee year deal, I'm sure there's a bright future for this Italian already capped at U-21 level. TV money will come, month after month, butin this transfer window we can spend 10 M only, as predicted many players I tried to sign were not interested in joining the Millers, maybe they didn't realise we're making history here. At the end of the summer I was able to put together a decent squad, of course many compromises have been made building the team, we're the youngest squad in the league (22.85) and we have the lowest average player wage (438k per year) and player value (1.8 M), so staying up this season should be another good challenge. The only first team player who left was Chris Maguire who joined Wigan for 675k, below you could see my new players. Arnor Ingvi Traustason officially became our most expensive signing ever, 2 M for this Icelandic winger. On a different note the media once again seem to have faith in my chance to survive and they fairly agree we should finish 20th, I'l try to prove them wrong...
  7. Thanks, it was totally unexpected and surely a nice achievement, we are not ready for the EPL though, an hectic summer is on the way, I'll try to keep the core of the team together .
  8. 2015-16 End of Season Yesterday I left you with a big question mark, could Rotherham gain a playoff place? Yes guys, we did it in style, winning 5 of our last 8 games and finishing 4th in the league, but we did even better, defeating media favourite Nottingham Forest and Fulham we won the Playoff final in Wembley, for the first time in their long history Rotherham are in the Premier League! The squad became more consistent in the last part of the season thanks to some tactical changes I made, I opted to leave behind, for now, my ultra-attacking style and surprised many big teams playing on the counter, my flat 4-4-2 evolved and turned into an asymmetric 4-3-3, Isaac Thelin arrive, 12 goals in 17 matches, did the rest. Left winger Niclas Eliasson (11 goals & 10 assists) was voted as the best young player of the year but many other youngsters performed nicely during the season: from Norwegian playmaker Petter Strand to Salim Cissè, my Guinean versatile striker, everyone gave their contribute to this stunning success. I'd love to keep them all with me, even if I know it won't be possible, but I bet you know how I feel. Below you could find the links to some screens that recap this first season pretty well. Fixtures - Final Table - Overall Players stats - Finances
  9. 8 games left in this first season for Rotherham, we're surprisingly battling for a playoff spot, of course the table is so tight that everything could still happen... Not everything is going in the right direction though, just lost Tom Thorpe, my best central defender for at least 3 weeks, bad news.
  10. A quick update about the January transfer-market: - Derbyshire asked to leave due to lack of first team football, so he left immediately (for free cause his contract was expiring in 6 months) to join Watford, where he's earning 3.75 M per year.... - Two players joined Rotherham on loan, the first is a striker, Isaac Kiese Thelin from Bordeaux, while the second is a versatile winger, Arnor Ingvi Traustason, capable to play on both flanks and cover for our recent injury crisis with Maguire, Bradaric, Silva and Larsson all out for several weeks. Isaac Kiese Thelin, 23 yrs old striker from Sweden
  11. I don't like Ledesma that much, I'm using him as a rotation option on the left wing but his lack of pace is a problem, Smallwood is quite solid for me, he's a hammer in the middle of my 4-4-2, even too aggressive, many yellow cards for him.
  12. 2015-16 Half Season Update The first half of the season has gone and we sit comfortably in 9th place, after a nice start when we reached 2nd place at the end of September we had a terrible losing streak in October, losing four consecutive games, lately we had some high scoring games with mixed results that mainly reflect our direct and risky approach. The team is working well and I'm giving the planned playing time to my hot prospects, some slumps were predictable employing so many youngsters. Tactically speaking we always try to play attacking football even vs. superior teams, home and away without fear, when we fail we fail miserably, but it's paying off so there's no reason to be more more cautious at the moment. Jordan Bowery, in spite of his not impressive technical skills, was key in this first half of the season so I renewed his expiring contract for other three years. Approaching the end of December I already sold Greg Halford (100k) to Birmingham. Stay in touch.
  13. A lot of young players joined, they'll need time but they should grow up well Thanks!