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  1. Also, you have beaten my Join Date! Haven't seen many from around that time
  2. If you run a league as playable rather than view only the teams in the active league have their players loaded. If you run a league as view only no additional players are loaded so whether a team has real players loaded depends on the database size and the reputation of players.
  3. Start a test game and put yourself on holiday and leave it running for a few days. A good test.
  4. You can do that with screenflow, details on how to setup it up here - http://www.mypassion4footballmanager.com/2013/11/fm14-first-days-of-managing-in-a-new-save.html
  5. Yes there is no harm in running a few like Holland on background. Last time I tested it though, a background league didn't cause teams within it to load extra players or develop teams - i.e. lots of active transfers The big five is the important factor. If you can manage the top leagues in those other four nations on full detail then you get a pretty balanced setup.
  6. I would suggest just the top leagues from other nations. I wouldn't bother with background (due to the reasons listed by you), either full or nothing.
  7. This is true. Must have been before CM4 though! Now, that WAS bad out of the box (and not much better when fully patched). I think that's the only time I have gone back to playing the previous version.
  8. Prepare for meltdown! Well, it's better to fully test it rather than rush.
  9. Yeah. The one just containing a sounds folder is a public my documents. Totally normal.
  10. As far as I know no players are added by the pack but you choose to load all players from England so some of the teams will be populated with real players.
  11. quick question because I didn't use the FM11 file...will the first version be ready for a longterm game or does it generally take a while to sort out bugs etc?
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