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  1. I presume it's the same in FM24 but In FM23 it's in Preferences > select advanced tab > select interface from the drop down box to the right hand side > scroll down to "team screen" section and the landing page selection option is there.
  2. Well my hearing aids can be controlled via bluetooth from my phone.... and I thought they were music/communication headsets of some sort at first. Still a bit baffled as to why they're in the game at all as I'd never see them on the manager avatar as I'd be watching the game....and I don't make football manager avatars nice enough to oggle.
  3. Don't forget the hand prosthetic.... and may as well add other prosthetic parts too.
  4. Well even wearing shades are usually to reduce the glare of the sun and thus aid sight. But onto the hearing aid topic, just adding the hearing aid into the accessories section would have been perfectly fine. If they're going to add more aids in the future like mobility aids such as walking sticks/crutches/wheel chairs then having an "aids" section makes sense. As it currently is just add them to accessories as that can also include jewellery and other cultural garments to cater to other demographics going forward.
  5. The difference in presentation of hearing impairments and sight impairments has actually offended me more than I thought it would as I don't usually get offended by such things and even on the rare occasion I hear a deaf joke find them as amusing as the next person. But to class one as an ability aid and one as an accessory has just riled me up so much that I've requested a refund and won't purchase another until hearing and sight impairments are treated the same. Why are vision aids (glasses) not in the "ability aids" section of the avatar creation like hearing aids are? Nice of you to add those btw but classing them in different sections with different connotations in their naming is something I find discriminatory as they should both be categorised either as accessories or ability aids. What is the point in creating an avatar before being able to do anything else? When you then have to create an avatar when you start a new game anyway. Can't even change the preferences (which include features to aid visibility) before having to create an avatar.
  6. Sorry to intrude on an existing topic, but the player traits are difficult to see in both the overview screen and the attributes screen and something I find very irritating, surely this isn't intentional as I'd expect to be able to clearly see the aspects of a player that define their playing style? It seems the only way to see a players traits in a visually suitable way is in the player development tab which seems very inefficient when I'm looking from one player to the next.
  7. Thanks....it reminds me that's the only one EPL they've won....i'm ignoring the 18 Championship wins
  8. Can't we lock the thread here so we don't have to see a pic of that Mersyside player?
  9. Is that Dirk Kuyt? I had him score over 60 goals in a Liverpool save many many years ago. Torres was more the provider in my team.
  10. a wide player that can cross the ball to the only decent striker (Ronaldo) we have. Or train Fernades to be a striker.
  11. To be fair if they were to have Fabrizio Romano announce it it'd would be good publicity.
  12. It's the save I started in the beta for FM13 and it's now in the year 2031...the only players I know to sign are the ones I've already sold on as they got older.
  13. I've played since the '93 version and currently continuing my FM13 beta save...didn't take me any time to remember all my digital heros and get back into the swing of things.
  14. I've taken to playing my beta save from FM13 to pass the time...I think I actually prefer it to the newer versions.
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