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  1. The data in FM2020 will have Queen's Park set as they have always been set. The consequences of yesterday's vote are not yet known. Once it is clear and proven how QP will operate, we will change their status accordingly, if required. It is much too late to make any amendments for that club before Monday's release of FM2020, ie to get the data extracted, the gameplay fully tested etc.
  2. When was he at Northampton? When was he at Hashtag United? Clearly, Hashtag United is not Northampton, so his time there should be treated as being at a different club.
  3. We cannot add that payment, as Maddison is not contracted to Norwich. The game code does not cater for this. To enable that would require new game code, which at this stage of development is not possible, as game code is locked.
  4. It's an error, clearly. We'll get it updated for the RELEASE database. Reminder, you are looking at the BETA database and game.
  5. As mentioned just three posts up, this issue has been fixed earlier this week, so should be ok in the RELEASE version of the game. It was a problem with terracing in the EFL.
  6. This issue has been fixed earlier this week, so should be ok in the RELEASE version of the game. It was a problem with terracing in the EFL. Thanks for bringing it up.
  7. @Mexican Sky Blue - thanks for your post, though there is not the need to re-post things here. Everything is looked at. On the 7th, I answered your post (earlier on the 7th) which clearly stated I had actioned the items in that post. You then posted about Wilson's sell-on (alreqady done). The finances - you did not provide anything I could reference, at that late stage of development, that I could use. I have not changed the finances, as I did not have time to search for the evidence. Data lock to edit my database was that very day. Halsall - you already have a HOYD (Bolas, also mentioned in that post). Tech Dir is the closest FM job to the job he does at your club. Maddison - we cannot set those clauses in the current database. Harries - he was not mentioned until today's post, which is too late to add to the release database. This is a football management game, not a property development game, so any details about the cost of a new stadium and the very low probability of it ever being built, and being funded by (well, we have no idea who will fund it do we?) is outside the scope of the game at this stage. Given the very last-minute demands upon us, I am pleased to state that the squad amendments you requested later on the 7th were, on the whole, made. You mention some "player traits" (we call them 'PPMs', or 'Player Preferred Moves') in your post of two hours ago, That is too late to be considered for the release version of the database. The Coventry City researcher added the traits he believed were necessary for the squad when he did his research for us in May, August and October. Some of those PPMs you have set will be down to players doing tasks that Robins will have set them this season. The updates to the U23s did make it, from last Thursday. Young players like Bapaga, who are first-years, will not have full profiles where every single attribute is set, simply because they have not been watched enough to commit to every single attribute at this time. You say he is being scouted by Premier League clubs. So is every other first-year at every Academy. If U18s are appearing in U23s squads at start-up in FM, it's because they are considered worthy of inclusion in the U23 squad, which may lack competition in their particular positions, hence promoting them to that squad. They will play U18s too. Staff - you have only mentioned Stanley, Drake, Kite and Morella two hours ago, so it is too late for them to be in the release. I had updated the staff as per your posts of the 7th, where appropriate. Media prediction - 11th or 9th, that's negligible, and not worth worrying about. I am sure you could find a media outlet that had you top and another that had you as relegation candidates, if we looked hard enough. Your points about low technical attributes is noted, and also low determination, and that's for another day. To say that anyone who is a professional has shown determination to get there doesn't mean every single player in the database therefore has determination set in double-figures. Coventry City have not sent us any player photos, despite SEGA licensing staff chasing them for it on our behalf. If a club does not provide player photos then we cannot legally use those player photos. Thank you for your hard work in checking the data and reporting on it.
  8. As no plans have been approved, no future stadium capacity change has been set in the game. The expansion capacity cannot be changed at this late stage of development, post-data lock for the release.
  9. The club have not sent us any, despite having been asked to do so. We are not legally entitled to use any photos without their consent.
  10. Unfortunately, Ball is not extracted in the FM release database, so we are unable to make that change to his profile and include him in the release version of the game. That is because it is after data lock for the release of the game.
  11. We cannot set rents for future stadium moves, yet. Suspect you['ll have to pay much more than you did before, anyway. Stadium sets etc. The seat colours are set in the database as light blue at the Ricoh (primary colour) and dark blue (secondary colour). Coventry's average attendance is set in the database at 9255. That was 2017/18s average, which is a mistake, and it should have been updated to 2018/19's average. We'll get that changed for the official release of the PC game. We don't set projected attendances for promotions that may never happen.
  12. There are always vacancies and opportunities. Just email us (scouting@sigames.com) and we will pass on your application to the Head Researcher. You need to explain which team you watch play every week, and why you are someone we should invite to the research team.
  13. The Dorking high wage problem has been fixed for the RELEASE version of the game (*remember, you are playing the BETA). It was a mistake with the contract type assigned to those players, and also Hope at Hampton & Richmond. The high wage for Howells at Hemel has also been corrected.
  14. These were updated for the RELEASE database.
  15. There was a duplicate, so we updated the best profile and deleted the other profile. No idea why you would report this, it is not a data issue. There is one Pete Wild in the database, he's at the correct club, and his details are correct. Insert other media.url
  16. We use the stock photos the club provides us. If they do not provide a photo, then we cannot include it. You know this. It clearly isn't SI's fault if they are not included.
  17. I suspect the SPFL supplied us their assets without a sponsor on? Obviously if we had been given their assets with a sponsor on we would have included it. Perhaps the sponsor was added after the kit was launched? I have no idea. Our graphics team working on literally thousands of kits will be working with what they are given.
  18. Thanks for your post, Kraven9019. Strain changed his name to Ryan Waide. He is in the game under that name. In the RELEASE version of the database, Waide is correctly set on loan at Dungannon. Larkin has also been moved in that database. Doyle's loan is also included in that database. Apologies for the BETA database not being up to date for those players. Thanks for the heads-up about the extended contracts too.
  19. Thank you for your considered post, @Mexican Sky Blue I'll answer the point about the auto-generation of low ratings for young players, later, as it's extremely busy at the moment here with deadlines. The database you are using is nearly three weeks old now, and clearly we've worked on it since. I'm looking at the database to make the staff corrections, and they all generally appear to be correct already! (Whing has left the club for Hereford). Bolas was appointed in the last couple of weeks and has been updated. Thanks for the info on the player position tweaks, especially the U23s and u18s. Looking at that link, the only U18 we are missing is George Ward, and it's not clear whether he is an U17 or an U16. Viveash has a high CA already. Bigi is unattached in the BETA database. He's been moved to Solihull for the RELEASE database. Rowe is at Coventry already. Newton - we had that in hand to do, and it has been updated now.
  20. So, what was the settlement please? I am sure you can point me to an article explain what it is. Should there be a future fee clause for Holmes? Again, evidence please. If it was confirmed by a director, then there will be evidence of that online. Thanks.
  21. Collison is set as an U18 coach at Atlanta United Academy in the database, and was for the beta too.
  22. His stats are not "poor". People need to get out of this habit of thinking that this is some sort of TalkSport Phone-in where you can use such language without being challenged. We are looking for a better quality of critique than that. "Plays like FM2019" - I have no idea what that means. Reminder: This is beta stage of FM2020. You are playing with beta code and beta database. If you believe the transfer to be unrealistic and genuinely want SI to look into why it is happening, you need to log a savegame, just prior to the transfer happening, in the relevant forum (Transfers and Contracts).
  23. That entry means £1.4m over the eight years between start and end date. Not £1.4m per year.
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