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  1. Best tactics I've used on any version of Football Manager! Used the 4141 in the Championship with Leeds and won the title the first year. Then finished 4th in my first season back in the premiership. The 442 was released and I switched to this due to the number of wonderkid strikers I had managed to purchase, haven't looked back since. Now in my 6th season and winning pretty much every competition entered. Thank you for sharing these tactics!!
  2. Still having massive success with this tactic. Season 3 with my Leeds team resulted in a Premiership title, Carabao Cup win & Euro Cup win (After going out of the Champions cup in the group stage). Was knocked out of the FA cup in the Semi-finals aswell so nearly success in every competition entered. Season 4 currently in December. sat top of the Premier League once again battling it out with a very good Liverpool squad. Made it out of the Group stages of the Champions cup this time so lets see how far I can go with that one. And into the quarter finals of the Carabao cup hoping to win that once again. Got the maximum amount of foreign players (17) due to the brexit rules within my game and around 5 wonderkids sat in the reserves who are all foreign so some jiggling around is going to have to happen at the end of the season. Cant seem to pick up or find any english wonderkids worth snapping up. A regen striker I have joining me in the summer: Looking forward to more success using this tactic! :)
  3. I switched to it after the post and must say it’s been brilliant! Only played around 5 games but the number of goals from midfield is crazy. Mateusz Klich has gone from scoring 4 in 20 to 12 in 25. 8 goals in 5 games since the new tactic!! For the 2 results of note I beat Hull City 6-0 and beat Aston Villa 5-1 (Aston Villa sat in 2nd and going well so an amazing result). The remaining fixtures were 3-0 and 2 x 2-0. This tactic really doesn’t concede goals. Highly recommend.
  4. V1 been working like a dream so far in my Leeds save: Will try V2 now but not sure the results can get better
  5. I think Jack Clarke could be immense with the right game time this year. Doing well for you already! Great achievement. I did exactly this. Was doing well in my second season but had sold a lot of the original first team and not developed any of the youngsters. Made it my aim to develop Shackleton, Pearce, Clarke, Edmundson & Temenuzhkov (Just to start with). All transfers will be under 21 or English if over that.
  6. January Update - Season 1 So after a far few restarts and purchasing many different players I finally settled on a plan that I wanted to work with. Offloaded the usual suspects at the start of the season plus Samu Saiz on loan as he wouldn't get the game time in my formation and terminated all the loans apart from Jamal Blackman and Jack Harrison (both of which are really good players for the championship level). In January had interest in probably 10 of the squad but only received offers on 6 players. Luke Ayling - Sold to West Brom for £11m in total, Adam Forshaw - Sold to Stoke for £7.5m total, Pawel Cibicki - Sold to Derby for £1.7m, David Garcia - Who I signed for £2.5m I sold on for £2.4m as I really didn't like him and he always looked to struggle when in the squad. Received offers on Pontus Jansson for £12.5m but rejected this as hes worth more than that surely!?! And a bid from Crystal Palace for Ezgjan Alioski for £9.75m but again rejected as I think he should make me more if I sell once promoted. Transfer roundup below: Not sure how you guys are doing it but I struggled to make a 4231 or 41221 which was consistent and gave up in the end going for a slight tweak on a 442. Found my best starting line up to be the below: Currently sat at the top of the league with a decent gap to 2nd, so barring a massive injury problem then promotion should be pretty much a given. Will update when Leeds are in the Premier League once again *fingers crossed*
  7. I've just got to January in my first season and sold Ayling to West Brom for £12 mill (9 mill upfront, 2 mill in installments over 24 months and 1 mill after 50 appearances). Going to be implementing Lewie Coyle into the team for the 2nd half of the season, hoping to get similar offers as @soldierblue123!!
  8. Any individual instructions? Going to set this up and use it as a slightly more defensive version of my own tactic. Thanks good to be back.
  9. Can you upload the tactic somewhere and share (Maybe even upload to a post on here. Believe the files are small enough)? I'd like to see if the same success can be had & a 442 formation is perfect to build a squad around. I'm currently using a 442 with the wide players pushed up to AML and AMR and doing really well.
  10. A player I thought might be worth a mention. Didn't think he would join but if you offer him a Key role as soon as the game starts he accepts. Jacob Bruun Larsen:
  11. What was your starting line up in the end? Interested in doing something like this and trying to bring youngsters in.
  12. Wow! That is some serious money. What did you get for each?
  13. Just signed him for Leeds United. Bid 1.5mill all upfront and was accepted immediately. (Sold Pablo Hernandez for 3mill to fund a few buys) Will let you know how he gets on.
  14. @macca72 Great start to the thread for this year Only realised today that the game was out for Beta already! Downloaded it this afternoon and will be starting a save tonight. Cant wait, Leeds should have a good squad for this years FM just need to get my head around the new tactic changes. ~Edit: Noticed a fair few free agents which might be worth looking into at the start of the game: Didier Ndong (Former Sunderland CM, 24 - Was good on 2018 so could be a money maker if he can be brought in and sold at a later date) - Made a contract offer for him. Papy Djilobodji (Former Sunderland CB, 29) - Possible good option for centre back cover, taken him in on trial but may have WP issues. Dennis Diekmeier (Mentioned here already but could be a good back up to Ayling, 28) - Brought him in on trial to give him a chance. Assane Gnoukouri (DM / CM, 21) - Might be worth a punt if WP is possible. Again thinking of selling on at a later date to make a profit. Serdar Tasci (CB, 31) - Similar to Robert Huth just a little Younger and a little quicker. Could fill a gap for a season. Has anyone been able to sell any of the existing squad / send any loan players back? (I've noticed you can extend the loans for an extra season on 50% less wages and remove the loan cant be terminated option - but when could you cancel these loans then?)
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