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  1. hi rosler have you managed to get the training schedules sorted yet and also could you please advise what would be the individual training for each of position to get there attributes up ie Gk CB DLP IWB Mezz and AF look forward to hear from you soon.
  2. how does the weights attributes work? so if i was looking for a gk for example what attributes would i be looking for
  3. top underdog 442 tactic i have tried but of to no avail and what do you mean colums are sortable sorry if i sound a bit thick lol
  4. I don't understand this at all I have tried to edit the training schedule in the game but cant maybe you can get a file with all these in would be a great help
  5. where do I put this schedule in the training
  6. HI can you please give me a breakdown pf players key attributes for each position ie Sweeper Keeper, Central Defender DCR DCL (Def), LB RB Complete Wingback (Att) , MCR MCL Box To Box Midfielders (Supp), MR ML Wide Midfielder (Att) and STCR STCL False 9 (Supp) The Tactic is Rosler 4-4-2 19.3 And the Best Training for each of these positions to get there attributes up I guess it is the additional focus and what intensity should I have them on look forward to hear from you soon kind regards snowy
  7. Can someone help me as my players attributes haven't improved ie got sweeper keeper on sweeper keeper training and has not moved all season I am now into march can someone help or am I doing something wrong snowymuk
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