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  1. Gerara

    Unable to install

    new update 19.2.1 and the sane issue appeared again. It needs a fresh install
  2. Gerara

    Unable to install

    Updating the game
  3. Gerara

    Unable to install

    No. I reinstalled and I found all my saves. I used cloud to save games
  4. Gerara

    Standby problem

    Your device is huawei mediapad t3 10" right? Do you notice a laggy 3D match engine too?
  5. Gerara

    Flickering during match engine

    What device do you use?
  6. Has someone played FMT19 with one of these devices?
  7. Should I buy T3 10" or mediapad M2 10 at the same price of 100€? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  8. I am thinking to buy Huawei MediaPad T3 10.0 in order to play FMT 19 , since it is probably the cheaper one than tablets in the compatibility list. I would like to know if Huawei MediaPad T3 10.0 plays smoothly FMT 19. Does anyone tried it? Thanks in advance
  9. Any idea why I dont have match sounds?
  10. One of the best Android tablets Sony Z4 is blacklisted and It is not possible to play FMT19. I have been informed in another thread that the decision was taken due to specific crashes when testing the game.Please, pass this again to the development team. It may be possible to find what causes this crashes and at at least unblock Sony Z4. Thank you
  11. Gerara

    Pixel C Issues

    Dont hope . They did not manage to find a fix for Sony Z4 tablet specific crashes and they blacklisted it . I cannot even buy and play the game in one of the best android tablets. It is a shame
  12. Do you now if lenovo tab 4 plus 8" wifi version has exactly the same specs with 4G one ? The processor is the same? I am a bit confused