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  1. I'm using V1 and its still the best tactic around that I've used. Playing with Harrogate Town in Conference North and Iv just gone unbeaten for 19 games. 16 wins, 3 draws. All 3 draws have been Away from home so maybe something to look into to tweak it slightly when away against the other top teams. But always my go to tactic with all the teams I've used on FM.
  2. Gonna give a couple of these tactics a go on a new Journey Man Career I'm going to start today. See how it gets on with Harrogate in the Vanarama North Division.
  3. So if they start in March 2015 when does the transfer window start for the first season?
  4. I won the championship with Leeds United at the first attempt and finished 4th in the first season of the Premiership again solely using this tactic. 3rd seasons seems to have gone downhill slightly, have improved the team massively but not getting the results it was.
  5. Played 16 league games & 5 friendlies on a Barnsley save with this formation and won 20 lost 1. Very good formation plug and play as described. Going to start a new Leeds United save trying to spend as little as possible / money generated from sales only and see how I get on.
  6. Correct I achieved those results with the tactics from post #42. And still stand by that this is the best tactic I have used. Some players who have never performed are now absolute gems / seems to really bring out the best in your midfield three players. I've managed to win the Championship first season with Leeds United and now going to see what this can do in the premiership. Will report back.
  7. Best tactic set that Iv used on this years Football Manager! I'm using Leeds United and yes I've added around 5 players to the starting squad but the results have been absolutely brilliant with this formation and the play from the midfield 5 is absolutely brilliant. League table with 5 to go: And the recent results: I tend not to use the attacking formation that much as I've not had good results when switching to it. But the Standard and defensive formations are perfect. Big games start normal grab a goal or two then turn defensive.
  8. Going to give this save a run. Looks like there has been no transfers in at Leeds either starting with the same basic team and they've kept hold of the core of youngsters to build the team around.
  9. I've just finished my first season with Leeds United narrowly missing out on automatic promotion and failing in the play offs but for the last 10/15 games I couldnt buy a win otherwise I'd have run away with it. Looking for a tactic to build my second season around so will report back with how I get on and any tweaks I make if they work better for my team.
  10. I've been working on something similar since the game first came out tweaking little bits at a time and playing a few games with it. What iv found is that the tactic seems to work better with a winger and an inside forward. The winger set ups a fair few goals for the IF to tap in at the other side. Other slight tweaks my MCL is a Ball Winning Midfielder defend to try and shore things up a little more and the MCR a Deep Lying Playmaker support. Other than that my instructions seem to be slightly different using a high paced game and a much wider setup. Results seem to be pretty similar though. I've also found that the strikers seem to fail to find any consistency what so ever which at times can get quite annoying.
  11. I'm going to give this tactic a shot, seems to be getting either brilliant or poor results so will see what happens and report back. I'm going to look to take over an English league 2 team ideally one who has fairly suited players and try and get them up into the premier league and dominate.
  12. Thanks for the help Nicko Blaggo & Macca72. Started again and managed to get a few of the targets that I wanted from the ones suggested: Patrick Ekeng - Currently averaging a 7.2 in the league & 8.42 in the cup scoring a couple of absolute beauts on the way. Loves a long shot and they quite often come off. Jose Valencia - Has scored 7 goals in 8 appearances playing as a Deep Lying Forward. Not his most favoured role but seems to suit him perfectly in my formation. Ramadan Sobhy - Had him in previous save and was able to pick him up at a bargain price couldn't pass him up. Will keep my eye on the rest and see how they develop. Cristian Pavon will be snapped up as hes on a loan and future fee deal. The season has started of rather strangely with alot of teams considered as bottom half teams doing considerably well and teams like Middlesbrough propping up the league table. Long way to go yet mind.
  13. How have you managed to sign all of those players? I cant seem to get any of them to join is there a knack to it, like a certain time to offer for them?
  14. Well I've just completed season 1 and managed to gain promotion going up in 2nd place. The promotion race went right down to the wire with Derby holding 2nd spot until two games to go. And then they didn't manage to gain any further points and I managed to win both games sending us up! Giuseppe Bellusci was an absolutely brilliant captain to have for this time and rallied the troops before every game. Heres the final standings: I only purchased two players all season Luigi Castaldo mentioned previously & Matty Foulds - looks to be a possible high potential Left back and provided cover for Charlie Taylor who is an absolute beast this year. The rest I got in on loan as cheaply as I possibly could. I picked up Sean Morrison & Callum McManaman on loan before sending them back as they didn't work within my formation and style of play. The Key loan players were Harrison Reed(Southampton), Kristoffer Ajer(Chelsea), Ramadan Sobhy (FCP), Joe Gomez(Liverpool) & Tyias Browning(Everton). I also sold the likes of: Tommaso Bianchi, Casper Sloth, Souleymane Doukara, Mirco Antennuci & Scott Wooton. See below for full details: Heres the formation that I reverted to after the first 10 games as the 4321 really wasn't working: This formation meant I conceded the least goals in the division but also meant I scored the lowest amount out of the top 7 clubs. This is something that you can live with this though as it was getting me consistent results. At on point Marco Silvestri went nearly 400 hours without conceding. Just before the last game of the season I received a possible consortium take over: I mean "Sam Allardyce" really?? Hopefully if this does go through I get given a chance after winning promotion. And just a quick shot of what the board have set the initial budgets at: Should be able to strengthen a few areas with that budget!! Onwards & Upwards, fingers crossed they let me keep the Managers Job!
  15. Great to see the Thread up and running for another year. As I'm sure many of you have found this time around attracting players in terms of buying them has been much more difficult. I hadn't played FM16 at all until full release but heres who I've managed to pick up: Luigi Castaldo is actually banned until 27/11/15 which I didn't realise when I bought him! D'Oh! But I think he could be useful for a season or 2 and the assistant manager rates him highly. I also sent Tom Adeyemi back to Cardiff didn't think he was worth the 8k a week wages when you could get the likes of Harrison Reed and Kristoffer Ajer on a quarter of that. In terms of Back Room Staff not much is needed, I placed a request for more coaches to increase our specialization which was desperately needed and brought in a Fitness Coach and a First Team Coach. Jean-Christophe Hourcade - Fitness Coach 4.5* on strength or aerobic when only training in one of these sectors. & Giuseppe Tortora - 4* Attacking Coach to free up one of my other coaches to increase other areas. There is no restrictions on Scouting and the 2 that you have available at the start are reasonably poor. 2 Extra Scouts were hired to boost this rating up. A head Physio was also taken on board. Went for a young 29 old from the Lower Leagues trying to give him a chance to prove himself as I don't see this as a vital area. I've set the team up like what seems to be a favored formation for Leeds, with a variation on a 4-3-3 / 4-5-1. It looks as follows with what has been my starting line up in the positions: After a miserable preseason struglling to draw against low league scottish teams the first 5 games and 5 wins conceding a total of 0 goals. Hopefully the form can continue, fingers crossed!.