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  1. I remember at some point people were complaining in this thread about two clubs from the same country playing each other in the new UCL format and, since it happened to me as well (Arsenal playing Man UTD), I made a quick research on Google. It looks like it is actually normal and it is not a bug (sorry if this was clarified already).
  2. Dave, any “time slot” for tomorrow’s release? also, could you perhaps give us a small preview of what will be new/improved to beta compared to alpha?
  3. well that was quicker than I expected. would be nice to have some patch notes though
  4. considering the amount of steamdb changes from the last 12 hours and considering that today is Monday, which is “early next week”, could we actually expect the first update to be released today?
  5. Worth to mention that they posted it as FM24 EARLY ACCESS this year instead of BETA which implies that it is as close as possible to the release version.
  6. to be honest Monday really felt like the beta day and like the good ol’ days, but it didn’t happen.. last night we had the updates on SteamDB + Neil today on the thread which made it look like beta was imminent today and again it didn’t happen.. I fee like tomorrow we’ll definitely reach the peak, also depending on how much the SI staff will tease us and how soon this will happen
  7. well Zachary said himself he is Neil now so we all know what happened when Neil said “NOT TODAY”
  8. they did it on purpose guys, no need to worry. if it didn’t mean anything it’d have been posted in the morning when the videos were uploaded. just building engagement for the 6PM release
  9. Steam description doesn’t make it seem like the Advanced Access is something limited to specific people or different than what Early Access would mean to be honest
  10. same here, I’ve seen quite a few games recently calling it “Advanced Access” rather than “Early Access”, at least on Steam
  11. as far as I remember it takes 1-2 hours since the latest Steamdb change for it to be released. therefore, maximum at 7:30PM we have beta
  12. seems like it isn’t. I’d definitely not put so much effort for a troll, best I would have done would have been to write “Creating a new topic” on it with Arial
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