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  1. Bruno is always likely to do better (more consistently) when your team has the ball due to his superior decision making and not having the "dwells on the ball" ppm, the only thing holding Bruno back would be his poor anticipation and lower ability ceiling. If you could get Pogba's decision making up and unlearn the "dwells on the ball" ppm he'd probably be better. Possibly also adding the "tries long range passes" or "tries killer balls" to complement his passing ability and vision.
  2. Have you tried restarting your machine? With a restart it may close any process/files that could be open and effecting it. And of course there's the verifying of game files to try too or a re-install.
  3. Just a thought but it might due to a low adaptability rating causing him to take time to settle into a new country as both the other example and mine are based in Italy.
  4. Here's Chiesa on my Milan save, the two highlighted players are the two I've played most at right midfield with the winger role. The youngster coming on for the last 30 mins most of the time so that'd have cut down Chiesa's time on the pitch. My only frustration was him not scoring more of the chances he had. I've been thinking of training him to be a right wingback in the Dani Alves mould...but as yet undecided.
  5. Athletic Club Barnechea Chilean First Division B My first job has seen me make a departure from recent attempts at this challenge and I've started in the Chilean 2nd tier instead of in China. I joined Barnechea with them in 12th place out of 16 and with 3 league games left to play. The division was so tight that everyone from 10th down was still mathematically in danger of being relegated. My first three matches were against other relegation candidates and started with a home game and a surprising 6-0 win against Club de Deportes Melipilla. We followed that up with an away trip to Club de Deportes Santa Cruz and came away with a 5-0 win. Despite the overwhelmingly positive start there were signs that our defence wasn't up to scratch and that was shown away against the bottom team Club Deportivo Ñublense S.A.D.P. in the final match where we scraped a 3-2 win in an "entertaining for the neutral" kind of game. I've not started any coaching badges yet, hopefully they'll allow that at some point going forward. Challenge Progress: Club 0/10 top domestic leagues () 0/10 domestic cups () 0/5 club continental championships () 0/1 club world championship () International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/2 world tournaments Seasons: CLUB CAREER Leagues Cups Season NAT Club Division 1st 2nd 1st 2nd Cont. CWC Other & Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 CHI Barnechea 1st Div B 9th Joined in 12th with 3 games left INTERNATIONAL CAREER Rank Cups Year Nation FIFA NL World Cont. Conf. Other & Notes
  6. Admittedly my only sample is two half seasons with Man Utd but it's just like watching Man Utd in real life....aside from me signing some good players... The penalty awards do seem to behave like buses but then I've also been surprised by Man Utd's real life penalty awards this season....if only they'd have put them all away....
  7. That is a limitation in the match presentation which can be frustrating. The only thing really is to keep an eye on the text commentary as well to hopefully gain some context for what you're seeing graphically. Viewing it positively, it has been improving over time.
  8. Given the antics shown in the Copa Libertadores final at the weekend I dread to think how bad it'd have to be to be ridiculous On to a minor update, I've now got a job...can't remember where or who with...one sec while I load up the game to check... Ah yes, Athletic Club Barnechea in Chile. Don't think I've ever managed there before....I recall managing in Peru previously but not Chile. I'm tempted to do a tour around the South American countries.... At least these have a nice enough kit:
  9. I've tentatively started my FM20 attempt at this. Hopefully I'll keep at it longer than FM19, though that might have been due to a hangover of my FM18 save.
  10. I've just noticed a major loss in one of my players determination attribute too. From 20 down to 1....talk about flip/flop This save was started when the beta was released if that makes any difference and has been updated by yesterdays patch. And for the record no editing has been done with any players in the save. Tempted to edit the attribute but don't really want to go down that road.
  11. Isn't it a journey to get to your dream team? This is demonstrating that whilst you have a "goal" in mind you may not be able to apply it (and be successful) straight away and being adaptable to the players you have available and the patience to allow players to develop whilst working towards your goal is sometimes needed.
  12. Line of Engagement which influences how deep (or high) play will be before they start to press.
  13. Have to echo the sentiment here, even when I finished the challenge I carried on the save and still ended up changing jobs after six months and winning the trophies I was after as the journey was still fun....and I finally at the 3rd attempt landed the Man Utd job which I finished the save with.
  14. I started with 5 small leagues in terms of number of divisions and teams, China, South Africa, Mexico and Argentina & Brazil I think. Once you get several years in and save file grows and you've got the larger leagues running then reduce down to 3 running at once. It all depends on how your machine handles it.
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