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  1. that was the most abject performance against man united I can remember in my life time. they are not a particularly good side at the moment yet we reduced ings and firmino to defensive wide players and punted wild balls in the general direction of an isolated striker for the entire game. even at 2-0 down. there is absolutely no b0llocks in this football club now. the owners aren't interested (how else can you explain such inactivity after that FA Cup semi, that Palace thrashing, that Stoke 6-1, that West Ham debacle and this latest offering of nonsense, timid football?), the manager is showing himself to be an absolute charlatan (which is a massive shame as he initially captured our admiration with some really bold and adventurous football for a while) and the XI on the pitch are generally spineless no marks or kids. it's an extremely dark moment for the club. we're not only losing games regularly- we are being thrashed by opposition I would describe as nothing other than 'decent'. real test of FSG's ambition and determination to be successful this now. we have a disjointed squad and a drowning manager. if they persist with it it is very clear that they just want to build the stand, keep our heads above water and then make a tidy profit. pretty sure that's how it'll pan out. the chairman has been to watch his own football club play once in over a year.
  2. Yes, please do elaborate on why you do post here. I don't think people are here to make friends but perhaps they are here to either learn a bit through other peoples views or just have a bit of friendly chit chat or banter over some common ground. None of that applies to you. You are here to tell people they're talking sh*t, argue or impress on them that you are the all knowledgeable, all seeing eye. It's absolutely baffling behaviour. I barely post here. I'll go months and months without logging on and every time I do I am left absolutely baffled that you are still peddling the same old routine. If you need a hug I am here. Up the reds.
  3. what the **** are you on about here haha. lovren's death threats are nothing to do with this forum and nothing to do with this discussion. neither is liverpool's form or the negativity you are perceiving from people here. this is about you- you are ALWAYS like this. whether liverpool are good or bad. you have a constant snarky tone and this laughable air of superiority. i really don't know what you get out of this place. if you think everyone is a piece of ****- go and post somewhere else. if you don't think everyone here is a moron, and they are worth engaging with, then why not try to get on with people a bit more?
  4. just comes across as an absolute nerd to be honest. really embarrassing behaviour.
  5. "i don't think away to united is the best place to make judgements on the quality of our team, five games into a season". why couldn't you have just said that? why is it ALWAYS the sarcastic aggro tone? ****ing grow up you balloon head.
  6. markovic is not balotelli or enrique. if we take rodgers' word for it, he really does want him back next year. so it's not just a case of getting him off the books. we should be happy to pay 100% of his wages if it means it benefits his progression as that will subsequently help us. i think it's a crap loan but you just have to try to accept that the club know what they're doing. maybe they want him playing regularly in a side that will win a lot of games rather than one scrapping in the mid to lower prem. even if it means the standard of opposition isn't good. might be a confidence thing.
  7. do think it's ridiculous that we buy a talented player like him, let him have that tough first season bedding in and adapting (made tougher by being played at right back at times) only for us to then shun the possibility of reaping the rewards of him having that bedding in season (and toughening him up by making him defend a lot) by sending him to some second rate league without even giving him any game time. would have offered him to southampton or someone like that if we really must loan him.
  8. lollana has been a shambles. he's 27, settled in this league, cost 25m and was supposed to hit the ground running. he's spent half of his time injured and the other half cruyff turning it out for a throw in. he is ****. would much rather have lazar in the squad. potentially a lovely footballer. doesn't look like it's meant to be though and sometimes that's just the way it works out. nevermind.
  9. Not arsed about Skrtel. Increasingly (and very disappointingly) starting to think similar about Agger. Both have been poor. Don't think the midfield is offering them any protection really. Rodgers has left us so open through the middle. But something needs to change either way as we're p*ss weak at the back.
  10. Aurelio was absolutely top class. Such a shame he was always injured.
  11. would be a really depressing affair given the colossal matches at the same stage of a much better competition the two clubs have previously had.
  12. we defo need a forward. maybe not a 'striker', but preferably someone who can play both wide and upfront. so if suarez gets injured he can fill in. or him and suarez can switch around during games. but it's imperative we sign someone who scores goals. i wouldn't even want the best left winger on the planet (whoever that is) if he couldn't come in and score ten goals between Jan and may. we absolutely need goals asap. imperative we start turning these draws into wins.
  13. Henderson's first touch is fine. As his is passing. His passing is very good in fact. The fact most of it is so 'safe' is down to the same mental attributes (or lack of) which mean he doesn't show for the ball enough. But he's 20 years of old so I don't see that as a long term concern. But seeing the likes of Suso and Sterling so comfortable on the ball shows him up a bit. Players develop at different rates but he will be expected to have more of an influence, no doubt about it. And no point comparing him to Joe Allen. He's the best player in the world.
  14. Cracked me up this post. Just calmly pointing out how desperately wrong the comparison was Henderson should be performing better. I like him. He's got all the attributes and a great attitude, but he still hides too much. If there's any manager who can drill that out of him we've got him. Reina really does need a major talking to aswell. He's been 'under par' (but still good enough) for around 18 months. But this season he's costing us goals on a weekly basis. The chat Rodgers gave to Downing and Enrique wouldn't be misplaced on Pepe imo.
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