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  1. [Reading] (Official) Data Issues

    Lots of those are already in the updated data file from last week. I'll advise later which are already in and discuss the rest.
  2. [Reading] (Official) Data Issues

    It's been changed to the correct RGB mix colour , slightly different from what it's showing in the game at the moment
  3. [Reading] (Official) Data Issues

    Just to let all of you know who are playing as Reading FC, we made a few updates over the weekend which are not yet in the game. But list your thoughts...
  4. [Reading] (Official) Data Issues

    Brian Tevreden - well spotted, is not in our staff data file, will get that sorted. Along with Leigertwood and a couple of scouts I believe need to be moved too. Agreed on Dolan, will have him added in someway.
  5. [Reading] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi Abaddon879 Lee Heron has been updated just not in the beta yet. Rakels should not be out injured, injuries from July 1st should only be in game. We'll get this amended. Luke Southwood - capped yes, but not at highest youth level, which would be U21.
  6. Do you have your goalkeeper set to take penalties during games? In my game, I had a testimonial match for Adam Federici (Reading FC Goalkeeper), knowing that he's like most goalkeepers who think they can play as a centre forward, my plan was to stick him up front for the last 15 mins of the match. I also put him as the number one Penalty taker. The game ended 1-1, with Federici scoring the equaliser from open play with about 10mins to go (no pens in the game) 4 Months pass and 18 games into season. The testimonial match is now long forgotten. We are 2 nil up at home to Burnley in an important Premier League game, we win a penalty (first one of the season). I'm looking around on screen to see who's going to take it (normally Pog or Blackman), and then Federici appears next to the ball on the spot and calmly places it in the top corner! Now my dilemma, do I keep him as the Pen taker? I'm very tempted too - how many others use their GK to take Pens? and did you have any success?
  7. Season 35/36 A) £0 no players Season 34/35 A) £110k/month loan 2 players (1 Free) B: 20% C: 0 Season 33/34 A) £1.5M on 2 players B: 15% C: 0 Season 32/33 A) £325k 1 player B: 10 % C: 0 Season 31/32 A) £0 no players Normally made my signings before deadline day, or free transfers at the start of the window.
  8. New laptop advice.

    I've been running FM on a Samsung RF711, it easily copes with the demands of FM, on the CPU, memory and graphics card.
  9. Do both the host and client both have to be logged in to steam to play? I ask as I've two laptops on my desk and with last years version FM12 I was able to play a network game using both laptops and my single steam account.
  10. i'd say so, except Poland were playing at home so that needs to be accounted for too.
  11. How will a game be a draw in the database? it's almost going to be impossible for both teams to have the same CA. So what factors are you adding in to decide if the Database produces a draw?
  12. Set the Philosophy to Rigid too.
  13. Tweeting in FM13

    Worst idea ever.
  14. Rubbish teams winning World Cup

    World cup 2014 France winnners , Portugal Runners Up 2018 Germany Win, Chile RU 2022 England Win, Argentina RU 2026 Norway Win, South Africa RU (held in Mexico) currently 2030 in my save and the top 5 teams are 1. Nigeria, 2. Brazil, 3. Germany, 4. South Africa, 5. Italy. England are down in 18th now. World cup is in Italy and Holders Norway are ranked 17th. And I'm running leagues in 25 different countries too.
  15. The npower championship thread 2011/12

    Who cares were almost up.