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  1. He seem to be Quite Determine, but keep missing the training for Night Club (5 times) Is that because of low proffesionalism? what should I do? Sell him or try to improve his professional?
  2. Just hire him as free agent..., he has no Professional player history nor Staff History at all, Seem like a "REGEN" HOYD ? Hope he will bring some golden generation to the clubs p/s: can you show us your HOYD ?
  3. Very good attribute for a goal keeper, the price is very affordable as about 12-15 million , the only problem is that he is too SHORT for a GK and at the result his Areal Reach and Jumping reach is bad. Is it a deal breaker for a GK?
  4. They request me to pay 55 MILLION (Installment of course) for this point, therefore no way 70m is a good price ! He can become one of the best Defender in his Generation in a couple of years !
  5. I want to sign a wonderful wonderkid... But the agent add NON-Negotiable clause which is consider my club as a Stepping Stone (Meaning the Minimum Fee Release will be add so that Bigger club can come and buy the player easier...) The problem is that he LIMITED the maximum value of Release Clause Fee which is only 70 million (The very cheap price for such a good player, and I guess within 2-3 years many bigger club will come and steal my boy at that price) . He don't even let me negotiate about that, Which is very awful... What should I do? Pass him away ? or wait for the agent to change
  6. And what should I develop him into ? Should I keep Both and develop SouSa to DLP and Boyoglu at Melleza or Advance player maker? Boyoglu is not consistent while Sousa is fairly Consistent
  7. I doubt it, the Award is appoint by Statistics number, you can only change the statistics BEFORE the award announce I think !
  8. I have just seen the case my player drop from 5 star PA to 4.5 star PA after long Injuried (Although the PA dropped is WHITE STAR - Which i'm not sure is true PA or not?)
  9. For example I have a 5* potential wonder kid... He have to face with a 4-6 month injuries at the age of 19-20, will that injuries effect the development of the player in longterm? and will it cause the Player to NEVER reach his FULL POTENTIAL?
  10. I mean, if you have a 4,5-5 Star Potential Wonderkid, but his CA is only 2,5 -3 star... and some bigger clubs offer 30-40 Million Euro for him at 19 years old... Should you sell him immidiately? or should you keep, train him 2-3 more years and then sell for Double the price?
  11. I'm sorry but are you playing with...CRACK? it will cause ALOT of crash for sure !
  12. Sir Alex will, I think ! President is the only position where Chairman should appoint !
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