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  1. Was in this last year and loved it! Doing to delete unpicked options to make the post shorter. Player Information First name: Lucas Last Name: Fenix Nickname (optional): DOB: 31/10 City of Birth: Stourbridge Nationality: English Second Nationality (optional): Welsh Height (CM): 168 Weight (KG): 70 Favourite clubs (optional): Aston Villa Disliked clubs: (optional): Man Utd Favourite personnel (optional): Christian Benteke Disliked personnel (optional): Player data Contracted Club (leave blank to be a free agent): Preferred position: Left Back Preferred foot: Left Preferred squad number: 25 3 x Technical Attributes: Technique, Dribbling, Passing 3 x Mental Attributes: Flair, creativity, determination 3 x Physical Attributes: Pace, acceleration, agility. If it's 2 like listed in the rules, skip agility. 3 x Bonus attributes: Off the ball, positioning, tackling Personality (highlight 2 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Adaptability Sportsmanship Preferred Moves (highlight 3 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Tries Killer Balls Often Runs With Ball Down Left Avoids Using Weaker Foot Ethnicity: Northern European Hair: Dark Brown
  2. I like to use the custom database option to load the teams playing in the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian top leagues. This gives you some dirt cheap talent, none of them will ever reach the likes of Messi's talent but they'll be great Premiership first teamers eventually.
  3. Only once in 2013. Stephen Ireland for James Ward-Prowse, straight swap. Start of the game.
  4. Great potential there, there's a few ways you could take him. Either get his physicals up to an acceptable level or go for the off the ball/composure/first touch route and turn him into an Inzaghi style poacher. As his finishing, composure and off the ball are already at a decent level he'll do fine in the reserves.
  5. There's a fantastic read here on the subject, it's a few years old but we can now see consequences of these numbers with the wage cutting that the Milan clubs are going through. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/442218-the-price-of-inters-success They remain bank debt free by having the owners taking on the debt kind of like an underwriter sugar daddy. It's hard to see how it'd be represented in game, gift repayable on leaving? It'd surely cripple the club though. It's normal for really big clubs to make a huge loss across the season and then recoup back the same amount if they're successful in a few competitions and getting through most of the Champions League. The first port of call for Inter in game is to cut any high earners, such as Sneijder.
  6. I usually stick with counter, if you have the ball in their half it's time they're not attacking and getting chances. I only go contain in the last 5 minutes or less if I'm up by 2 goals.
  7. Ahh thanks for the clarification, love your work on this so far.
  8. Are there any advantages to using 4.2 over 3.2? Does using B teams result in a better stat progression than using the standard reserve teams?
  9. I'm worried by Ireland's determination and the fact that Ward-Prowse is really hard to sign on the cheap led me to a discovery, Southampton will accept a straight swap. Is it worth the gamble? I'd have to get in a really good tutor to turn the lad into a world beater.
  10. Been using it for a while, notice the link changed a few days ago when I checked back to see if there's a new update. Really like the leagues, a great benefit is that if I loan out one of my players and they perform poorly instead of being left to rot at their new club they get put into the academy teams and keep playing.
  11. I've always been one to create very specific tactics, lots of individual player settings and it used to work in previous versions. I found to be successful in this version the less complicated the better. If you make your tactic too complicated your players get stuck, if the tactic isn't working for them they won't be able to adapt and they'll just keep being as ineffective. I now do smaller tweaks to certain individuals (e.g. let bigger strikers hold up the ball) and let players stick to default settings so shouts and the mentality settings actually have more of an effect on the pitch and the players change how they're playing more effectively. The key is to trust the players more and not treat them like robots.
  12. Played a few seasons so far and haven't had any crashes. Seems compatible enough to me.
  13. I think work permit rules say they have to play a certain percent of the nation's last so many games. This means if a player hasn't played in a few years it'll go to appeal and possibly fail.
  14. Licensing issues. Check the Skinning Hideout forum, there's a really good cut out faces megapack in there.
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