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  1. Really looking forward to this! Been playing FM Touch for the past few years but I think this news will mean I go back to playing the full FM as it will run on my Pixelbook.
  2. Great tactic! Using it on the Nintendo Switch I was bottom of the league with Notts County after half a season after getting promoted the year before and looked certain to go down.... Switched over to this tactic and managed to finish 14th. Next season on I am in January and top of the league!
  3. That's a shame that your not enjoying it at the moment. I would say that I had similar thought's to you about the interface the first few times I played but now I am used to it and it doesn't seem too bad. Obviously a mouse and keyboard is the easiest way to play FM but the Switch interface doesn't seem so bad after a little while getting used to it.
  4. That's awesome news! Just bought a Pixelbook in an early black Friday sale so can't wait to play some FMT on it when it gets delivered!
  5. I have found the game pretty difficult at times, especially when it comes to using tactics that I haven't downloaded from someone else. I do think the game has been easier in the past although I haven't played it for the past couple of versions before FM18.
  6. Sorry if this isn't the right thread to post this in but is relating to PC advise regarding FM. I have a five year old laptop at the moment which runs FM18 ok'ish, but the plan is to buy a desktop in time for FM19 which will run quicker and with more leagues loaded. The main question is if I buy a really good desktop to play FM on, does anyone have any experience of using something like Chrome Remote Desktop in relation to playing FM and would I be able to remote into my good desktop from my old laptop when I want to play in a different room to my office? Many thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply! No real reason why I picked ebuyer other than the PC was already constructed. I'm always a little confused how well different components of a PC rate against each other which is why I have stayed clear from designing one myself but I will definetely check out your recommendation!
  8. Hi. I was considering buying this PC and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to take a look and give some advice on how it would play FM? Also although we have no idea of future specs of the game would it be likely to run at least the next few versions of the game to a decent level? https://www.ebuyer.com/826461-punch-technology-i7-1050ti-gaming-pc-gdt-705-1022 Thanks for your time!
  9. I use a bluetooth mouse on my Samsung tablet to play FMT so dont see why it wouldnt work on an ipad.
  10. Hi guys Excellent game this year again but did come across a bug yesterday which I wanted to let you know about. I was playing a league match and got to the 90th minute where one of my players had to come off injured. For some reason I could not drag one of the subs over to make the sub on the tactic screen and on the odd occasion where it looked like I was able to drag a sub over to the injured player, it wouldnt swap them over. I wasnt able to proceed with the rest of the match with an injured player on the pitch which meant I had to crash out and reload an earlier save. I won the match again on the 2nd time round and had no issues making subs but would have been really frustrating if it was a cup final or something! The match was in the 2nd season and I was playing as Dover if that helps at all. If you need any more info please let me know.
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