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  1. I've used this formation for 3 seasons now on my Leeds save and having great success. Just having trouble with the big teams in the Premiership this year after finishing 8th last season. Do you have a link to the 2 most up to date tactics you are using? *Apologies just read the first and last post I will download the link from the first post and make sure that I have everything set to as explained above.
  2. This just happened in my save. Very proud of this result: Was desperately holding on at the end but a win against Man Utd is always sweet no matter how it comes.
  3. I'd say that the opening post of instructions about team talks etc. hasn't been read in this case. I follow this to your word Aggressive I expect nothing less than a win then Assertive I have faith in you if the players don't react green. Also as you suggested at half time if only a player or two is performing 7.0 or over an Aggresive I expect to see something else in the second half or any other similar option. Any who reacts badly at this point I substitute this only happens with one player every 3/4 games not often. There has been a game or two which have been some of my Losses that I have forgotten to follow this and have asked the assistant to do the Team talks (just out of force of habit / it been one of the bottom teams and wanting to get into the match quick expecting a win) and the team never gets going resulting in a poor end product. Seems that definitely from my experiences so far that team talks make a massive difference this year.
  4. 1.2 Still working wonders for me: Knocked out of the English FA Cup straight away but the tactic has me top of the championship and in the Final of the EFL cup in the first year with Leeds United. I will download 1.3 and have it training as my back up tactic. Maybe switch to it towards the end of the season where people seem to experience a decline in results.
  5. I originally planned on selling him and offered him out a number of times over the first few weeks but nobody was interested. Because he didn't sell I decided he may as well be used and hes been brilliant. Really happy he attracted no interest. Hes been playing as just a standard CM Attack no extra tactical instructions added.
  6. Currently Sat top of the championship midway through January of the first season, won the first leg of the Semi Finals in the EFL Cup against Newcastle 4-2 at Elland Road so hopefully as long as nothing goes majorly wrong at St James Park I should be able to book a place against Manchester United in the final (Not holding any hopes of beating them). Pablo Hernandez has just left the squad with me not been able to extend his loan contract and not wanting to pay 1 million for him. And with the free up of wages that this has brought I decided to dip my toes into the loan market to see who was available for the second half of the season and when I saw this player I just couldn't resist bringing him home for 6 months: I'd say that my midfield was probably one of the strong areas at the moment with Eunan O'Kane been a star performer and my Top scorer in the league. But when the chance to bring Cook back presents itself its something that needs to be done. Heres a brief outlook of how Eunan O'Kane has done for me after 25 league games, hes been a real surprise package and definitely the first name on the team sheet for me (Now worth 9.5 Million apparently):
  7. That looks like a great signing! Has joined Chelsea for £26 Million in my save.
  8. Just had a brilliant result in the EFL Cup Quarters: Team started terribly then turned things around before introducing Preciado late on ready for Extra Time finished the game off. Cant wait to see who I get drawn for the semi's. And I've just drawn Newcastle in the Semis so a chance for a Final is on the cards all going well.
  9. @FuSS really good tactic working wonders with my Leeds team. I'd been trying to set up this 41221 formation myself for quite a while with no joy but this just works. As for the PPM's ill make a note of them when looking to bring in players as the two CM's seem to be the main goal scorers so far. Eunan O'kane for Leeds is doing brilliantly doesn't have the ones you mentioned but has "Plays short simple passes", "Plays one twos" & "Shoots with power". Out of my midfield the two with Plays simple passes and shoots with power seem to be getting really high ratings each game and grabbing the majority of the goals. Ill test out a few things on the striker ppm's as I have Harold Preciado who should be really go at Championship level but doesn't seem to be performing. However he has no traits so I may try and train a couple on him. Also just a side note on the wingers Stuart Dallas is currently averaging a 8.05 and his PPM's are "Runs With ball often", "Shoots from distance" & "Dwells on ball" so maybe the Runs with Ball often is PPM to look for?
