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  1. I think even £10k a week at start of season would have kept him. We'd removed his competition for left back with Blackett and Obita leaving, freeing up well over £10K i'd imagine. They should have put him on a 2 year deal, £10k a week with an extension if he plays x amount of games to 3 years. Then he's ours till summer of 2023. They seem too keen to pay bigger name players £20k a week on a long contract, yet won't keep prospects on £2/3K a week for more than 1 year it would seem. Wonder what our team would be like if we'd put 18/19 year olds on 4 year deals. The likes of Jules, Fos
  2. Here you go, from Sky Sports. Not disappointing for him, Why would he want to stay at Reading when he can go to Bayern. Wages look like around £30/35k per week (he told Reading they needed to offer £35K a week for him to consider staying, and hence his in and out of 1st team over the past few weeks) Shame our board are not ensuring young players have at least 2 years left on contracts. esp when they are only on a couple of grand a week. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11890/12232800/transfer-news-omar-richards-to-join-bayern-munich-this-summer-after-reaching-pre-contract-agr
  3. unless the Reading researcher is aware of something factual (which may be the case). - That is correct.
  4. I'm not the Bournemouth researcher so it's not me you need to be trying to convince that his PA is too high. I was just advising on how the PA works.
  5. Many players peak later in their careers, for a midfielder that might be late 20's (Rashford would probably peak around 26/27 as his game is built on pace) , so if he's 23 he still could have 6/7 years to reach his set PA. a move to a bigger club, in the Prem at the end of this season, a few seasons on a winning team in the prem and he could end up being an England regular, he could also stay with Bournemouth, get relegated and be in League one in 2 years time, like Rodwell. So is it possible he could still reach that PA over the next 5-6 years, that's question I think you need to be asking.
  6. For older players, a players PA is set to their highest CA they achieved in their career, So it will show what he reached at his peak. It does not decrease with age. For younger players it's their potential they could reach. So the PA of an aging player might be lowered if say the researcher set them at 150PA when they were younger and they never managed to play in the top flight or reach that level, and peaked at around CA130, their PA should be reduced to 130.
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