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  1. i DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, He don't get any dramatic injurie and then begin to decline at the age of 26 ???? The picture show how he decline during last 12 months
  2. Some time you got Scout offer some good player to buy, and some time come from Analysist team Who do you think bring better result at new gen player?
  3. It depend, if you have a very good coach, with high "Work with younger" attribute, very good coach's personality and more than important the overal squad characteristic is good (mean most of U18 have the great personality) than I would leave him in U18 Otherwise, mentor with great experience and Model Citizen mentor is the best !
  4. Do money go Inflate in FM21? I mean if you play a long saved like 30 years, 100 million $ euro in 2051 is not worth as much as 100 million $ in 2021 and therefore 100 million euro in 2051 can hardly buy any Global - Super Star? So do the money go inflate that much in FM21 like in real-life? or it is not happen in FM21 ?
  5. No, knowledge are link with relationship and off - the - match activities than just watch match I think !
  6. I cannot register him because of NON-EU law, even though I already sold another already registered NON-EU in my CLUB to a foreign Club ! Is this A BUG?
  7. just because you don't Conceded with Milan in 15 first matches, doesn't mean it is an Unbeatable tactics ! You have to have the same result atleast 30 games in a-row in 2 seasons or with a lower league team , not a upper team in the league like Milan
  8. For example, I just buy a Super Star who want to earn 15 million a years, and I accept his contract and generally, My other good player have a average salary of 6-8 million euro If I renew the contract with them in the future, do they tend to demand much more Salary, just because there is one player who earn so much in the squad? I think it is happen in real-life and what is call Salary Structure, don't know will it happen in FM 21 ?
  9. I set a very high asking price just for R.Madrid to avoid touching him. Don't think they can be that CRAZY ! The player value however only about 60 $ million
  10. I think if the scout are in scouting other player, another "free" scout will be assigned ?
  11. Just sold my world class player and buy a young potential to replace, do you think he have enough Creative (Flair) to play at the Player Maker or Mezzala ?
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