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  1. Yeah, I said as much further up. Just no justification for Portugal being clear favourites. They've proved nothing to justify it. The only argument is that they managed to neutralize Croatia's midfield somewhat, but they were still outplayed. Milik has been wasteful, but he's created a lot for himself, while Lewa has been marked out of the games, and it's clear he's not in form. Ronaldo was invisible in three matches as well, so it's not out of this world that he'll find his form. Kuba and Krychowiak has been better than any Portugese midfielder as well. I'm weirdly excited for this match.
  2. I don't have outright data, just individual 90 min scores. But this is bigger than Greece beating Portugal in the opener in 2004
  3. This would be the biggest odds upset in the Euros this century. That's all the data I have, but I think I would struggle to find something which was a bigger upset from before 2000. Biggest World Cup upset in the data is Switzerland's win over Spain in 2010. 16/1
  4. You should get on Poland +0.25 then. Above evens at the moment. I agree that it's a coinflip
  5. I don't really get the drift towards Portugal here. They're favourites now. I don't buy it
  6. I'm on Switzerland -0, Wales -0.5 and Croatia -0.25 Switzerland - Poland is straight up a coinflip for me. Poland are good, but defensively Switzerland are really tough to break. Wales at above evens is one of the best closing lines for me so far. I was sure we'd see Croatia down to 2.5 at kick-off. But this is a very good line. Bit disappointed in the Euros so far. €3 849.80 staked €191.40 profit for a 5% ROI. 7.1% vs closing odds.
  7. Italy have been drifting like crazy lately against Ireland. 2.6 best price is ridiculously good imo. Conte always wants to win. I remember him attacking Buffon for not giving it all after they'd won the league
  8. I don't believe in England or Portugal at all. Slovakia especially are very underrated
  9. On the bench. Recently tried to murder Harry Kane, so maybe that has something to do with it...
  10. Austria +0.75 is my bet here. I really don't like this Portugal team
  11. The under in the Italy match looks good to me. It's going to be a tough and gritty match. The totals value in Croatia - Czech Republic is gone imo, and I'd rather take Croatia straight up at this point... I also like the Iceland -0 tomorrow. One of the best bets of the tournament so far for me. It won't be nearly the same match for Hungary here, and they won't be allowed to counter that much here.
  12. Beautiful. Birkir is the closest we come to a Norwegian player at the Euros. On a team that is basically Norwegian... Why didn't we buy them during the financial crisis?
  13. I think Over 2 looks good in both the games today. Need goals in this tournament!
  14. I'm on Tosun as top goalscorer. Thank **** he's starting! Also Turkey +0.25. MON!
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