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  1. Congrats to the two teams that stopped England (and therefore joint champions): Italy and Scotland
  2. I think a lot of football fans have a constant thirst to see their team make changes and give other players a go. Absolutely zero reason right now for Southgate to change a single player. They may have faded as an attacking force as it has gone on, but defensively England have been great, and that's a team effort that has included every single player.
  3. Last 25 mins of that half were fascinating. Italy below their best - but watching them keep possession about midway into England's half, prodding for an opening against a really organised and well-drilled defence, has been a really interesting watch for a neutral.
  4. The whole mod team preparing for Sunday if Italy win and gunman decides to come on here for vengeance
  5. Have to credit Denmark - what a tournament it's been for them (in both the best and worst ways). They played well tonight in spells but looked absolutely done from about 65 mins onwards. Incredible effort from their whole squad overall though, especially after such a traumatic start.
  6. Don’t think it was a penalty, but Denmark are done here, was only a matter of time.
  7. Third place playoff probably the one match thread I’d be happy leaving to thefmveteran
  8. Forget talking about old songs - The peak EnglishxEuros moment for me has to be My Summer With Des
  9. Brych has taken some criticism in here tonight, but I like he fact he's being stingy with his cards. Been plenty of tackles that might have got a soft booking in another game.
  10. I mean, I know Jenas often isn't great at all, but he's getting a lot of grief for this penalty thing when I think he called it all pretty accurately? Said straight off the bat he thought it was a foul, praised the referee for giving it, then said he could see why Lloris would want VAR to intervene as in his mind he got contact on the ball, but that it was reckless and definitely a foul. Don't think he defended Lloris at all
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