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  1. Yes, I'm in my 11th season with the club from the start of the game in 20/21. I uploaded my save (fm_save3.fms) to your owncloud service, although I'm not sure I did it right as I got no link or anything.
  2. Hello, I'm well into my 11th season with Inter and have yet to receive a seat on the clubs board to get the unlockable. Does it vary when I will receive it or is it bugged? Also I cant seem to unlock the free transfer market even tho I'm sitting on 400+ mio € and selling loads of wonderkids every year, with my highest sold player beeing 200 mio €. The unlockable just states to make a high margin with sales but I can't seem to get there. Am I missing something? Edit: Just got the seat in the board in the second transfer window of the 11th season, so thats resolved.
  3. So I've had a few problems with adding new club logos. I used a logos pack that is higher resolution than those ingame. 1. The game adds the logos to clubs, competitions etc. that don't already have a logo in place and those work just fine, but won't replace the logos of clubs that already had a logo present. 2. National Team and Federations Logos won't get replaced at all. Strangley, after the game updated to 12.0.3 all club logos were replaced by the new ones, excatly what I wanted, but also messed up the scale of the national flags which were suddenly all over the place. So I
  4. Well, yeah. I think that would be kinda fun. It's not like regens are that player's kid or Messi deciding to ascend from heaven (even tho I like to pretend that way), having a Messi regen with say Upamecano's face, isn't as weird as having regens in the first place.
  5. I wouldn't mind if the regens would get a random face from an already retired player. At least it would give us something to look at and probably ensure some hilarity.
  6. Hey, really pleased with this years edition. All new additions really add to the game experience and immersion and I'm having a blast. So, I got the editor with the game and wondered if its possible do give and/or change nicknames with it? I'm aware that you can simply leave a space in the first or last name, but this also will add an empty space in the name listings, followed by a comma. Wondered if there is a workaround or simply not possible to change them. Same goes for the shortened club names in the scoreboard. I noticed if you are to change the clubs name, the scoreboard initi
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