  10. I decided to start again from my original post as I wasn't happy with the squad that I had built. Really happy second time around! I've sold a couple of players that I didn't want to really but they didn't fit into my plans and my whole aim was to raise as much money as possible for incoming transfers. Anyway here they are: Patrick Bauer - 23, German, Centre Back - One of my scouts highlighted him to me as I'd not heard of him before. Took the leap of faith and he has been my stand out performer for the first eleven games keeping Bartley out of the side. Only 23 and manages to chip in with a few goals from set plays due to his height got 3 goals so far for me in 11. Not bad for a CB. Rui Pedro - 18, Portuguese, Striker - I've been switching between a 4312 and a 433 with 3 strikers so Rui Pedro has been used as a sub in a False Nine role. So far from 5 substitute appearances he has 3 goals so not too shabby. Also no wage is required to bring him in on loan. Ben Garrat - 22, English, Goalkeeper - brought in as backup keeper hopefully becoming number 1 before the end of the season because as stated Robert Green is pretty dodgy and makes a number of mistakes. John McGinn - 21, Scottish, Centre Mid - I'm sure most people will have heard about this guy due to old FM's decided to plump for him and has been a vital part of my Midfield. Averaging a 7.6 over 11 games in a great run of from. P.s. going to start a test save to update the formation information for the standard squad on the opening posts tonight.
  11. @macca72 I started a couple of test saves to see exactly who could be brought in and settle on a final squad that I wanted to achieve & on the new update it seems that Harold Preciado is now interested and available to sign for as little as 1 Million at times. Glad to see you got him don't think he will disappoint. As for the Transfer Revenue if you go to the board at the start of the game before any sales are complete sometimes they agree to up the retained money to 70% this doesn't appear to be possible every time though.
  12. Harold Preciado is even managable to sign! £400k upfront 1 Million installments. Really don't think there will be better in this league.
  13. Per-Egil Flo is another to look at 27 year old Norwegian left back can be bought for around 400k. Similar Level to Charlie Taylor so would be a good cheap fix for a season or two. Alexandru Vlad aswell 26 year old romanian on transfer list for £375k again rated very similar.
  14. @Nicko Blaggo & @Seb Wassell Thank you I've been contemplating starting my save again as theres a few things I've noticed that you might be able to prevent / do better. Charlie Taylor is never going to sign a new contract so you may aswell try and get the most possible money for him. Also its going to be much easier to replace him at the beginning. Ronaldo Viera around January time if he has been playing has progressed quite alot and the premier league vultures come in for him. I think maybe offering him a bigger contract towards the start may try and keep some of this interest off and keep him happy. @Welshace Javi Chica did you sign him on Free then sell for £1.1mill 20 days later? If so thats some great business.
  15. Well I've finally got my side set up for the start of the first season. As stated above decided to go with a 4411 formation to utilise the players that we already have Hernandez in the hole behind the striker etc. I sold a couple of the players I suggested above and my final transfers for season 1 look as follows: Kevin Lasagna was 1 Million upfront and 2.5 Million over 48 months. And Antonio Di Gaudio was 700k upfront and 700k over 48 Months. Both are rated by both my new scouting team and Pep Clotet as big improvements over the current squad. And as stated in my player analysis part further up Kevin Lasagna is a natural complete forward which I always rate as one of the best settings for a lone striker without adapting any of the individual instructions. And my first team looks like this: # I've tried to set the tactic up so that the midfield stay tightly knit in the middle of the park so when defending its a real wall to get through. Then when we attack I'm looking for the wing backs to provide the extra width and crosses. I've completely overhauled the scouting team appointing a new Head scout and 4 new scouts each with 100% knowledge of different countries (Scotland, Spain, Italy, England). The coaching team has had a slight overhaul with the fitness & Goalkeeper coach been changed. I have brought in Laslo Jambor as Fitness coach and Bobby Mimms as goalkeeper coach both are without a club at the start of the game and a big improvement on what is in place. I also persuaded the board to allow an extra coach to increase specialization and brought in Brian Deane (Club Legend) to be our tactics coach. Jason Blunt our u23's manager is the main ball control Coach and James Beattie set as the attacking coach. The rest are split between myself and the assistant manager Pep Clotet who I have decided to give a chance to prove himself as I think he is probably a big part of our current success IRL. Will update again when i get to the January stage with how it is going.