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  1. what about the priority attributtes for the sweeper keeper
  2. what about the priority attributes for the sweeper keeeper
  3. can you post player requirements for each positions and training etc please
  4. hi Uwe can you please confirm all the players attributes for all the positions as there has been so many changes it is hard to follow or which attributes for who and and where. sorry to be a pain. look forward to from you soon.
  5. Hi U rosler can you please confirm what all the players filters for each position please on this new tactics.
  6. ok thanks will use them for now and look forward to hearing the final update to this tactic.
  7. hi what about the players attributes are they the same as the original ones or the latest ones can you confirm as i am not sure as which to use
  8. Can you kindly explain what key attributes to look for individual players positions
  9. i have tried to download this file and saved into tactics but when i try to put it onto my game it says file cant be imported any suggestions anyone?
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