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  1. Just taken a job at Real Salt Lake during the 2022 season. Portland have offered me a draft pick in exchange for rights to a player who is not currently at my club. He's rubbish so I'm going to accept the trade, but what i would like to know is: What if I have a future superstar hiding out amongst all the players I have rights to? Basically, I would like to know if there's a way of showing all the players my club currently own the rights to. Preferably in the scouting centre so I can assign scouts to go and watch the most promising looking ones. Does this exist?
  2. I also try and keep the squad quite small. The key is to have players who can play in lots of different positions. I always look for players who have well balanced stats and try to have a core group of about 15-16 who can slot into three or four different positions. Helps when you often change formations as well. I was experimenting with inverted wing backs in the full back positions which would allow the centre mids to be a bit more attacking, it seems to work defensively but the centre mids still don't do anything in attack. I think the issue is that they have no space to exploit so
  3. I took the Napoli job in my current save so I can't test this as a true underdog any more. Having said that the 442 is working very well for me, it's much more aggressive and high tempo compared to the 3322 and we're blowing teams away with lots of goals from the wide midfielders. Still not getting much from the centre mids but still working on it.
  4. Been playing around with the 4-4-2 a little bit. I like the tactic because it seems to be better balanced than the 3-3-2-2. We have been conceding more goals than we typically would, but I'm putting that down to unfamiliarity and the strength of the opposition in our recent games. On clear cut chances we're conceding less and creating more. One thing i want to look into is how to get a bit more out of the centre mids. I want them to press aggressively and that's happening but right now they don't do much in attack for me. That might be because they are my worst players but I'm gonna try a fe
  5. Every team I use this tactic against is bigger and better than we are I usually play on Counter all the time for that reason. But given Rosler's success with Control I might give that a go next.
  6. Glad you endorse the changes mate! I agree about the resemblance to Southgate's England formation, although England could really do with a proper Regista instead of Henderson. There's a couple of things I'm trying to sort before I'm truly happy with it. First off, the wingbacks can be too aggressive with their pressing, they occasionally get dragged into central midfield and leave their flank totally open. We need a bit of pressing from them though because we want them to engage opposition wingers high up the pitch, so it's a tricky one to get right. Secondly, the Mezzalas can
  7. QuickZombie posted it further up. He has I think all but one of my changes. Here is the exact version I'm using. solid 352.fmf
  8. Just completed an unbeaten league season with Aves, primarily using the 3-5-2 Regista variant. Only two domestic matches I lost all season were the finals of both cups - both to Benfica, both played with significant numbers of first choice players missing. Thirty-two wins and two draws in the league. Thanks again Mr Rosler!
  9. I'm away from my computer for the weekend but I can post the actual tactic when I'm back. It's basically the Mezzala version of the 3-5-2 with the following changes. Move central midfielder back to Regista (with Shoot Less) Wing backs on Attack Mezzalas on Support Close Down More Counter mentality Move Into Channels on DLFs Against big teams I take Close Down More off the wingbacks and change them to support mentality. Or even defensive if they're getting beaten too easily. I think I tweaked the set piece routines too but nothing major.
  10. The Regista variant of the 3-5-2 is absolutely ruining my opponents at the moment. Halfway through the 2024/25 season with Aves in Portuguese Premier League and we've won every single domestic game we've played. Hats off to Rosler for this tactic.
  11. I am using a slightly modified version of the 3-5-2 that Rosler posted earlier in the thread, and I only need Work Ball Into Box when I'm playing a team of similar ability that are playing a defensive block. Against weaker teams the default tactic just blows them away. Against stronger teams, there is always lots of space in behind their defence to exploit, they never defend in a low block, so Work Ball Into Box isn't necessary.
  12. I'm still waiting for Rashidi to tell us which roles he considers exploits
  13. I've been using the 3-5-2 with good results with Aves in the Portuguese League. I had to make a few tweaks to suit my squad. I moved the CM back to a Regista, added Close Down More to the team instructions, and switched to Counter mentality. Then I added Move Into Channels to the strikers to make them find space out wide when we win the ball back, ready for a quick transition out of defence. The defence is really solid and we score loads on the counter. It isn't the easiest football on the eye at times, but it's effective.
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