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  1. Due to issues I've found adding in NCAA, I've had to completely re-structure it. It's based on the way @samba23 has set up his database (If you haven't checked that out, it's a lot of fun!) The NCAA will now work like thus; NCAA I-A NCAA I-AA NCAA I-AAA (now includes WAC) NCAA II-A NCAA II-AA NCAA III-A NCAA III-AA Teams have been realigned so they are in their geographically correct conference (in NCAA I & II, III is remaining the same).
  2. I am going to remove and re-edit the opening post to this thread when V1 is available for download!
  3. Here's the plan. I have two days to edit this weekend, before next week I'm going to be concentrating on studying for my exam (a week on tuesday!). I'm hoping to have the original usa pyramid + ncaa all done and completed the week after my exam. This is just an estimate, but I'm excited for ya'll to see it!
  4. I’m not actually sure how the SuperDraft works, but players will come from NCAA I-A.
  5. You can just set average ages for the teams and that sets a cap for eligibility. (At least it should).
  6. 12 tiers. I can’t have more than 20 tiers so having each high school / state as individual tiers wouldn’t work.
  7. I'm not sure at the moment. I'm currently a one man band and doing this on my own. I'm hoping to at least have the original leagues & NCAA I out within the next few weeks. I have my final exam on May 2nd, so after that I will have some more time to edit, after this I should be able to give a more general idea for a release date.
  8. This database is going to be as close to real life as possible, with some fantasy / fiction implemented for maximum enjoyment. This first post is going to be very long, as I'm going to list all the leagues which will be included, which will include High School teams. The database from MLS to MLS Pro will be set up as they are in real life. Below that will be the NCAA I (FCS & FBS), NCAA II & NCAA III. Any other information will also be included in the coming days. As well as having all three divisions of NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA will also be included as far as possible. (NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA will be the college football format, as will NFHS). All teams in these divisions will be sat to 'Always Amateur', as will teams within the NFHS. Graphics etc will be included, but these may take some time. Included in V1 - MLS / USLC / USL1 / USL2 MLS Next Pro / NISA / NPSL NCAA DI-A / DI-AA Fully playable college football playoffs. Bowl Games Real Rules / Caps / etc All updated transfers
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