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  1. I used Game Pass for FM21 as it's my first year back into the game after a few years off. You don't get the pre-game editor which some people can do without I suppose. Most mods work fine, like data updates or all the graphics files as they're in My Documents. Certain mods won't work as they place files in the normal FM folder, Microsoft encrypt Game Pass folders so it can be tricky to mod anything inside the FM folder. I'll pre-order this year for a change, messing around in the pre-game editor is something I used to really enjoy.
  2. My first record signing for Honved in the Hungarian league, £2.9 mill is a hefty chunk over there so I was expecting this guy to carry my team for two seasons. I've never seen a guy so unlucky.
  3. I'm excited for this honestly, I don't watch much women's football but I'd enjoy playing with the different economic model, a different world where nations like USA can compete. Many of us love fantasy leagues made by the community and for non-watchers it would be a similar experience, it could be some people's first exposure to something they get into. I remember an English lesson I had in 2001, the PE teacher was a substitute and she was smiling away at her laptop during the class, I got up to have a sneak at her screen and she let out a "YESSSS" under her breath, I said "Miss what have you done?" and she turned around in a fluster, she'd won in the Champions League Semi Final. Football Manager is a game for everyone.
  4. Pretty much to do with recruiting youngsters, it simulates how big nations like USA and China don't have the same focus on football as European nations do so they're behind in developing good talent.
  5. He looks great for breaking or receiving the ball with his first touch but he looks very average in every other way. This type of player is a star man for underdog teams where you spend most of the game with the ball in your own half, you get more out of his stats when he has space to run. If you're a dominant side and there's no break options he's a 13 stat player. If he has space to grow and can up another important stat to 15/16 instead of 13 he'll probably be great. Focus on his individual training and see how it goes!
  6. Try vary up the roles a bit so your team's positions are less static, e.g. have one midfielder be a mezzala to drift wide a bit, have the opposite wingback on attack duty, maybe turn the other midfielder into a ball winning midfielder or put him on defense so he covers that side while the wingback is up. Diagonals are a good way to create passing angles. You can do something similar with back three, having a third man means one can go on stopper duty to match their AMC position. If you're blessed with a particularly pacey central defender he could go on cover duty to try stop through balls instead. Having one guy behind or in front of the other two creates another triangle or two that your players can use to get the ball up the pitch quickly without resorting to a long ball which could turn over possession.
  7. Player Information First name: Lucas Last Name: Fenix Nickname (optional): DOB: 31/10/1995 (16yo) City of Birth: Birmingham Nationality: English Second Nationality (optional): Welsh Height (CM): 168 Weight (KG): 68 Ethnicity: Northern European Hair Color: Dark Brown Favourite clubs (optional): Aston Villa Disliked clubs: (optional): Man Utd Favourite personnel (optional): Zlatan Ibrahimović, Stuart Pearce Disliked personnel (optional): Darren Fletcher Player data Contracted Club (leave blank to be a free agent): Free Agent Preferred position: Left Midfield Preferred foot: Left Preferred squad number: 25 3 x Technical Attributes: Free Kicks, Long Shots, Dribbling 3 x Mental Attributes: Aggression, Determination, Flair 2 x Physical Attributes: Pace, Acceleration 2 x Bonus attributes: Passing, Technique Personality (highlight 2 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Adaptability x Pressure x Preferred Moves (highlight 3 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Shoots With Power x Runs With Ball Down Left x Hits Freekicks With Power x Thought I'd delete the excess options, it's awfully hard to read through.
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