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  1. They're also ******* off Wijnaldum when he's just been average.
  2. I think some people are overblowing the Rudiger-Pogba incident, it looked more affectionate than anything to me More of a kiss than a bite, with added breast fondling I think he was trying to rile Pogba, but if they want to chanrge him it's got to be more sexual assualt than violent conduct
  3. I thought it was a good game. First game with a proper tempo by both sides.
  4. I'd say this is known as "normal" outside football hipster circles. But I do watch some Championship and Spanish football.
  5. That was normal office wear even before the pandemic. Don't know what age some people are living in, dressing smart for work is history.
  6. I love managers in trackies (sometimes shorts) who look like they've come straight off a training pitch. Managers dressed to the nines strikes me as self-centred rather than focusing on the team.
  7. PSG most likely according to the stories. Man U sniffing around hopefully
  8. Why are Madrid possibly letting Varane go? Still looks top class.
  9. Havertz just looks **** to me. Did nothing all season apart from one goal in the CL final (for which he can partly thank Ederson). Even here, just looks lazy, off the pace, not switched on.
  10. Kane should be subbed just for his performance, been awful
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