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  1. give me a few days and I'll put something together
  2. in the latest thread complaining about the poorly implemented player interactions, the appropriately named themadsheep2001 seems to think this statement I made is somehow false what say you?
  3. we can start a poll if you'd like? you're deluded if you think I'm wrong.
  4. the problem is that si feel the need to introduce a new gimmick each year, when most people would be happy with no new features and a game that isn't filled with ludicrous bugs that have been around for several versions.
  5. what a shock. si's #1 fanboy is here to tell you it's your fault
  6. it's issues like these that are preventing me from buying this version. you'd think they'd concentrate on getting the football part of things right before worrying about this nonsense.
  7. it's more out of habit than anything, but not sure why it's strange I would use both despite thinking one is better.
  8. why do you care? :confused:
  9. it's still miles better than it is over here, despite attempts by others to slander it
  10. other than being an idiot, what exactly has he done wrong? :confused:
  11. pretty good description of wenger tbf and still not sure how it's racist. xenophobic maybe, but french isn't a race.
  12. wait, since when is "surrender monkey" racist? :confused:
  13. yeah. I created a 5 level usa pyramid with promotion/relegation and a bunch of regional cup competitions that I'm using for my current long term save as usa manager. am also currently working a world pyramid that's coming along nicely.
  14. anybody but geiger is a joke
  15. so since geiger is 4th official does that mean he isn't getting another game as a ref? ****ing ludicrous if so.